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February 2011 Grocery Challenge

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    New joiner please - can I start with a target to stay under £300 this month as it will be my first proper month following the challenge? I believe this should be fairly easily achievable in Feb, but will wait and see......there are only 2 of us and I am sure we can get it down much lower, but got a shock at the end of January as it was the first month I had saved all my receipts and actually added them up at the end of the month - it came to £362.20!!:eek: Ok so it could have been worse, there were 5 Sundays in the month so 5 weekly shops, but still I thought in my head it was closer to £60 a week than £70 odd, so £60 a week average is what I'm going to aim for first.

    For a while I've been planning our meals for most of the week, I tend to do the food shop on a Sunday morning, as we always have a bit of a treat for tea on Sundays, but sometimes don't manage to plan Saturdays in advance either so end up popping to shops on Saturday.

    Going to try to keep the planning going, but try to include Saturdays more often than not, and also see if I can get at least one meal a week from stores till I have run down the stocks a bit, but not sure how achievable that it - the cupboards are bursting, but when I try to find a meal there seems to be nothing edible in there.

    I'm already looking forward to finding lots of suggestions for recipes etc as have already found so much useful info already! :D

    Oops - meant to add - already spent £52.42 so far this month & sorry martafdz I cannot suggest anything for sorting out your hair colour, luckily, despite some close calls, the worst I have managed was nearly fluoro orange, but it washed out in the end, but I am sure others will be able to help & hope it does get sorted soon!

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    Well I needed milk today. DGD drinks it alot still, and we all have cereal quite abit. so £2.00 spent today on 8pints. I managed to resist a Rump steak whoopsie. I remembered that I dont actually need rump steaks, they are not part of our menu plan, and I would have needed to spend £5.18 to get 4 steaks!. Rediculous. For once I walked away!.:T
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    Feeling a little bit more on top of things as went to M T with OH despite the pain of walking around on my sore ankle. Total bill including a little top up at [email protected] @p was £31.82.

    I have just put the chicken into the oven which will streach to a few meals. OH made his bolognese so 3 large meals there and I just have to put some chick pea and spinach curry in the slow cooker. Love having a freezer full of food. :j
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    Had a bit of a disaster yesterday as my skin has broken out with rashes and spots etc. I occasionally have this after a year or so of being fine, I have to switch to sanex or something similar for a few months.
    Ended up spending a tenner on handwash, shower gel, shower cream, bath cream and a mild shampoo! What a pain! :(
    Made a chicken pie for tea. First ever time I have made pastry and kep the spare chicken from yesterdays chicken dinner. Also made a roux for the first time ever :D
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    martafdz wrote: »
    I have a big 2011 diary, one of those almost A4 size. I staple every receipt I get in the column with the day as soon as I get home. Then I just add them up when i have time.

    Thanks rosieben for the threads on bread. And thanks Mothership for the info on how you did it. I keep having problems. Do you have a BM? I don't and I can't get it right. Idk where I am going wrong. It is not fluffy or light, I get a block of dough with uncooked middle and hard outside. I wonder if I need to knead more or leave it to rise for longer or maybe have the oven at less/more temperature! :( If anyone out there does it without BM, could you please let me know exactly what you do, so I can try to repeat it? I have strong white flour and I would love to do bread like breadrolls or french baguette.

    Help with hair dye, plz. Somebody mentioned that have bought hair dye for £15, how many packets? MrM and B**ts are doing 2x £10 in L'Oreal Excellence. Btw... I tried to make my roots yesterday but I tool a different shade "to go a bit darker". My natural hair is dark brown-black. I had it blonde yellowish after managing to get it almost orange with bleach. Well, I tool the 9.1 Ash blonde... and it turned grey!! Fully grey! Like my grandma's! I was in shock! Lol I just threw on top a 6-8 washes light brown I had and now is toffee greenish :rotfl:Idk what to do without going to the hairdresser. Maybe put a brown on top? Or go for a golden blonde? Has anyone gotten this problem before?

    You could try this?
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    Just a £1.69 spend today, forgot mayo in my big shop. Off to update my sig!
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  • NSD today as i didnt go out was just too tired & my leg is playing up, but will try to get out tomorrow...didnt end up getting to bed till 4am dh had such a bad accident...
    last year i bought modular drawers from @rgos the ones where you can change choose size & drawer fronts they started breaking (the drawers) just out of warranty yesterday one side on the chest was pushing out and i tried to get something out of the drawers and the rod that lets them run smoothly came out & wouldnt go back in, while walking past i cut my foot on it, called dh he said he would sort it when he gets home. He got home & just come out of the shower & he did the same thing but so much worse, he had a whole handful of blood seriously and it was ALL OVER the carpet i put tissue & applied pressure but at first it was just coming out all i could feel was warm blood on my hands i had to do it about 5 times before it stopped, i have never seen so much blood in my life i felt like i was going to be sick, it stopped after a while and clotted but he refuses to go hospital (hes just like that) but so much blood it must have been serious???? even though it stopped i cant stop thinking about it........will never buy anything from @rgos again especially after i paid nearly £300 for them and their spares department couldnt help me with new runners for the drawers, have just dismantled it myself but the wardrobe is brimming with an extra 6 drawers of clothes.......need a new wardrobe
    Anyway back to groceries meal planning is going great (i do a month) and am actually using less then what i allowed myself, maybe couple treats at the end?????, well it is my birthday on the 27th so i guess i deserve going to be 23 but i feel so much older compared to everyone i know that is that age & older.
    Hope everyone is coping ok with their budgets.xx
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  • Just updated signature. Had a small spend at Co Op before lunch as I had run out of bread, then £37 at Mr T after using a £8 & £7 voucher and then £11 at Iceland. 19 days to go until payday! Will need to get fruit & veg,milk & toilet rolls on Thursday.
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  • A NSD today and had half my chicken pie from leftover chicken bought for lunch the other day, will last me tomorrow too, also with yesterday's gravy and apple sauce. Most of this week will be leftovers jazzed up into something completely different

    Leftover roast pork is going into a curry for Wed. Will then have a few meat free meals to even out after this meat fest - might try the lentil and cheese recipe or some pasta and cheese and BNS out of the recipe book let's see!

    Also wrote the start of the shopping list for next weekend - mainly veg as going through it quickly this week and for the first time in ages I might run out!
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    Ah not great so far! we are about £5 over for the first week cos we ran out of milk, bread and cereal!
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