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Are we getting short changed.....



  • liz545
    liz545 Posts: 1,726 Forumite
    I suspect part of the problem is we don't plan our shopping and meals to the degree that previous generations have. People who grew up with rationing knew how many pounds and ounces of the things on their list they'd need, and shopped accordingly. Now, if people do plan their shopping, it only tends to be in the number of packs of something they need, which makes it easier for manufacturers to alter pack weights. It's also the case that people are losing the ability to judge portion sizes - we're getting used to super-sized portions of things, so we tend to consume more of the product, no matter how much is in the packet. Supermarkets exacerbate the situation by selling so much of their stock in 'convenient' preportioned packs. If you're used to laundry tablets, how do you judge how much loose laundry powder to use?
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  • savvy
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    kiwichick wrote:
    We have places like this in NZ called Bin Inn. Everything from flour/cereal/laundry powder/cat or dog food/coffee/dried fruit/milk powder/all baking requirements even liquid bits like golden syrup are in drums with taps as is shampoo/conditioner/washing up liquid. We ALWAYS shopped there when I was a kid.
    YEah we've had shops like that here e.g Scoop In and Weigh In..................but they are rapidly closing down!!! :mad::mad: Probably cos everyone goes off to the flamin supermarkets!!! :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  • kittiwoz
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    There used to be a Scoop and Save in the Arndale market but I think it was forced out by the management when they moved the market down to the old Index store and started building the new market hall. Part of the attempt to take the market up-market so to speak. They killed a couple of cheap butchers and a place that sold dented cans and the like at the same time and since opening the new market hall have also done away with the haberdashery stall. I think it was a better market before they started although the premises left a lot to be desired.
  • In the old days we used to get 240 pence to the Pounds now it has shrunk to only 100
    Nice to save.
  • Yes, I miss our local Weigh & Save, which sounds like the same thing (scoop your own rice, cereal, washing powder etc.). That said, it seemed to me that, despite the fact you weren't paying for packaging, the prices were still no cheaper than packaged supermarket equivalents. Mind you, I never tipped the entire contents of a packaged product onto the kitchen scales to ensure you do actually get the stated amount!!
  • Chipps
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    I don't buy crisps any more. Someone gave me a packet, & I noticed that you get a packet puffed up with air with about 5 crisps in.
    I haven't done the maths, but I hate to think how much this makes the cost of the potato served this way, as opposed to buying potato any other way!

    I miss the weigh&save shops, too. When the kids were little, we would go into the one that used to be in Colchester, buy things like banana chips for a few pence & take ourselves off to the Castle Park - real cheap day out!
    Once a squirrel came up to us, nicked a piece of yogurt coated banana chip, solemnly nibbled off all the yogurt coating & threw away the banana chip in disgust!
  • jcr16
    jcr16 Posts: 4,185 Forumite
    it is a real shame. as if u regually buy a product u can then use that to help work out how much/many meals etc u can make from it. but when product weights get changed it throws a real spanner in the works. espesh if u still pay the same amount for them.

    i am certainly going to be looking at the price per 100g etc, as i'm on a budget and want to be getting best value for money.

    we locally have a shop called easy weight and it is fanatsic, u can buy as much or as little of everything. even herbs and spices. most herbs etc are 5p per 10g. and u get a far amount of herb for that. i find it excellent as i don't always need to buy a big jar or a herb. also can buy things like a whole nutmeg for 10p. i think this is the only shop of this kind on the isle of wight and it is so busy.
  • nic82
    nic82 Posts: 420 Forumite
    Slightly different to the OP, but I bought some cranberry sauce from Tesco last week. The 200g jar was 29p whilst the 400g jar was £1.09!

    Bigger doesn't always mean it works out cheaper!
  • I find it difficult to compare the value of the bagged fruit against the choose your own by weight. The price comparison says 30p each for the bagged items.

    Hubby's Newmarket Powters sausages used to have 8 to a pack, now it's 6.

    If you buy vaseline from the beauty department the little tub will be the same price as the large tub in the baby dept.
    Nuts just take up space where chocolate ought to be.
  • calleyw
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    Quasar wrote:
    For instance take a can of tuna in brine. It can say 200g and you will find 200g grams of contents in it. But they can put less tuna and more brine and still be within the law.

    You get the idea...

    I think you will find that a lot of tins of tuna have both weights on them. Drained and undrained weight. So the weight might be 185g undrained and then 135g drained weight.


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