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Has anyone tried music magpie yet to sell off their unwanted CD's etc.

Over the past 20 years I have gained a collection of over 700 CD Albums. I have shelves full of DVD's etc and I think its time for a spring clean and to get some fresh material in.
Just tried this site and It is not a great price thats for sure.

Da Vinci Code (special edition 2 disc set) offered £0.30p :eek:


  • toni_
    toni_ Forumite Posts: 1,240 Forumite
    i no! i decided not to use them because they we're offering such poor prices, ive heard is better but only slightly. Going to wait and stick all my old dvds/cds on a car boot in the summer i think instead
  • WelshPaul
    WelshPaul Forumite Posts: 515
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    I entered a few of my DVD's although i never intended to sell them some were top titles and all they offered was 30p for each of the.

    Would rather give them to a charity shop.
  • steveeeee
    steveeeee Forumite Posts: 409
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    I spent a while trying to shift some of my collection eBay and before sending the rest off to Music Magpie. Considering I hadn't been able to find buyers for any of the remaining stuff, I got fairly reasonable prices for it. Although annoyingly someone offered me £50 for one CD box set just a couple of days after I'd posted it to MM :mad:
  • MartinCatchpole
    MartinCatchpole Forumite Posts: 3 Newbie
    Seems a little unfair to give everyone 30p for a dvd regardless of what it is. I think I shall steer well clear and thanks guys for making me aware of the 30p per DVD. If I had time even a carboot may bring in some money and get rid of the clutter.

    So much for having a price calculator -they may as well say any DVD 30p :mad:
  • Kite2010
    Kite2010 Forumite Posts: 4,304
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    If the CD/DVD isn't worth the money selling on Amazon (as in the selling price is less than a quid) than normally Magpie gives you the best deal for quick & easy sales.

    Those mass market DVDs which sell in bucketloads are pretty-much worthless (same with mass-market CDs which sell lots)
  • betterlatethannever
    betterlatethannever Forumite Posts: 5,280
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    Theres a big discussion about MM HERE

    I also got 30p for many of my CDs, but then got £1.30 for a Christmas carols at some cathedral CD :j
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  • molit
    molit Forumite Posts: 373
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    I have used them in the past - i think the answer is it depends. My vie is if you are selling a cd for 99p on ebay, by the time you have paid fees etc, etc, you may not be left with more than 60-70p, if the cd sells. Typically the ones that they give 30p for don't sell on ebay, the ones that they offer more for, I sell on ebay, as money wise you make more cash, even though the percentages are about the same
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  • Lost2
    Lost2 Forumite Posts: 15,575
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    I think it depends on the DVD as the newer ones sell for 30 pence
    but I had an old film with Jack Warner in it film made in 1930
    and I got £2.30 for that
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  • roger_ramjet
    roger_ramjet Forumite Posts: 92 Forumite
    I bought some dvds at poundland then sold them at MM for £2!
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  • CCFC_80
    CCFC_80 Forumite Posts: 1,289 Forumite
    I was going to use them as got a load to want rid off but
    They practically want you to give them away so won't use them.
    May try selling them at a car boot sale for a better return.
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