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Do you share food bargains or take the lot?



  • skint4skint4 Forumite
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    Having worked last year in a somerfield that was closing and helping with reductions we were under siege with people and had to resort to reducing things out the back instead...then push a trolley out on to the floor and run off and then return about 30 seconds later to retreive empty trolley....our freezers broke down in the last week and we managed to sell all our frozen stock in about 40 minutes at silly reductions....word seems to get round....we had many customers we had never seen before just in for the bargains...can't blame anyone for wanting to get a bargain...but please try and leave us retail staff in one piece please!!!!
  • I agree totaly, however this man took it personaly and was way above the norm.
    I was about to send a letter to HO at one point, but its calmed down, She had
    to tell him one week to leave her alone and that she was getting upset. He hasnt
    bothered her since. I think the man needed training, whoops stuff is store policy,
    nothing to do with him, he is staff. She never insulted, or harmed him in any way.

    I think if customers get a bargin they are happy, and will come back to shop again.
  • i'm pretty much the same, if its something gluten free i'll generally buy the lot as my husbands food is so expensive local waitrose had Genius bread down to 35p a loaf the other week, i had all 6 loaves.

    Same here, I have Coeliac, so if i can et some reduced coeliac food
    all the better. :)
  • OMG! Our local asda was closing for two days for a bit of a refit! You should have seen my face as my sister boyfriend told me!
    Got there for 2pm on Sunday and there were a few bargain hunters around, although If i hadnt been busy on Sunday I probably woul dhave gone twice.
    I only took what I expect to use, including 1 loaf of bread for the freezer 25p (hovis) Bagels 20p some smoked salmon sandiwch filler 20p, prepacked snadwices 20p, some yum yums 20p, lunch salad 75p. mederterainian bread 50p. and some other things.

    I was well excited as otherwise i would have had nothing in for dinner last night, breakfast or lunch today.
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  • tealadytealady Forumite
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    As a veggie there are rarely items that I want but if there is a really good deal on something I will buy as much as I can carry. I'm on a tight budget ( as are loads of peeps) however I wouldn't block others getting to the bargains.
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  • I take what I need and what I can use.

    If I have space in the freezer I tend to take more but because of this website and become much more old style and less wasteful its getting harder as there is so much less space!
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  • TBH I would say this is where the free market gets you. Buy the lot. If people dont like it, things need to change. Its a fine example of someone with money leaving nothing for the sheeple.
  • sams247 wrote: »
    So, is it good she grabbed all the bargains? Or is it just greedy? Did she do well, or should she have left a couple for the guys standing behind us both?

    So, what wouuld you do? What do you do?

    I personally never take the last bargain. I always worry that there might be someone less well off than myself. I will never take the last of any item off a shelf, even if it's something that I need. I'll usually go elsewhere.

    I have little doubt that more often than not, it's some tightwad rich person that takes the bargain after I leave it, but I don't care. I couldn't live with myself with the possibility that I might have denied the hypothetical "little old lady" her supper. I'd rather someone else have it on their conscience if they took the last bargain.
  • jenniewbjenniewb Forumite
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    Hipflask wrote: »
    TBH I would say this is where the free market gets you. Buy the lot. If people dont like it, things need to change. Its a fine example of someone with money leaving nothing for the sheeple.

    I have to say, thats such a dog-eat-dog attitude- if everyone was like that life would be so miserable!
  • Doom_and_GloomDoom_and_Gloom Forumite
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    When there are reduced foods we only take what we will use. We've seen people block other customers from seeing/getting anything and we think it is very rude. We've also seen people with a trolley full of only reduced goods and still following the person reducing the foods waiting to grab whatever they reduce! We don't think that is very nice. Yes get a bargain but don't act like a vulture or take way more than what you can use - which I think a lot of people that act like vultures do.

    I honestly believe that when people take most/all the reduced produce they are being greedy (I'm talking about when there are loads reduced not a couple/few items).
    I am a vegan woman. My OH is a lovely omni guy :D
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