Real Life MMD: Should I refund the postage cost?



  • emidee
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    Aside from whether you should have kept the £5 for postage or not, you've now left yourself wide open to the buyer claiming that he never recieved the item.

    If he decided to pursue an 'item not recieved' claim through eBay then you wouldn't have a leg to stand on, as you have no proof of delivery.

    Paypal (if he used that) would give him ALL his cash back no matter what you have to say, leaving you with no item and no money.

    I lost £300 that way once! :mad:

    ALWAYS get proof of delivery, through Royal Mail or a courier - or have the buyer pay cash on collection; it's the only way to protect yourself!
  • Think perhaps you should have asked first as some people object to such personal service! But, in saying that I would have been grateful that you had delivered it so promptly. If the buyer had a problem he should have contacted you before leaving feedback, I would not refund after the event if they have left negative feedback as it won't make any difference to your rating will it?:j
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    Agree, don't bother with refund if you have the negativ feedback already
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    I'm with the buyer on this one - if it were me I'd feel well and truly ripped off.
    There is no way it cost you anywhere near £5 to deliver it. You're assuming he should grateful for the faster delivery - why, if he was happy with the postal delivery time should it being there a day or so early make any difference? If it was only a couple of miles away you could have offered the collection option and saved him the fiver completely - if I were them, that would be my line of reasoning anyway.
    I can see why he's aggrieved - I would be as well. You don't mind paying postage costs if there's no other option,and the item is still within what you want to pay. In this case there clearly was another option, hence delivering but still charging what you did is a rip off.

    Edit - you shouldn't be charging for the time you spend posting/delivering, that doesn't come into it.
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    I agree with those saying that you should've refunded some of the postage charge.

    But having said that this does depend on whether you wrapped the package and how much the packaging etc would have come to. Petrol alone, even in this day and age, shouldn't justify £5 for a 4 mile round trip. If your car is that expensive to run it was a bit daft using it on such a short journey!

    But all this stuff academic now as many have pointed out once the negative feedback is left that's it.

    So put it down to experience. Communication is the key, I'm sure you could have come to a mutual arrangement with buyer and compromised at £2-£3 for "delivery".
  • I don't think you should refund anything. When the buyer agreed to buy the item, he accepted the cost of postage. He got the item as agreed and delivered in the time you said it would be, so he has nothing to moan about.
    I had someone complain that I charged 2 lots of postage for 2 items he bought at the same time. But he didn't ask whether I would combine postage before he bought them.
  • jonesjw
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    A deal is a deal. The buyer knows the postage charge. Give your buyer negative feedback for complaining about T&C which were both fair and clear at the time of purchase.
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    It's entirely plausible that they only offered to buy your item as they knew you were local and were fully intending to collect it themselves - at no cost whatsoever. In which case, you're really just trying it on by preemptivly going around and demanding 5 quid "postage"!

    OTOH, if he paid you for the postage before you delivered it, he can only really complain on the basis that you're charging excessive "postage" - which is a valid complaint in this case. It didn't cost anywhere near 5 quid to for you to deliver it - it's patently obvious that it cost you less to drop it off than it would have to post it. Why else would you have delivered it yourself? (Unless, of course, you drive the kind of car which does - what? Four miles to the gallon? In which case the pragmatic thing to do is just quit quibbling and just refund him!)

    You really shouldn't have delivered it yourself without checking that was OK with the buyer first. If they were only a couple of miles away, the sensible thing for you to have done would have been to contact them first, point out how far away you are, and offer to let them collect it from you for free.

    I would suggest offering to compromise by refunding 3 quid of the 5 quid postage charges - that way, everybody wins!

    Whether he's threatening to leave negative feedback or not doesn't come into the question at all.

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    There is a difference between a postage charge and a delivery charge.

    You should word your Ebay listing more carefully next time.
  • As above: buyer knew postage charge when bidding/buying.

    Added security of tracking with Royal Mail.

    Also, once an auction has ended and you find out who has bought the item (name and address), when you send the invoice you had opportunity to contact the buyer and offer either postage or your 'personal delivery service', giving the customer the option of which he preferred. But to offer to hand deliver something would not justify charging postage.
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