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    Ok, as I suspected, Calibre strips out any graphical images when it's converting to TXT format. Thanks to Becca, I grabbed a book from Project Gutenberg and gave it a few tries but nothing doing.

    However, if anyone is interested to see what the page-to-page output looks like on the device I took a picture.

    As you can see, for basic reading it's perfectly fine. The small screen size tends to format the book to a lot more pages than the actual book itself would be but that's no big deal really.

    And if anyone is interested, the Currys outlet store on Ebay has the wireless version of the Kobo readers for £59.97 with 3 months warranty as well.
  • I've bought the MeBook eReader, that does not have e-ink but is in colour and recognises a wide variety of formats, which Is what I wanted.

    at £45 with a years warranty, its a good buy, so I will review and post when I receive it, but from the reviews and vids I've seen, the sound quality isn't great as it also plays mp3 music, but the ereading side is very good, and it also does HD video.
  • CEX are doing the Sony PRS-300 for around £40 quid second hand. I had one of these a while back and they're great. Support a lot of formats and the unit is very light and easy to use as well. The page sits conveniently under your thumb as well when you hold it.

    Well worth it if you have a CEX near you IMO.
  • Mobileread web site for free ebooks.

    Anyone with an e-book reader should check out the mobileread site - thousands of free out-of-copyright books for all readers; and a wealth of helpful advice for any e-book reader issues.
  • My Kindle 3G should arrive Saturday!!! Hi everyone!
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  • There is one big problem with the kindle and that is it is not compatible with the ebook lending system used by uk libraries. Eg richmond library. All uk libraries that lend ebooks appear to use the same system Overdrive.

    I had a kindle 3g but sold it. To me the sweet spot was the sony prs350. It has a touch screen so is easy to use, battery life is good, screen about the same readability as the kindle but the big deal is that it actually fits in my pocket so it got used a lot. While the screen is very slightly smaller than the kindle i honestly havent noticed. The cover is also thin and light so even with the cover it still easily fits in my suit trouser pocket. New one is not so good (bigger) but there are stlill stocks of the 350 arround.
    For men who dont carry bags while commuting this is much better than the kindle.

    Big vote for calibre - very flexible and hugely usable.
  • The library borrowing problem is a digital rights issue not a technical problem. In the US Overdrive have implemented a solution for schools so it should only be a matter of time before some arrangement is made in the UK for library borrowing.

    A couple of features that don't seem to have mentioned so far. 1 the ability of the kindle to read Word and PDF documents you send from your registered Kindle email address to your address. Very useful for holiday documents or stuff you want to take to meetings.

    2 Calibre's ability to update your Kindle wirelessly (or wired if you prefer) with a huge range of newspapers and magazines. I can get my copy of the Economist 2 days before my print addition arrives.
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    ebooks now available for lancashire libraries - i use my samsung galaxy note :j
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  • I f any one else in your household or friends own a kindle you can transfer books between kindles by putting them onto your computer and then plugging in the kindle which you want to put it on, copy it to the new kindle, you can then put it back on your own. This is ideal for any new expensive releases, you can split the cost of one between you.
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