Do you share food bargains or take the lot?

Last night I went to M&S (Reading) and they had a lot of food on last minute discount. Amongst others, they had the chicken in white wine reduced to £2 each. There were abiut 7 or 8 boxes there, and also 4 of Hunter style chicken (£2) and about 4 packs of Ham n cheese Kiev (£1.50) . I picked up two boxes of the chicken in white wine and was just about to see what else there was when a lady came up, scooped every box of ebvery reduced item left on the shelf into her basket, carried what she couldn't fit in her hand and waltzed off. So, is it good she grabbed all the bargains? Or is it just greedy? Did she do well, or should she have left a couple for the guys standing behind us both? I thought it was mean, but my friend said good for her, and why didn't you take them all first? I know I wouldn't have taken them all but....

So, what wouuld you do? What do you do?
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    • eleanor73
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      I only take maximum of 2 really. Even if I wanted them all I prob wouldn't find room in my freezer and would still end up with quite a large spend which I can't afford. I was in somerfield and they had some of their fresh tortellinis on offer the other day down to 50p or something and this woman had about 9 of them!! I wanted to ask for just one out of her basket but didn't have the nerve!!!
      Sometimes in Tescos people won't actually let you near the reducing area and the reductions are going on and there is this big man in my way and he won't let me passed!!! Now that does get me stressed!! I need to toughen up or learn to rugby tackle or something!!

      Having said all that I did get 3 boxes of persil yesterday but no rugby tackling was needed!!!
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      I would only buy it if its something we eat tbh, if it was something that I know we use and I had space, then i'm afraid I would have taken it too. I wouldn't take stuff that we don't usually have though or just wade in and pick stuff up without looking at what it was. Sounds harsh but in these tough times, its every man/woman for themselves:) (having said that if it was a little old lady/man looking I would let her/him pick first.
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    • My local Morrisons used to do reductions in the evening, but there were always "Professional Reduction Hunters" hanging around waiting to grab everything.

      Mostly they were people who owned/worked for hotels/cafes/restaurants etc. Quite often wear a uniform showing where they worked.

      They would just swoop in and grab everything they could.

      The local Iceland has a "Reduced" freezer for items where the packaging is damaged. I once watched two women from a local cafe empty the entire freezer, it took 2 trolleys! While I was near them one woman said "Take everything, if it's reduced I'll put it on the menu."

      And I'm certain I'd seen the same woman, saying the same thing, while emptying the Morrisons reduction cabinet a week or two earlier.

      So if you can afford it, and can use it, take it. The shops don't care who buys it!
    • zenseeker
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      First some first served imo. Yes it's a selfish attitude, but as far as I'm concerned it's fair game, anyone who wants to grab the lot is welcome to it. I have been pipped to the post many times by people who take the lot, but unlike many I just get on with my life.
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    • valk_scot
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      I take what I can use. I don't buy stuff I don't need. There's always next week. If it's something I'll use though and it's dirt cheap I'll pick all of it up, yes. Rarely happens though.

      I only go whoopsieing once a week, when the kids are at swimming club but it's the same faces I see when I go. We're a good natured bunch though on the whole and things get passed around if someone at the back expresses interest. We all tend to want different sorts of things so this works very well. There is one woman though who does just grab everything and practically from the assistants hands even so the rest of us are united against her when she turns up, lol.
    • stephen77
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      I will take things If I l like them and will eat them.
      If I do not think i will eat them I will leave them for other people. If other people around I do not grab like a vulture either.

      I think some people take the pi** a little as the do not even look what it is. i bet you could put a yellow sticker with a higher price than it was originally sold for and they would still grab it.
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      stephen77 wrote: »
      i bet you could put a yellow sticker with a higher price than it was originally sold for and they would still grab it.

      I'm liking that thought....

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      On an evening I've seen people in Asda take everything they find that's reduced on that day put it in their trolley and then hang about for hours waiting for the staff whoopsy person to come with the stickers that get put on last minute reductions- so that piece of meatfor example reduced and in their trolley at 6pm for a fiver then gets reduced at 8pm as they hold it out to the assisant to something really cheap like 50p and because they already have it in their trolley no one else gets a look in.
      I've also seen people selling loads of whoopsies off at the pub later!
    • I take what we need and will use and not waste.
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      I take as much as I think I'll use. Spent £4 on Saturday night at Morrisons, i went there with £20 to spend, and just finished the last of it last night. 5 days worth of food. Fantastic... Would have loved the salmon fillet for 20p but was pipped at the post by another vulture/moneysaver. Damn... However, the Bleikers highland peat smoked scottish salmon discounted from £3.99 to 39p was lovely though.
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