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Do you share food bargains or take the lot?



  • I got 14 blocks of cheese today, and last week I got 10 large pizzas.
  • Little old lady a few doors down was poor as a church mouse.
    she was always looking for the reductions.
    My hubby use to put on his uniform and give a big box of stuff at christmas and say it was from a works collection for old people in the area.
    I would not take the lot if other people were waiting to see what was being marked down but if i was the only one there then i would take a few extra.
    But people should bare in mind that if they see people with 16 pizza's in a trolley they could have a large family, we are a family of 6 with 4 between 16-19, 16 pizza's dont last long when their friends stay for dinner when you say your having pizza :eek:
  • It's very rare to see decent bagains in the 24 hour supermarkets these days.
    The town I used to live in had a Tesco that closed at 10pm. A lot of things would be reduced to 10p. I was on a pittance of a wage and would often do my shopping at 9pm to see if I could get my groceries any cheaper but only take a few items that I knew I would definitely use and wouldn't just end up in my bin a day later.
    Best bargain I think I've seen were Tesco Finest large xmas puds reduced from £10 to £3 on 28th Dec; bought 3 for my Mum to store. They had a use-by date over a year later so Tesco could have probably got away with selling them the next year without any problems. Mince pies were 25p, so my freezer was stocked up for packed lunches. :o)
    I now hide any yellow sticker items at the bottom of the trolley so I don't get mugged.
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    I bought a Christmas cake reduced to £3 last year from Waitrose, I think it was about £12 new so I was very happy with that. There were several there and I only bought one. It didn't occur to me to buy more but maybe in money-tight times I would think differently this year. I still think I'd leave some for others though
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                • I love a bargin and always have a look at the reductions. Like many others i take what i will use & what i can freeze, but nothing more.

                  There is no reason however to be rude, why take things if you are not going to use them and as for elbowing people quite frankly they whant elbowing back (or being bumped into by the trolly which is my fav)
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                  I take what I need and that is it. I don't push anyone and would not push anyone unless they pushed me first and no-one has ever been brave enough to try that.

                  Probably ruined that one as off to Tesco shortly :o
                • A few weeks ago I managed to get 30 cans of coca cola (proper stuff, not even a cheaper brand or anything) for £1.49 in Sainsburys. It was actually insane I think.

                  I dont usually take everything from the reduced bits but I will take things if I like them and think I could use them.
                • Its an interesting question, but also consider that some people (myself included) buy for members of their family so a couple of items for me, my mum, my nan, my auntie, and some to freeze could easily come to 10 of the same item. I get stuff for them and they get stuff for me and we share amongst family, so don't consider the person buying 10 packs of anything as just plain old selfish. Why would anyone buy stuff they are not gona eat and waste money even if its greatly reduced.
                • interesting thread, I take what I can freeze and never waste anything. I spotted 4 pheasant reduced last year in sainsburys and got them but an OAP behind me was looking so I gave him a couple out of my basket but he then proceeded to rummage around in my basket to choose the ones he wanted! I agree that basic rules of politeness apply at all times and would never be rude to other shoppers or assistants, in fact I am shocked at how badly the shop assistants get spoken to by shoppers.

                  Other side of the coin, I get reduced bargains from the co-op and tend to fill my freezer as sometimes there are fridge loads of stuff to shift, one day I went in and there was loads of cheap cheese so I filled up my basket and when I got to the till the guy said he couldn't sell them because they were sell by date of the day before so he binned the entire box which I though was a real waste but apparently entirely illegal to sell!

                  There are a lot of people out there struggling with money and reduced bargains can make the difference between sink or swim and putting a meal on the table for their faamily. I don't judge because you never know what other peoples circumstances are and as for the previous racist comments, well that is just not on.
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                • poppycod wrote: »
                  so pointing out somebodys race is now racist... ? :mad:

                  what has it got to do with anything? It is simply not necessary to point out someone ethnicity in the first place.
                  Save £12k in 2012 no.49 £10,250/£12,000
                  Save £12k in 2013 no.34 £11,800/£12,000
                  'How much can you save' thread = £7,050
                  Mfi3 no. 88: Balance Jan '06 = £63,000. :mad:
                  Balance 23.11.09 = £nil. :)
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