How much can you save?



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    I had a cheque come through today from Freefivers for £26, so i am still in the running. I aint banked it yet though. Managed to save £8 on my groceries this week. Things are going to be a bit tighter though nearer christmas.

    How are the rest of you doing?
  • Tigerwinn wrote:
    I am with everybody on the savings front and found ReportInvestor's post very useful and checked out the websites for the regular savers. Couldn't find the 10% Barclays one on their website (could be my poor navigation).
    Is it on the website???

    Also found that HSBC said you have to have your salary paid into the current account before you could open a regular saver. I have a current account but have my salary paid elsewhere. Is there a way round this?


    I am self employed & opened an HSBC regular saver a/c - I just had to pay an amount into the current account each month - suggest you check the T&C's first but it might be a way round it
  • Hi Wanno, when you said earlier, "I went a bit mad in boots last night" were you refering to the well known retail outlet or is this an activity that I have not yet encountered ?
    On a more mundane note, just to suppliment Report Investors list, Britannia are doing a RegSave @ 7.5% for 12 months. I currently subscribe to RegSaves to the tune of £2.6k/ month but the problem is my wages are only about half of that. It is possible with perfect timing and a decent spreadsheet.
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    Hi everybody.

    I'd like to join in with you all and hopefully get back into regular saving! :o

    I'm not able to commit to you a regular amount each month but am planning to log my everyday 'savings' (discounts, cashback, Amazon/eBay profits etc) and pay them into my ISA on a regular basis. :)

    Hopefully this thread will act as motivation to keep remembering to record savings and pay them in!

    Going to make a start from today and make my first ISA payment on Friday.

    Today I've saved £21 on a coat (for my boy) that's through sale discounts and Nectar points. :)
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    Hi there everyone. Glad to see everyone is still going strong with the post. Welcome to everyone new and I hope this post helps with motivation to put something away every now and again.
    I had a bit of an expensive week. I was only planning to spend about 200 pounds a month (bills etc excluded) but I have gone over this due to going on a course and having to stay in a hotel all week. Did a big supermarket shop for the whole month and so shouldn't have to buy anything much after that. This month I should be able to put in about 750 pounds into various accounts.
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    Ive just been reminded why I am saving for a deposit for a little place of my own. My house mate is in a band and practises singing for at least 5 days out of the week and for about 2-4 hours at a time. It was fine for the first week but now the incessantly loud and, dare I say it, slightly out of tune scales (some of the songs also involve a lot of shouting!) are beginning to grate. Can't really tell him to stop it either.
    I wish he could have told us before he moved in.

    Oh to have a place of my own! Roll on deposit
  • I'm joining in too! Opened my Target saver and my Regular saver isa with ipswich so that's £370. I'm putting £75 per month to pay for semi regular expenses (car tax, servicing etc). Feeling very virtuous. A great idea for a thread by the way. :beer: :beer: :beer:
  • Hi all...can i join?!

    Although i'm paying off debts (aiming to get them all on 0% cards), i have £3k sitting in a spare account. Just looking for the best place to put it. Just looking through the ISA options.....
  • Hi

    How about making this a 'how much can you save club' and put our achievements in our signitures? just an idea that will help motivate each other
  • Hi

    Can I join in too? Been saving for awhile, but still not enough to buy a house with a reasonable mortage.

    For the purposes of this thread, i'm going ignore my past savings and start with £0 as of today... with the aim of reaching £10k within a year, which is about the same amount i'll pay in rent a year.
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