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Save without realising it...

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  • He! He! I loved this post! I went to the web site to have a nosey and ended up doing a bit of retail therapy LOL
    ;D I treated myself to a money pot! I can't wait for it to arrive  ;D
    I bought the one with 'Spend, Spend, Spend' on it  ;D it will suit me perfectly LOL
    My Money Pot arrived today! It's beautiful! Fantastic! - all I wanted it to be! If you want a great place to save bits of money, buy one of these!
    Already I have filled in my 'wish' card, posted it through the slot with a crisp £5 note, so I am on my way to saving riches LOL ;D LOL

    An English Girl who Loves
  • alexj2002alexj2002 Forumite
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    I too have managed to amass a large amount of small coinage including a tin tub that used to have 1KG of cookies in (which is as you can imagine is pretty big) full of copper coins.

    How do you get them into the bank though. Do you need coin bags and if so where can you get these from. Also is there a limit to how many bags you can pay in at a time (my bank is Lloyds)
    Alex Jones
  • SystemSystem Forumite
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    A bank will not accept mixed copper coins so you will need to count in pennies, two pences etc. You need to sort them out into £1's worth. Put them in a plastic bag, money bag etc, tie the top and take them to the bank. Take a few extra coins in case your counting is slightly off as they use special weighing machines.

    Before you know it, you have offloaded all your loose change into something more manageable.
  • you can also pour all your shrapnel into one of the money sorters at ASDA, think they charge a few pence but it counts it all for you and (i think)gives you vouchers / tokens which you can cash in or use on your shopping.
  • alexj2002alexj2002 Forumite
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    Apparently they only accept 5 coin bags per person per day. However I assume this is a standard policy across all banks and therefore as the three banks i'm with are next door to each other then I should be able to pay in 15 at at time. I'll need to too as i must have (depending on the amounts of each coin - see later on) around 100 bags that need paying in.

    Also they won't give out coin bags for you to take home becuase "people steal them or pay them in at the wrong bank" (looking at me with my ancient midland bank coin bags with 1/2p values on it) - instead the said bring them here and you can bag them by the side here. No wonder banks are making more profits than they used to.

    Anyway as I couldn't get any more and didn't trust the values on the old coin bags I had, what denominations do they require for each coin.

    1p and 2p - £1

    £1 coins are accepted in any amount according to them no need to bag them.

    What amounts of 5's,10's,and for reference 20's and 50's do I need?

    Thanks for your help.
    Alex Jones
  • SpendlessSpendless Forumite
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    Alexj2002- Where I live the amount you can pay in in small change varies from bank to bank, so it's worth asking the question.
    Abbey National will only take a small amt (think it's 5 but can't be sure)
    HSBC had no limit - just as well as eldest had over £20 in coppers in his piggy bank! :o:D
  • linzlinz Forumite
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    5 p's and 10 p's need to be bagged in £5 's

    20 p's and 50 p's need to be bagged in £10 's
  • Thank you!
    Alex Jones
  • linzlinz Forumite
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    Got £36 worth of coins i'm gonna get exchanged in the bar tonight ;D
  • jaybeejaybee Forumite
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    I do this too. It really mounts up. When I get really desperate I sit down and shake iall the money out of the various tins etc. and count it out. Good therapy! ::)
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