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Great 'Cheapest Shredder' Hunt

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Great 'Cheapest Shredder' Hunt

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MSE_MartinMSE_Martin MoneySaving Expert
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GREAT ‘CHEAPEST SHREDDER’ HUNT Last week’s tip included security hints & tipswhen using paying by plastic in bars & clubs, during the discussion the virtue of home shredding for security was rightly noted. For non-Edward Scissorhands out there, this week’s Hunt taps MoneySavers’ huge collective research power to search for the UK’s cheapest shredder.

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  • NileNile Forumite, Board Guide
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    We bought a Fellowes cross cut shredder from Argos (£39.89 cat no 883/0801) over a year ago and it works well.

    Can I make a suggestion? Buy a spray can of lubricating oil for the blades, it will prolong the life of the shredder. I bought mine at a local stationers.

    Also, if you are selective about how much paper you shread you will reduce the amount of paper going through the blades too.

    For example, we shred everything with our name and address on it..........but we tear the tiny square with these details off the envelope/letter rather than putting the full item in the shredder.

    We put the tear off pieces of paper inside an envelope and then put this envelope in the shredder.

    Hope this helps.
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  • bindiboobindiboo Forumite
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    ;) i bought a bin top shredder from asda last week for £8.98 ( fit onto the top of any bin)

    they also sell shredders complete with waste bin or £12.98 ::)

    just finished shredding piles of documents that have been piling up ;D
  • freeakfreeak Forumite
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    Poundland sell receipt sized non-electric shredders for a pound :)
  • roryisroryis Forumite
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    on a security note, try going for a 'cross shredder' as the strip shredders are not very effective
  • AngelaAngela Forumite
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    Tescos(the larger stores and extras)
    Have the TWIIN1030
    Strip cut shredder
    For £11.93
    Shreds up to 5 sheets at a time to unreadable pieces,
    Wide paper entry slot,
    Auto start/stop.

    Use the contents to mix into the composter,no chance of anyone getting any of my private information.
  • BigDonutBigDonut Forumite
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    Tesco one looks good

    Safeway/Morrisons have a strip cut shredder with waste basket. 5 sheet capacity for 9.99
    Not bad if there is not a tesco near oyu
  • randanrandan Forumite
    393 posts
    I agree about the strip shredders not being very good for security.

    If you want to make it difficult for anyone to put a document back together then get a cross cut shredder.

    Also the shredded bits are not so bulky when cross cut.
    Your really can not beat a good bargain !!!
  • LaraLara Forumite
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    Staples have a cross cut shredder for £17.99.

    Tip: Never buy anything on line from Staples as the prices don't include VAT and are more expensive as well.

    Really Useful Box 18ltr £6.99 in store
    on line = £8.99 +vat + postage >:( >:( :o:o
  • I bought a hand shredder that can shred up to A4 for £1.99 in Quality Save. They had hundreds on the shelf.

    Hope you can get one too. :D
  • divadeedivadee Forumite
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    I saw a cross cut shreeder at sainsburys today for £19.99 and also B&Q do one for £24.99 that also shreds credit cards good for all you card tarts out there ;D
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