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    Yeah, and you can download other free eBook reader apps. So no need to choose between them :wink:
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    Just a quick question...

    What are peoples views on second hand Kindles? I've been offered a 3g that's a year old so no warranty or box... but comes with a skin and official Kindle case. Has been deregistered from their account and good to go.

    They are asking £100. Is that too much? What do you think is a reasonable price in this case?
  • Or... should I pay £20 extra and get a brand new boxed 3G without any accessories? It's a fair bit of money so I don't want to make a rash decision.
  • jasonwatkins
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    Night_Fury wrote: »
    They are asking £100. Is that too much? What do you think is a reasonable price in this case?

    £100 for a second hand kindle is, to be frank, a bloody insult. Considering you can get a brand new one from Amazon for £89 quid, I think the person asking for £100 quid for it is taking the P.

    The average sale price for 3G Kindles on ebay is around the £60 quid mark.

    And in CEX, you can get various models of Kindle starting at about £80 quid as well.
  • The £89 one is the basic version which I don't want. I've been keeping an eye on the ebay listings for a few days and 3Gs are going between £95 -£120ish (newish/excellent condition etc) depending on whether they come with cases etc. If I saw a £60 one I'd snap it up in a second seeing as new they are £150!
  • brownfrog wrote: »
    It's a shame that the article on ereaders as currently written is so biased towards the Kindle, and doesn't even mention readers such as the Sony that are far better products. I now see that there is a section explaining why MSE (or at least the article's writer) considers it the 'top pick' ereader, presumably because other people have brought up the same issue. Well, I'm sorry, but those reasons are just codswallop!:mad:

    Hi Brownfrog, thanks for your detailed post above - I am currently looking at the Cheap e-readers article and we will be giving it an overhaul soon. So all of your points will be taken on board.

    Many thanks,
    MSE Becca
  • The drawback with this model though is that it only supports TXT format.

    However, having played around with the conversion settings in calibre, i've managed to get a near-spot on conversion of the MOBI format and page-to-page, while reading, it's really no different to a few of the other higher priced readers i've used.

    Expect that any DRM protected books you will not be legally allowed to covert to read on your e-reader. So that's most popular e-books. Pretty big downside.
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  • Can anyone reccommend me a good reader?
  • ooooowwwwwwwww i am very tempted!
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