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Boots 75% off sale - possible date



  • Raine_E_Day
    Took a short-cut through Boots this am (quickest route to High St - no longer interested, spent up in Bodyshop instead). Loads more stuff being unloaded from sealed boxes. More (rubbish) gift sets, hat boxes, crackers, cards - in fact so much being crammed onto shelves anyone would think it's nearly Christmas! Nobody but me anywhere near the displays. I got the feel they were gearing up for something. Asked one of the three SAs who were busy with this, but got the usual "we know nothing" response.
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  • sweetcheeks33
    I was in east kilbride today & buchanan gallaries... and there was noi hint of mark downs all still at 50% off... however I did get a few bargains on the small clearence shelf they had ( sorry bought the lot as there wasnt very much maybe 5 or 6 things) and they still stubornly have there stuff at 50% even though braehead has cleared there lot of sale things so why are others still at full price????
  • pollys
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    Went into my local Boots today, very quiet. A shelf of sale stuff but nothing I would buy. Did get some snow bites and cadbury wishes for 20p a packet though. Deodrant on 2 for £3 and lots of shower gel for £1 although the major s'markets also have this on offer.

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  • shirlgirl2004
    I went into town today and totally forgot to look in Claires I'm kicking myself now, I didn't even bother looking in Boots.
  • sweetcheeks33
    my bargains were L'oreal gradual tan for 25p x 4 bottles, garniers fructis shampoo x 50p & conditioner for 50p, lip balm for 50p and a benefit concelear for 50p & 2 x ted baker body scrub for £1 each ...

    woohoo good day for me :)
  • amanda40
    amanda40 Posts: 1,218 Forumite
    my bargains were L'oreal gradual tan for 25p x 4 bottles, garniers fructis shampoo x 50p & conditioner for 50p, lip balm for 50p and a benefit concelear for 50p & 2 x ted baker body scrub for £1 each ...

    woohoo good day for me :)

    What EK one were you in?

    No Longer addicted to Boots! - Well not today anyway!! :blushing:

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  • moneypennyless
    Well, I went into town today, nipped into Claire's and got lovely boxed neclaces and bracelets, bag, hair stuff, full price worth £76, paid the 10 for £10. Lovely stuff, Im tempted to go back this week.

    Nipped into Wilko's, got my wrapping paper at 60p a roll, and my daughter a little make-up and bracelet set for 40 odd pence

    Went to Body Shop and got £64 worth stuff for £24, including full size body butters and shower gels, with nail varnish and sample body butter thrown in free

    Did go into our boots, and yes, shud the 75% sale go ahead, I would like the Gok set, only available in our smaller shop, town had sold out, but other than that, nothing I want. I did buy FCUK stuff, £4 to get the lovely polished gift set worth £8 for free, and bought another set of it using my points. Used the £5 off no 7 on some face wipes I did need.

    All in all, a fab shop, pressie box nearly full now of beautiful bargains, and only the FCUK sets were from boots, rest of it from Tesco, Claire's, Body Shop & Wilko's

    Thanku very much to those who have said on here, where the rest of the bargains were, esp the Claire's accessories:beer:
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  • Britneys_Firefly
    I'm really disapointed that Boots havent had their 75% off sale yet, for one reason really, i normally get something for my mums birthday (this week) in the sale, and also there is one gift set that I would love to get my hands on for next year, but really do begrudge even paying the 50% price of it for, because I dont think its worth it (in case anyone is interested its the Nando's gift set with the chopping board/sauce!).

    I also usually use the 75% to stock up on 'fillers' for all the family for next christmas, yes I have made a few purchases at 50% but this was back just after christmas (mostly the perfume gift sets because at £5 they were a bargin!)....

    I really dont know if i will be as 'enthusiasic' about it now compared to last week, simply because the money I did have last week has now gone on general typical weekly expenditures instead.

    Also why on earth do Boots feel that they need to hold onto stuff for so long?, I mean most shops that sell simlar gift sets reduced done, and shipped out weeks ago.....you really are hard pushed to find ANYWHERE in a normal town centre that still has the selection of christmas treats that boots have....
  • sweetcheeks33
    I was in the east kilbride one in the shopping centre and they had a small reduced section near the baby clothes but i did take most of the good stuff, sorry ! It will do me from now until nearly easter for gradual tan :) they are mostly likely to keep the wee reduced but in the corner going i think ..... keep a wee eye out :)
  • sweetcheeks33
    I agree the body shop sale has been really good this year, my fav body butter (nut) has been discountinued but i got it half price at £6 and then on buy 4 for price of 3 so got one free too.... very exciting :):)
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