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    save-a-lot wrote:

    How about making this a 'how much can you save club' and put our achievements in our signitures? just an idea that will help motivate each other

    Yep i agree, fab idea.

    I've had quite a good month as yet, haven't gone over my budget but will wait until the end of the month until i put more into my ISA.

    Keep up the good work everyone :T
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    So the start of the 'How much can you save club' begins!

    I have just sold something on Amazon for 20 pounds. It all goes in the pot!
    Its very satisfying to see even small increments to the total. It would be nice to have a huge chunk suddenly appear though- but every little helps!

    Keep posting your savings/totals people!
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    I shaved £8 off my final shopping basket when i put it through the checkout today. It may only be £8 but its better than nothing.
  • Hi

    Another saving I have made this month is on car insurance, my renewal with Virgin was for £280, I shopped around and most insurers came to around this figure. I then tried Direct Line, we have home insurance and another car insured with them and because of this they discount the premium and I saved about £60. So great result!

    Also, I get paid on the 25th of the month or the Friday before if it falls on a weekend, so I have 9 days until pay day (Friday 24th). I checked my balance and I have just over £200 left this month, so if I take it easy over the next week or so I will be able to 'sweep' the account of any excess money the day before payday and I'll possibly add this into my ISA.
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    save-a-lot wrote:
    If you do not mind me asking, what major cutbacks are you making?

    Basically not spending out on anything we really dont need, selling loads of things on ebay, making sure that all we pay for monthly on Direct Debit is really needed
    I go on the Money saving old stlye thread for loads of tips and cheap recipes, also I do the monthly grocery challenge on there to try and save on groceries.

    Also saving loads of money on clothes as I was given loads for my little ones and have had a good hunt atound in the wardrobe to ensure we dont need to buy any more for ourselves.

    Christmas pressies - have been as frugal as poss using 3 for 2 deals etc and have shopped around.

    Basically not parting with my money easily!!!!

    Starting with a clean slate.

    August grocery challenge - £250
  • Can I join please....

    I am 25 and so far I have:

    £750 - Halifax Regular Saver
    £3000 - Halifax Direct ISA
    £3727.53 - ICICI

    I have standing orders set up for £250 to my Regular Saver and £300 to my ICICI account every month.

    I am aiming for £10,000 by April 2007 and will then start looking at property..

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    Hi Liverpoolcarl

    You seem to be in a pretty similar position as me and with the same goal date!Lets see how we get on.

    Well done save-a-lot on the car insurance. I'm sure Martin woudl be proud of you.
  • Hi all
    I'll join in.
    I'm making my packed lunch each day for work, take the tube one way and walk back. Lunch saves me £3 a day and I save £2 a day walking. So I reckon thats £5 a day, £25 a week, and about £100 a month!

    I'm trying to save up for a deposit for a house.
    I have A and L reg saver, Lloyds reg saver and Halifax reg saver, and of course ICICI :j

    Aiming to save £500 most months, but will be hard in December with Christmas.
    Houses are very expensive aren't they!!!!!!
    By 'eck it gets complicated:confused:
    But nay fret, Martin's here to save us :money: :T
  • may I join too? I'm trying to save for a holiday - need £1000 so far managed £25
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    Hey all

    I'd like to join in too :D

    I've been saving ever since I was a kid and my mum took us to Halifax to open our Little Xtra accounts. 17 years on and I've gone through school, graduated from uni and climbed the career ladder but I'm disillusioned with living in the UK and not being able to afford to live near where I work (London). There are very few good jobs where I live and it's cheaper for me to live outside London and pay stupid amounts on train travel. Also think I have a better quality of life out here - more space etc.

    So, I've decided to move abroad and have chosen Canada. Not sure when yet (definitely within the next two years though), but I'm saving hard. My aim is to save enough to buy a house there with a very small mortgage (but if I could be mortgage free, that would be even better)! Obv depends on exchange rate fluctuations and the like (can make a difference of £'000s) and I am keeping an eye on them.

    I'm saving £250/month into three regular savers at around the same time each month and will hopefully be able to save at least £250/month more in an Icesave account. I started a new job on Monday so I'll reset the savings meter to zero from then, behave like I have no savings at all and see how I get on :D This will be good as I've always just saved piecemeal up till recently and had no concept of how much was going into the coffers. This way, I can see how I do month on month and what I put away over the course of a year.

    Personally, I am only going to count money that has actually gone into a savings account rather than money which is sitting in my current account that I haven't spent yet. Let the saving begin! :T

    Good luck everyone

    Mortgage-free Wannabe!
    Borrowed £260000 in 8/2009
    Amount outstanding at 1/10/2012 is £10000/3.8%
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