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Are we getting short changed.....



  • Rabbit
    Rabbit Posts: 146 Forumite
    Mics_chick wrote:
    Not sure about this but I thought that the largest size packet of Persil non-bio tablets used to contain 48 tablets and now its 40 but the price is pretty much the same.

    (Not cheapest way to buy washing powder I know but cheaper for me because I always used to put way to much powder in!)

    Similar thing spotted in Tesco, Persil Non-Bio, used to be £5.48 for 3.45kg, (that's what I've got written in my old price book) I looked last week for some and again today and it's now in a 3kg box and £6 !!! I am down to my last few washes but am damned if I'll pay that. Going past an Asda tomorrow, so I'll try there, got my last box for £4 on offer. Has anyone else noticed this? or have I got it wrong?
    A penny saved is one you don't have to earn! :wave:
  • lynsayjane
    lynsayjane Posts: 3,547 Forumite
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    Mics_chick wrote:
    I went in to Somerfield a while ago and grabbed a passing bod who worked there because the Nescafe large jars was a 'star buy of the week' - 6p off jar costing £2.72! Especially when last time I bought it a couple of weeks before it was 7p cheaper...

    somerfield are terrible for this. a couple of months ago i'd gone in to get 2pt of milk for my old work. there was a big star price label over the milk, but it was more expensive than a couple of days before when it wsn't a star...maybe the star dust costs more??
  • Deffo the cat food con, if you work out the £/100g of Whiskers pouches against the tins (and generally your cat won't care!) the pouches are between two and three times the price per 100g.

    While I'm on me soapbox, what about things like loose veg and pre-shrinkwrapped veg? Check out the relative prices of something like..... broccolli (spelling????) next time you shop. Bet the loose stuff is about half the price of the easy-to-grab-and-stick-in-your-trolley prepacked.

    And they think we won't notice. Drives me nuts.

    I really need to calm down..... :-)
  • jackieb
    jackieb Posts: 27,605 Forumite
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    Somerfields pre-packed meat (ie sliced ham or chicken) often has more in it than it says in the pack, especially if it says it has 100% extra in it or something. I mean more than the extra it states on the packet. Several times I have bought breaded ham and it has been almost double what it says on the pack. I know because i've weighed it when I got home.Only yesterday I bought a packet of sliced chicken and there were 14 thick slices in it instead of 10.
  • micktsb
    micktsb Posts: 29 Forumite
    more people should use aldi and lidl, a lot of their stuff is realy good. Toilet rolls a good e.g. lidl does a brilliant quality toilet roll cheaper than anywhere,as is their bacon and fresh chicken.
  • Sainsburys do a sneaky trick which you really need to watch out for. We went in once and they had something on BOGOF (think it was Kettle Chips). The next week they were still on offer and still had the red labels all over the place BUT the offer had changed to two for £3 or something and meant you only saved about 30p. Very naughty.
  • Phatmouse
    Phatmouse Posts: 449 Forumite
    Yeah, I really wish I had kept a curly wurly and a packet of rolos from when I was a kid I am sure they were both twice the size they are now.

    I used to think this but in reality my hands are just bigger
  • I know my bread is shrinking. I used to have to cut the crusts off to get the sandwiches into the sandwich box. Now they go in comfortably with the crusts on and I know the box hasn't stretched!
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  • I find it difficult to compare the value of the bagged fruit against the choose your own by weight. The price comparison says 30p each for the bagged items.
    Assuming the packets have their weight written on them, you can work it out. (This tends to be easier if you take a calculator - some mobile phones have calculators.)
  • ivyleaf
    ivyleaf Posts: 6,431 Forumite
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    Last time I was in Asda a couple of weeks ago I was about to get my usual loose spuds - then realised that they had been labelled " Baking potatoes" even though they weren't particularly big, and they were more expensive than a bag of pre-packed ones!:eek: So a bag of King Edwards it was!
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