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  • I had a look and can't find nothing about either way what they allow.
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  • well just reached 11.40 so have now requested 10.00 it is showing due 17 feb lets see what happens if i get payed or not i will keep doing them till the 17 just incase they do pay out by that time i may have another 10 pounds
    MrsGSR wrote: »
    I've made £11.55 in a week, if it pays out then it all helps, every little penny helps;)

    Did we get paid?
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  • I got £10 yesteday paid into my paypal account:beer:
  • I got paid today too but it was £9.80, so they obviously made me pay he charge for sending it. It's only 20p but it's a bit cheeky.
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  • I have been with New Vista for a while and been paid £30 so far. Has anyone had any problems getting into the Toluna surveys? I just can't get them to open.:j
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    Just put in my money request from Vivatic through Paypal so wont be sorted until next week. Will keep posted as to whether I recieve!

    Seriously hope this was not a con as I have built up quite a stash over the past month or so!!!

  • scot88scot88 Forumite
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    I'm new to to Paypal. Could some kind person tell me how I get money paid in from Vivatic please ?
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    @scot; I am not an expert with these things but I think they assume that the paypal associated with your email is the one that they need to pay into, it's the way that all the paypal payments I have had have been paid. At least as far as I can remember.

    So is Vivatic a good site to join? I'd love to join as many decent sites as possible.
  • scot88scot88 Forumite
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    Hi killerpeaty. I've just joined vivatic in the last week and earned £11. 85 which I think is quite good. You can try to answer 6-8 surveys most days and money seems to go into your account immediately.
    I still can't figure out the registered e-mail thingy. I put in my e-mail addy that paymail uses to send me info but vivatic don't seem to like it, so I dunno what I'm doing wrong.
  • killerpeatykillerpeaty Forumite
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    I'll give it a go.

    Have you vertified the address? Check your spam box for any paypal emails. Also paypal has a help tab and a paypal community forum where you may be able to get help. If all else fails try emailing vivatic, that's what I do. :money:
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