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Save without realising it...

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  • Bogof_BabeBogof_Babe Forumite
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    When my purse gets too heavy I decant the spare coins (of whatever denomination) into one of several little pots I keep in my undies drawer. I just leave enough for the next couple of days, and an emergency tenner in the zip bit which I try to ignore.

    I use old typewriter ribbon (remember them?) containers, or loose face powder plastic pots, which have lids. The reason I keep them in *that* drawer is because when I kept them in the living room cabinet my husband used to empty them, to save him going to the cash machine!

    I have two (?) which I allow myself to raid when I'm short of ready cash, but they soon build up again with regular replenishment. I love it when I pay with a £10 note and they apologise for only having £1 coins for the change - they go straight in there!

    It's not so much a savings plan as a ready-cash management scheme, and it works.

    I've just set up a profile on here (didn't know how before) so this post is a bit of a test. Next I must work out how to quote from other messages. Right, one, two, three........ post!
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  • MATHMATH Forumite
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    Went round the house collecting coppers like the devil possesed after reading this thread (no sofa cushion was left unturned) and came up with £4.98. Not a bad start for my odds&sods pot.
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  • halloweenqueen_2halloweenqueen_2 Forumite
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    I save £2 coins! I will not spend them, I put them straight in a money bag and when I've got £20 I take them to the building society where I've got an account that if you pay in £20 a month or more for 11 consecutive months you get a bous, and they are adding up, I started just over a year ago and by the end of this year will have just over £500, some months I paid in a bit more. It also helps that I lose my bonus if I make a withdrawal more than once a year so it helps to keep it safe!
  • halloweenqueen_2halloweenqueen_2 Forumite
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    By the way - the rate and which I have been racking up savings on coupons, especially the £2 and £2.50 ones - I can't afford to put that money aside!!
    I think I must have saved hundreds since I logged onto this site in coupons alone!
  • My mum used to keep an eggtimer and a moneybox next to the phone, the idea was to put money in for each call. It was a Hollie Hobbie design money box, anyone remember them? *old fogey*
  • GladGlad Forumite, Board Guide
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    My mum used to keep an eggtimer and a moneybox next to the phone, the idea was to put money in for each call.  It was a Hollie Hobbie design money box, anyone remember them? *old fogey*
    who you calling an old fogey ;)

    I used to have Holly Hobby wallpaper hollyhobby_btn.gif
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  • pillowcase and I loved it :)

    those pots look great a christmas prezzie idea i think -thanks
  • viannavianna Forumite
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    just thought I'd add my little savings tub. I have one at work and any spare change goes in it. Also any time someone goes to the canteen for everyone, there was always the saga of who's owed what. Now if it's only a few pence it's put in the tub. Any time there's a collection for a charity the money is put in the tub. This way there is no more arguments in the office over not accepting odd pence in change (because everyone is far too polite to fuss over pennies) and it all goes to a good cause.

    Nice to save.
  • AllyAlly Forumite
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    My little girl has one of those huge Coke money bottles for her coppers - took us a whole sunday morning to count out all the coppers ::)

    Took it to natwest, well over 100 bags of coppers alone and they changed them into notes for her. Lady looked a bit shocked when we pulled out the silvers ;D was knackerd by the time the £1's and £2's came out ;D ;D I had to carry them all in the buggy basket, first to the school to pick-up eldest and then to the bank - my arms were killing me :-[ In a couple of months, can you believe my eldest (7 years) has already saved over £200 :o
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  • I save 1p,2p and 5ps in some owl moneyboxes I've got. (I used to have an owl collection) and when they're full it usually adds up to £10! Also I used to do the lottery twice a week, now I don't, but I still put away the £2 it wouold have cost me, doesn't take long to add up!
    I Believe in saving money!!!:T
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