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Do you share food bargains or take the lot?



  • is going to sainsburys at 9pm to get a few bargains. normally there is nobody else in the shop at that time and its 90% reduced. get loads of different things only take what i need .
    :rotfl: given up on tesco do a lot os boots offers. but weekends are now in orange trackside b. lol
    now a race marshal at silverstone.:beer:
  • I think a lot depends on who is there at the same time as you. If there is a big crowd of people, I, and most people round here, will sort of take turns. Of course, its when some people are playing by different cultural rules that this falls down as the people waiting patiently regret letting someone take a turn who then doesn't play nice.
    However, if no one else is waiting I feel that it is my lucky night and I take it all. if I can freeze it. After all- I can't know if anyone else will be turning up and I wouldn't like to see it thrown away...:j

    I fully agree with that. We used to have a couple around here who would barge in and grab it all, but then peer pressure from the other regulars seems to have worked wonders. We normally have a good chat whilst the SA are marking stuff down. Personally I just stand out of their way and let them get on to the end of a very long shift for low wages with the least amount of fuss, and generally the SA recognise this.
  • jamespirjamespir Forumite
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    i share and hope those share
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  • :D:D:D:D:D @ Mothership

    AlwaysSmiling...I'm wondering what someone would do with 15 nets of garlic???...

    We have a large Italian community around here and they use it a lot. Or you could split and plant on an allotment.
  • Mothership wrote: »
    She had her back to me so.... I swiped it back LOL!

    There was a lovely story on here about kids that secretly slip unexpected items (pregnancy kits, condoms etc) into their parents' trolleys. I'd have been tempted to use a similar tactic.
  • snowyz81 wrote: »
    A few family (mums and children) are literally camping in the shop and grabbing everything as they are marked down, even out of the assistants hand, and tbh i think that is so rude !

    Literally camping in the shop, eh? Too right that's rude!

    Who do they think they are, coming in to a supermarket and pitching their canvas tents, rolling out their sleeping bags and cooking sausages on their Trangia stoves? ;)
  • I'll take whatever I can especially if it's bread on offer. I'll pack what I can into the freezer and sometimes live off nothing but sandwiches and toast until I have used the bread up. Can save a lot of money and is often nicer bread than the cheap basic loaf I usually purchase.

    I have to agree with other posters I will only buy certain things if there is a substantial knock-down in price. Can't see the point in saving 20 p and then the product has to be used that day. Has to be at least 50 per cent off.
  • elfenelfen Forumite
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    Oh I'll share, no point me taking loads as I don't have a big freezer, but it does annoy me when one person gets in the way. Me and Kai always make sure others can get to it too
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    Like a few people have said, if there's lots of people waiting around for reductions I try and get a few bits and bobs without being rude, and if there's no-one else around, I take whatever I know I'll use for the family. I rarely take everything there anyways because there's usually a wide range of fruit/veg/bread etc and I only want certain types. I'll try and get as much fresh fruit and veg as I can but again, if there's someone else waiting as well, I often find that it's easier to be polite and ask if they're after the same thing than both of us trying to grab stuff!

    The only times I purposely won't go and buy reduced stuff is when I see a particular regular in, a nice old man. He walks about a 3-mile round trip, on his own, at night, to get the reductions, because he's really hard up. I've been told that he basically lives on whatever he can buy cheap and if he can't get anything, he might go hungry. I'd much rather he got the bargains than me because I certainly don't need them as much.

    As an aside, when I was working in a supermarket (I won't say which one!) I was told about two women who had a fight on Christmas Eve over the last packet of Brussel Sprouts- they both grabbed the bag at the same time, wouldn't let go, the bag split and the sprouts went all over the floor and one woman punched the other in the face! Festive spirit or what?!
    :) Optima semper libera sunt :)

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