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Do you share food bargains or take the lot?



  • I must admit I take whatever I can use or freeze, if that means taking all 6 of something, then so be it. :)
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  • I live by the motto 'its nice to be nice' and 'share and share alike'
  • Today at work, we still had a lot of stuff left in the reduced. The dury manager said - reduce it to 10p-50p, depending on what it is.

    About 5 of us got 70% of the stuff! I got some ham slices, 2 packs of tomatoes, a pack of button mushrooms, a packet of white grapes, a side salad and an individual trifile in the low fat range. Cost £1.17 (with staff discount). Also if you see anything in the reduced that is BOGOF, it will be BOGOF at the reduced price. So, I got 18 large vine ripened tomatoes for 25p!

    I could have got more - pizzas (Pizza Express), curry ready meals, chicken, salmon, more veg. Due to a combination of I'm on weight watchers, I've already got loads of the healthy stuff in the freezer and my freezer is fairly full, I just came away with the above. Just had room to slip in the ham in the freezer.
  • I have worked on store refits before. On the day the store shuts for 7-9 days to allow the refit to be fully complete, we got customers thinking and demanding things that have bb dates when the store is closed to be reduced. Erm, no!

    The fresh and produce gets distributed to the stores nearby.
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    I was at work this week and they had reduced the pies. I turned round to see one man pretty much put the whole lot except one into his basket. How rude! Luckily it was quiet at that time of day but if it was busy I would have said "save some for everyone else."

    I always get the same people who regularly go for reductions come and take all the free cheese tasters. Greedy people!
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  • I take it you have a job and are comfortably well off? Those people that you look down on as greedy are just being sensible and taking full advantage of an opportunity to save money. Taking as much as you can and freezing it to use another day instead of paying three or four times more another time is good money saving. Over the years I have saved lots of money by buying reduced items, some you win some you lose, at least be grateful that you are white, and therefore don't get nasty racist comments from your fellow shoppers. Questions I've been asked are :"Are you planning to make a nappy bomb?"; "Are you planning to make a salmon bomb?"; "Are you planning to make a bagguette bomb?" etc etc etc.

    When you've lost all hope in life and know that your chance of getting a job is zero, I guarantee you won't give a flying fcuk what some nasty, condiscending beech, jibber jabbers at you whilst you are trying to grab the bargains that make the difference between whether or not your family gets a decent meal that evening.
  • ian duncan smith- I get what you're saying in a way, and I can see no need for personal insults in the supermarket! It's hard for all at the moment, and am sure a lot of us on here can't be "comfortably well off" Job or no Job..well I know I certainly am not!! I for one am not condescending, and people do sometimes take as much as they can- but in a swarm of people, including maybe jobless people, pensioners, people in work etc etc the list can be as long as....just people! I can't see why someone would take more than they want/need, shops have regular discount sections, and are there every day, and every day there is something different! I cannot physically see why someone would need something like 10 meal deals, or 20+ loaves of bread- or perhaps it's just me the shops near me regularly discount what they haven't sold and I try to save money where I can, but as per my previous post on this thread, I am sure you would not deliberately knock a senior citizen through barging through.....
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    I think these are good points. I also think there is a clear difference between taking what you need to feed a family, and taking through greed. It's a crying shame that so many of us have met with greed, aggression and even racial insult in the supermarket - what a world! It's because I dont know the story of the person next to me at the section, or who will come along after me that I would try and leave something and not grab it all. No one decent could begrudge a bargain to someone making their little money stretch to feed the ones at home, but most people object when 15 loaves are scooped up by someone with a trolley full of them already!
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                  The supermarket my mum works in is closing for the week while the shop rebrands so everything is going right down.

                  A few family (mums and children) are literally camping in the shop and grabbing everything as they are marked down, even out of the assistants hand, and tbh i think that is so rude !

                  Yes they are bargains and everyone loves a bargain, but give everyone a chance to grab something.
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                  @ Ian - I am not comfortably well off. I have recently left university and I am still in my part time job. I get reductions when I can and save them because when I have no money, I do have a spare meal that I can defrost.

                  I did not mean to generalise but in my store, there are a wide range of people who take reductions. I had meant the customers who come in every single day (maybe up to three times a day) to get reductions and they don't leave anything for anyone else. There's a fine line between taking them all (and possibly wasting half of it) and taking what you need to leave some for others.
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