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  • I seem to be stuck at the £7.55 mark! Have been all week. You need to complete 80% of a survery to get the payment but it seems to like kicking me out at about 70%.
    One survery was way too long for the amount I got for it and it's put me off a bit. But I will see if I can get to the £10 to see if they pay!
    Cabot (0%) left to pay £2455 let the overpayments commence! :D
  • well just reached 11.40 so have now requested 10.00 it is showing due 17 feb lets see what happens if i get payed or not i will keep doing them till the 17 just incase they do pay out by that time i may have another 10 pounds
    overdraft £100
  • SailorSam wrote: »
    Thanks for your reassurance Kredkaonline.. Forgive me but i'm always a little weary when a newie tells us how good a money making site is.
    Can i ask, how did you know someone here was asking if the site is legitimate.

    I was looking for any info about sites like vivatic and it took me here.

    I made £10 before and now (coz i need to sort out my debts) i came back and made £7.85 in 3 days. I also do surveys on surveyhead and newvistalive, made £6.04 from first and £4 from sec. in 3 days so its not bad, will they pay? hopefuly. Im gonna see how much I can get from a month doing the surveys every day evening (it takes about 1h) and I will let u know ;)
  • magdapio wrote: »
    mmm i've made hardly any posts and even i smellt a ratty smell here.... seems hard also to get shoes nowadays for a tenner too......

    if u wear designers shoes only then yeah... but go even oxford street in london and look around and u can get good price. I get £10 shoes from dorothy perkins on sale. so no ratty smell here, just sharing good link if u want to make extra money.
  • zebramolli wrote: »
    I agree, since signing up I've checked 3 or 4 times a day for new surveys I can usually get 1 but definitely not several, I'm not convinced the £80 - £90 a month kredkaonline quoted is anywhere near realistic. I be surprised if I managed £20 a month! :).

    give them as much information about yourself as possible so u gonna be sent more surveys, also they dont accept your entry if u work in media, marketing and all that jobs they ask you on the beggining of some surveys. the more surveys u do the more u learn how the sites works ;) Im really determinate to pay my credits off this way and I will try my very best!
  • I've made £11.55 in a week, if it pays out then it all helps, every little penny helps;)
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    I registered about 45 minutes ago and have made £5 (although I only did 3 £1 surveys so no idea where the extra £2 came from!)

    No more surveys lefts for me but hopefully they will update regularly. Even a one off £10 payment would be nice!
  • I would be interested to know if anybody has spotted the 'writing test' they speak of for the articles, or if somebody has done some article writing.

    Looks like everyone is pretty new to the site. I haven't seen a site like this but i do now that survey companies outsource to each other of they don't have the right 'profile' of people and need the quota filling. I assume they are creating a specific site to do this, which may work well.
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    I've just spend a good 35 mins registering and treyying out the three links to surverys and didn't qualify for any of them. What a waste of time.

    I googled the parent company and I think its possible they just generate a database so they can sell the information to other businesses, but I am just speculating
  • I just registered and didn't qualify for any surveys :(
    Ah well, guess I'll just try again tomorrow!
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