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The Great Jessops Price Match Challenge!



  • shoperholicnot
    gaznsmith wrote:
    The following comes direct from a long-serving Jessops store manager!: Jessops Price Matching policy doesn't apply to web sites such as Pixmania who are European importers to the UK (stock is likely to have a European plug on it etc), and they wouldn't price match after the sale as a rule. This is a nationwide offer and all 320 branches will offer it, as should the telephone ordering service. This has come about due to a change in comapny attitude that comsumers can not contemplate the differences between high street and internet, ie Jessops online is the same as Jessops on the high street and not two seperate entities, and so should offer the same prices. Some good deals to be had!

    Today i got a price match from Jessops, I printed 2 web pages one from pixmania and one from Amazon, girl would not accept pixmania but said she could accept the amazon one, the amazon one was being sold by a market place seller...pixmania!!!!!! dont think she noticed!
  • shoperholicnot
    BTW i got the canon powershot A430 priced in Jessops at £114, on amazon for £79. they did not give me the 10% of the difference but did not add p&P of 4.50 either so figured it all rounded up, plus I did not want to draw her attention to the pixmania bit!
  • Ioannis
    Ioannis Posts: 32 Forumite
    Hi everybody, thanks a lot for posting these valuable advices and lucky me I found this forum!
    At the moment I`m thinking of getting Panasonic Lumix FZ50, but not sure whether Jessops still offer 12 months interest- free credit if they do price-match.
    Can you advise me on that?
  • Ioannis
    Yesterday I phoned a couple of Jessops offices in London and all of them told me that they either can do price-match or 12 months pay nothing thing. Also I went to a Jessops department in Islington to buy this camera, was told the same plus I asked for further 10% discount the manager said that they only could do price-match (which is 100%, not 110%) and the new policy which was "stated" on the new fliers outside the store were saying that 110% can be done only with DSLR cameras. Well, I agreed to that and paid with my debit card( they didn`t count the postage though which was about 5 quid) and went out picking up a leaflet. Apparently there was nothing changed in the policy and there was nothing said about DSLR cameras discount in the leaflet...now I`m thinking of getting this 10% back somehow...but the good thing is that I can get 20 free prints with my receipt.
    The Panasonic FZ50 is very good(10 mp, Image stabilizer, 12 zoom, great leica lens), but makes some noise if you go above 100 ISO indoors. The Jessops` price was £499 and I got it for £347, plus 2gb sd card for £40, plus I asked them to reduce the price for the accidental cover(was £55, made it £45(and I really need it `cos my son is only 3)). But I`m happy overall, still when you order sth online you don`t feel as confident as when you buy it in the shop, though you would probably have to fight for the price...but remember that they`re interested in you buying from them, especially if you pay by card.
  • djchris_2
    I was successful in getting a price match on a Nikon SB-600 flash.

    I used one of the previously mentioned photography kit price comparison sites and printed off a page from the cheapest store (Bristol cameras). Google's Froogle is also handy for comparing prices, and I got an even lower price from purelygadgets.

    When I went to the Exeter Jessops on Saturday the purelygadgets printout was rejected but Bristol Cameras was OK. I'd forgotten to find out postage, so rather than doing 110% of the difference including postage I got 100% of the item price difference instead. So, what they would have charged £218 for, I bought for £155. Not bad!

    A lot of the unusually cheap online retailers turn out to be shipping from the East, if you examine their sites carefully enough. I don't think you'll get a price match on any of these.
  • bungee_3
    This is a great forum and thanks to all who posted their experiences.

    As I'm off to Vietnam and Cambodia in February I wondered if between Jessops and a VAT refund I could manage to get UK sourced Canon gear down to US online prices (usually the cheapest for Canon).

    Strategy -
    a) First read heaps of reviews, consult photographer friends, work out my own needs (and aspirations) and determine a couple of really nice setups.
    b) Find the UK websites with the best pricing on the items I wanted
    c) Get Jessops to match the pricing plus 10% of difference
    d) Fly the whole lot out of the country within three months
    e) Take advantage of any cashback offers from Canon

    1) Dream kit with professional 'L' series lenses

    EOS 5D + 24-105 f/4L IS USM + 100-400 f/4.5-5.6 L IS USM

    Pros - 12.8MP full frame + all 'L' glass and a nice focal length coverage. 24-105 is small enough for use as a walk around lens
    Cons - Price. Total weight = 810g+670g+1.4kg= 2.88kg. 5D+100-400 alone weighs 2.21kg

    2) Seriously good stuff without such a big price

    EOS 400D (body only)+ EF-S 17-55 f2.8 IS USM + EF 70-300 f/4.5-5.6 DO IS USM (Diffractive Optics)

    Pros - Cost. Lighter & more compact. Great reviews for both lenses (approaching L quality). More suited to a keen amateur. 1.6x factor of camera gives 480mm effective focal length. Anti-dust technology.
    Cons - Not full frame. Lenses don't have weather proofing or L glass quality. Camera body needs a battery grip to hold comfortably with big lenses.

    So how does this price out ?

    Option 1)
    Cheapest sites
    5d @ £1569 + £9.99 delivery @ https://www.rgb-tech.co.uk
    24-105mm @ £656 (free shipping) @ https://www.ajpurdy.co.uk
    100-400mm @ £1022 using discount code cm2u-pr20 as advised on camerapricebuster.co.uk) @ cameras2u.com

    Even better is a 5d+24-105mm package @ £2167 @ Jessops online (using Blitzen code to save £80 as advised on camerapricebuster.co.uk)

    So how much can I theoretically get this for ?

    Assuming Jessops have same price as online then
    Total = 1022+2167=£3189
    Jessops discount = 0.1*(1198-1022) = £35
    With VAT = £3154
    pre VAT = £2618
    + £100 rebate from Canon on 100-400 lens
    Total = £2518 ($4771) which beats B&H New York @ $4759 (plus BIG postage)

    Option 2)

    400D = £448 @ abc-digital-cameras.co.uk (Jessops 469)
    17-55 = £635 @ abc-digital-cameras.co.uk (Jessops 870)
    70-300 = £778 @ abc-digital-cameras.co.uk (Jessops 1050)

    In theory this should mean a Jessops price to me of
    448+635+778-0.1((469-448)+(870-635)+(1050-778)) = 1861-53 = £1808

    This leaves a pre VAT price of £1500. Then Canon give a £70 rebate on the 70-300mm lens leaving a total of £1430 ($2714) which beats B&H New York @ $2820 (plus BIG postage).

    The reality
    I took this second option with print-outs of web pages to Jessops. The web site was checked locally and again by head office when they sought permission to match. They also called to verify that they were UK based with current UK stock. The big difference on the 70-300mm lens was making them uncomfortable so I waited until they checked with head office and were resigned to matching it before mentioning the additional 10% of the difference. The salesperson baulked but the manager stepped in to say this was OK. So we settled on the price. OK the theory works.

    The problem was Jessops had none of the items in stock !! We ended up agreeing that I would take a 400D with the kit (18-55mm) lens and the salesperson would buy it off me for the difference (£35) as that was cheaper than the staff discount for that lens. Strange but OK with me. The 70-300mm lens was out of stock but a customer had ordered one 3 months ago, it had come in and the customer could not be contacted so they were willing to sell it to me. The 17-55mm had to be ordered.

    Pretty chuffed with the bargains I went for some extras. Jessops matched £261 for the Canon 580 EX speedlite flash (at Cameras2u using discount code cm2u-pr06) but since it was under their trade price of £274 they declined to offer the extra discount. Besides, after VAT refund and £35 cashback I pay £182 for a flash with an RRP around £400. They also refused outright to match on a SanDisk CompactFlash 2 GB Extreme III card @ £36.59 @ amazon.co.uk since their price was £130 so I ordered a couple from the amazon reseller. They matched a Canon BG-E3 (BGE3) Battery Grip @ £87.50 @ abc-digital-cameras.co.uk but refused the further discount for the difference. They were willing to match a spare battery against a genuine Canon part but not against batterieseurope.com £14.99 for a NB-2LH equivalent.

    So OK I blew the budget a bit. I even took out 3yr accidental breakage cover. I did prove that when holidaying outside the UK you can get best prices, UK warranties and high street service before you leave home. For me that's peace of mind and time to sharper my skills on the new gear before I go on holiday.
  • albalad
    albalad Posts: 1,194 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    well done bungee - you lost me for a moment:confused: , but i got back on track

    hope you enjoy your travels - plenty of photo oportunities out there.

    oh.... and welcome to mse
    "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."
    happy travels !!
    "No matter where you go, there you are."
  • bungee_3
    Sorry if my post was a bit long winded. I wanted to provide plenty of detail with relevant websites and prices
  • Bedz
    Bedz Posts: 19 Forumite
    I was interested in purchasing 2 Casio EX-Z1000's [one for myself and one for my girlfriend for xmas], and managed to find them at £180.65 each on amazon.co.uk, and £249.99 on Jessops.

    Looks like quite a high saving, but I just wanted to test the maths:

    249.99 - 180.65 = 69.34 * 0.10 = 6.93

    180.65 - 6.93 = £173.72

    So it should cost me £173.72 per camera?

    Is this really that much of a great deal considering I could buy-it-now on eBay for £170 with a free carry case?

    I was just curious as to whether I could get a better deal elsewhere, and if anyone knows any retailers who offer cheaper prices when buying multiple items.

    Thanks for reading.
  • albalad
    albalad Posts: 1,194 Forumite
    First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    Bedz wrote:
    Is this really that much of a great deal considering I could buy-it-now on eBay for £170 with a free carry case?

    and if anyone knows any retailers who offer cheaper prices when buying multiple items

    i would still think it is a good deal , as you are getting it 30% cheaper than the high street price , and stilll have the security of buying it from a reputabel high street retailer - who you can return it to if anything were to go wrong....... and that's not very often the case with ebay sellers !

    sorry don't know of any online reatilers who would give you a discount for 2 units
    "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page."
    happy travels !!
    "No matter where you go, there you are."
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