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Are we getting short changed.....



  • katemcg
    Another trick I've read about, is that not only are washing powder packets getting smaller, but they've started making the plastic scoops bigger to make you use it up more quickly!
    So be aware of that one - they might do it with other things too.
  • Thriftylady
    a story once did the rounds that a man rang up Colgate and offered them a secret which would massively increase their turnover in return for £1m. They paid him the money and he told them to make the hole in the tube bigger, as people always squeeze out a particular 'length'.

    I'm sure the story is a myth, but I'm pretty certain that at some stage through the years someone has thought of this and put it into practice...
  • spanielsmum
    I've also heard the story about the guy who made a fortune by recommending to a shampoo company (can't recall which one, but you get the idea) to include the word....Repeat....

    I only wash my hair once now as I do it daily and it never gets that dirty anyway.
  • laurajayne
    This did actually happen with alka seltzer...overnight the ads started showing 2 in a glass....
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  • Tricky_Vicky
    micktsb wrote:
    more people should use aldi and lidl, a lot of their stuff is realy good. Toilet rolls a good e.g. lidl does a brilliant quality toilet roll cheaper than anywhere,as is their bacon and fresh chicken.

    Wish I could - we don't have one near me -
    :j Every day in every way, learning to money save:j
  • wendy_ann1983
    I brought a box of Tracker bars to take to work as a snack, they are now almost HALF the size they used to be, two bites and its gone. I was disgusted. Not only that but I also managed to chip a tooth, I will not be buying them again.
  • furndire
    furndire Posts: 7,308 Forumite
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    I've often worked out the price of value stuff in Tesco, and found that it is dearer than the standard stuff.
  • shetitasatic
    furndire wrote:
    I've often worked out the price of value stuff in Tesco, and found that it is dearer than the standard stuff.

    I've just got back from Tesco - their Value orange juice is 58p for a litre carton, BUT if you buy the 4-pack of Tesco orange juice in the blue cartons it's £2.32 or 58p per litre!! and it tastes SO MUCH nicer :T :T
  • vivaladiva
    vivaladiva Posts: 2,425 Forumite
    Who shrunk (shrank?) Mr Tesco's sausages. They are suddenly much smaller. I 've always bought by number, working on 6/8 in a pack so I can calculate how many sausages per person. This has now gone out of the window, or its a good way to go on a diet! I've never noticed the weight so I don't really know how much I'm being short changed by, I just know I am.
    I have plenty of willpower - it's won't power I need.
  • krimsun
    krimsun Posts: 25 Forumite
    Hmmmm. Seen soap go from 99p per pack to 1.69 over the last few weeks and only just noticed the change from 125g bars to 100g. :confused:
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