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Vivatic - Any Good?

in Boost your income
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I stumbled across them, joined and after 40mins work have apparently earnt £3.55 - not bad for doing next to nothing.

They say they only pay out from £10 upwards and into paypal which is fine - but do they really pay?

Cabot (0%) left to pay £2455 let the overpayments commence! :D


  • red_devilred_devil Forumite
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    review them on the net also contact their customer service see what the response is like if any!
  • Nickv1.0Nickv1.0 Forumite
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    Seems quite good, Have signed up and see what happens
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  • just signed up earned £5.85 for 1 hour lets see if they pay
    hope it was free to join didnt ask for any payment upfront
    lets wait and see
    overdraft £100
  • that was a long survey for a quid
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  • Has anyone been able to come back the next day and say they got paid by vivatic?? it all seems a bit too good to be true, £4 in half an hour...
    Debt Free Wannabe by 1 January 2016 :o

    Jan 2015 GC £520/£450
    Feb £139/£450
  • you need to earn £10 befor u can cash out so time will tell lets hope they do
    overdraft £100
  • zebramollizebramolli Forumite
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    Signed up this evening, earned £6.85 so far. Hopefully they do pay out, however they only pay out once a week according to their FAQs:

    "We transfer payments every Thursday assuming you have met the minimum payment amount (£10) and you have requested payment before Monday 12:00pm of the week before. Payment will be made in blocks of £10 e.g. £10, £20, £30 etc."

    Going to stick with them and see what happens. On a side note I notice they are using Populus Live Surveys and I managed to qualify to complete 3 on their surveys, I was surprised given I signed up directly to the Populus site a while a go and have only ever received 2 surveys from them so far.
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  • Nickv1.0Nickv1.0 Forumite
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    that was a long survey for a quid

    :rotfl: Exactly what I thought lol ... Worth it though if it adds an extra tenner on top of the weekly income I guess :think:
    Total Earned in 2013 for Online & Mobile Activities: £83
  • Just signed up too. That was definitely longer than 15 mins. Hmmm. Jury's out I guess. Let's see who makes it to a tenner first then you can report back :D
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  • MrsGSRMrsGSR Forumite
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    I've earned £3.85 so far. But I couldn't get onto one of the survey pages?! it was the first one listed and I just got a blank page.
    Anyone else had this?
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