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Do you share food bargains or take the lot?



  • Re the rudeness being colour blind, I agree - but I do sadly find the majority of people who will push and shove you in queues or crowds are elderly ladies!
  • If it is something that we eat and there is room in the freezer, I will take the lot BUT I will not buy something just because it has been reduced.
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    We are skint but I personally wouldn't dream of clearing a whole full shelf of reduced items even if they were something we could freeze and liked, however if there was a one or two things that I would use then I would take them. I normally like having a banter with whoever else is also looking in the reduced aisle, and asking if there's any good bargains or do they want to swap sides. My husband thinks I'm mad when I'm having a chat with the old boys (or whoever is around) but I think it makes the experience a bit more pleasant and avoids anyone feeling like they are being pushed out of the way!

    I've seen people trying to block the aisle :eek: but I find a way to have a cheeky look without any barging required. :) I have to say that even though we're on a really really tight budget, especially this month and February I don't always get a lot of reduced items.

    However, after the Christmas and New Year holidays were the shops were actually shut there were some great bargains and I fear I may have become slightly addicted to bargain spotting lol!! Our local coop had 454g packs of lean steak mince for 10p each!!! The chap reducing them asked me how many I'd like so I asked for a couple. He seemed to have a never ending supply of them to reduce so I did pick up a couple more on my way back past the meat section...but even then there was still loads left at 10p, and lots of people had also been able to get some bargains too!! Everyones happy, no ones been barged and we've all shared.....and there was peace and harmony and good will to all peeps!! :A

    I also have to add that the bargains I've picked up in the coop and Sainsburys have relieved some financial pressure and it is nice knowing that I have some good bargains in the freezer and that I'll be able to manage on a lower food budget this month. Personally the best feeling for me is getting some bargains and the relief that provides on the finances without tipping the balance into being greedy and not being considerate to other peoples needs. We're all in this together! :D
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  • If there were just a few items, Id take a couple and leave the rest for others....if there was piles of things - I'd be tempted (funds permitting) to take a quite a bit more..

    TBH, you can buy a perfectly good chicken for £2.99 full price at Aldi so getting one reduced to £3 doesn't seem much of a bargain :o

    Ready meals - even at half price - are still more expensive than cooking from scratch so I tend to look for reduced meat, fish or bread...although Christmas and New Year can yield some fab fruit bargains ...I got an enormous 'specially selected' pineapple from Tesco for 38p and a pack of fresh raspberries for 20p :)

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    I find that being polite pays dividends. A SA in Asda once followed me around the corner and asked if I would like a leg of lamb which she'd reduced to 50p. She said she was determined that the woman who had been hassling her to reduce it down and had been almost snatching stuff out of her hands before she could put them on the shelf, wouldn't get it!
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    I got reduced lean steak mince, sausages and a pizza (normally make my own but this is handy when back sore)- not reduced by a lot but enough ;). Anyway me and another old lady were looking at the stuff and the husband kept making comments about how we would be fighting over it soon- I just smiled and his wife ignored him, while we both looked at the stuff in a friendly manner, did not push or anything else nasty. Perhaps he has seen scenes like some of you describe ?
    And @ Mothership lol, what comes around goes around. Mind it might have been a company or borrowed car and she might have been on her last £1....doubt it but you never know these days!
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    If its something that I'm going to use, I will stock up on it. I'm sure I wouldn't have cleared an entire shelf (as would have felt a bit greedy), but I do believe in grabbing bargains.
  • Don't know if anyone else has experienced this in Morrisons....

    Before Christmas, I picked up a bag of pies from the Bakery which had been reduced. Then later (after nearly finishing my big Xmas shop), I went back to the bakery as I had forgotten something and noticed that the table of reduced items were being marked down in price again, so asked the lady if the pies were being reduced further too, she said that she couldn't reduce the pies because they had already been in my trolley! so I asked what about the pies on the table (which were the same as the ones I had), and she said that she couldn't reduce those any more either, because I had the same ones in my trolley :mad:. I though that this was a bit of a 'jobsworth' attitude. There was no one else looking at the reduced stuff, I had asked her politely. I ended up putting the bag of pies back on the table and leaving them!

    Sainsburys on the other hand are always very helpfull, so gold star to them! :A

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    Malory I think you are thinking a different thing to what is being talked about,people are talking about reductions on things that are near or on date not special offers.
    Where in the US do you come from?My favourite supermarket ever is Wegmans I miss shopping there.
  • poppycod wrote: »
    Of course rudeness is colour blind but it is also obvious that there is no such thing as patiently queue-ing in some cultures and some countries.

    In Britain we are a nation of queue-ers, however not all those who have been welcomed to these shores practice this.

    OMG that is such a racist comment!!!!!!!!!

    I have been knocked over plenty of times at reduced sections by LOCAL WHITE people, and at sales( especially the next sale and recently boots 75% sale) i have had more abuse thrown at me than you could imagine.

    Please donot generalise, in my experience i have seen people of all ethnic groups including local whites who push and shove and don't always queue politely. There are good and bad in all races and cultures.

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