what dogs are dangerous?

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i wont go on about the horrific attack on the baby at the weekend and subsequent attacks being reported in the papers as weve already discussed those but what in your mind is a dangerous dog?

as i said on another forum 'ALL dogs have the ability to turn and attack someone for no reason but only the biggers ones do the most damage'.

the sun today are running 2 stories about staffies attacking. i wondered how long it would take the sun to do this, they always print a picture of a snarling staffy whenever theres a story about a dog attack but refrained from doing so this time until today. the sun are very anti-staffy.

bad ownership of dogs is where most of the blame can be laid. all dogs need to be taught who is the boss. all owners must ensure their dogs are kept under control at all times.

and parents must bring their kids up to ask before stroking a dog and to respect dogs. im sick to the back teeth of kids petting cain without asking and even teasing him when ive been in a shop and left him outside.

edit - (i forgot where i was going with this). so what dogs are dangerous? staffies? westies? scotties? rotties? english bull terriers? poodles?
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    I would say even the best trained dog can be dangerous ... it could be in a bad mood or could be in pain ... it only knows of one way to react in these scenaios. In th main I agree with you about bad owners who probably are responsible for the majority of problems however in some cases you just do not know what a dog is thinking. We can tell by the facial expression and demeanour of one of our dogs if it is getting annoyed and can bring it back in line but if you are not thee (such as some of the local kids going into our back garden to play with the dogs without asking our permission).

    I hate it when kids come up to pat our dos without permission and I generally tell them off (sometimes to the disgust of the parents who make sarcastic or unwarranted omments). I know hat I can handle our dogs but if the kid is not trained to ask the owners permission then th net dog may not be as asy going.

    I myself was attacked badly by a dog when I was about 4 and required quite a few stitches around my face to put it back together. I have been left with a lazy eye hat is actually so bad I do not use it in normal vision. The reason it attacked me was because I did something wrong ... it was giving another little dog in the street a good rogering, but as a 4 year old I thought it was attacking the wee dog so I hit it and it was les than impressed at being distuirbed in mid thrust.

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    All dogs as all humans can be dangerous in certain situations. My dog turned when he was ill and bit me..................prior to that he was just an adorable affection being ...........sadly the illness made him change and he was very very old............I had to have him put to sleep as I did not want him biting anyone else.

    Miss him terriably but I know I did the right thing.

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    I wouldnt say it was definatly the biggest that are the worse, I have owned German Shepards, Rotwiellers and even a doberman and these were as soft as kittens with woollen gloves on.

    But then you look at pit bull terriers (American ones are banned over here (Unless you have a licence for it, I think)) or staffs, these I have seen to be the worst, my friend had a staff she had to get rid off because it kept biting the children, and next doors are bad as well and the ones next door to them, as is the one across the road, admitedly the other next doors is nice.

    Can't you tell I live on a council estate :rotfl: I feel so uncool with my border collie :o
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    I have a basset hound he has a lovely nature and very cute. When I take him out for walks i always get young kids running up to wrap their arms around my poor dog while the parents watch. My dog loves attention but I dont think its right for parents to let their children do that. They think its safe because he's a 'hush puppy dog!' For all they know he could be aggressive, he could do some serious damage as he has a very strong jaw.

    Any dog can be aggressive.
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    Absolutely ANY dog can turn given the right circumstances. It is wrong to attribute dog nastiness to certain breeds. Dog nastiness generally stems from how they have been socialised - or not - since puppyhood - and how they have been trained.

    A dog could be ill/in pain, under the weather etc... yet no one actually know (until it becomes more obvious) - and because of this it may just turn. Dogs have certain moods too.

    In summer time it could just be too hot and/or fed up with the ongoing heat.

    It may be fed up with screaming children round it.

    It may be something else no one could ever anticipate.

    A relative of mine was a professional dog handler and always taught me -

    NEVER put you face near a dogs face. EVER! Drum this into your kids until they are sick of hearing it.

    NEVER leave small children alone with a ANY dog no matter how much you think the dog is trustworthy. Just the minor instance of the child accidentally stepping on the dogs tail might be all it takes for the dog the think the child has deliberately hurt it and for the dog to go on the offensive.

    NEVER tease a dog in relation to food. Ensure the dog has a seperate eating place which is kept clear of children.

    Ditto for sleeping. Animal needs somewhere they can go to rest and chill out a bit.

    Teach your children not to touch new dogs they meet whilst out.

    Of course the tragedies recently reported may never have been avoided despite all of the above - but for all of those that do make the press - how many are happening in homes up and down the country with the family pet involved?
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    ive got a soppy staffy. he is never allowed to be alone with chops.

    the thing with staffies is that theyve got a bad name because of bad ownership by sodding chavs. chavs get staffies because they think they are 'hard dogs'. they arent. the majority of staffies are as soft as pensioners turds. yes there are a few who are vicious but thats because of how they are treated by their owners . all the chavs care about is how hard they look with a staffy. its pathetic.

    staffies are nicknamed 'the nanny dog' because of their gentle temperament with children.
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  • I dont think you can be specific about which breeds are more dangerous than others,i had an alsation,they are often thought of as aggressive but my mother in laws yorkshire terriers and pekinese were far worse and had to be locked away when we visited!! I think it is sometimes down to in breeding in some pedigree dogs and also the way they are treated by their owners.

    i would like to know what percentage of dogs do attack people.I bet far more people are attacked by other people,but thats another story.
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    15lsp wrote:
    I have a basset hound he has a lovely nature and very cute. When I take him out for walks i always get young kids running up to wrap their arms around my poor dog while the parents watch. My dog loves attention but I dont think its right for parents to let their children do that. They think its safe because he's a 'hush puppy dog!' For all they know he could be aggressive, he could do some serious damage as he has a very strong jaw.

    Any dog can be aggressive.

    I have had Bassets and Japanese Akitas, both very different breeds the Basset was incapable of being aggressive totally bombproof breed, however the Akitas were a big liability I could never let them off the lead, were highly aggressive with other dogs, but great with kids/adults except for the idiot who tried to break in.

    However the number of times, kids came up and attempted to stroke the akitas, would amaze you, If they asked before extending their hands I would allow them a stroke, if they didnt I growled, they bite!!, and yes I got some disapproving looks from the numpty parents, but tough, I would never approach an unknown dog, just because they looked cute and fluffy doesnt mean they are.

    Dogs are unpredictable, they are only domesticated wolves and we should remember that, but also teach children how to behave in front of known and unknown dogs, If you kid pulls on my ears, I will bite :mad:
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    years ago therte was a rotty down the end of the road i lived in with my parents. this dog kept escaping and among numerous people it bit he bit my dad, the paperboy and the next door neighbours son.

    the owners refused to have this animal put down and no one took any action to ensure it was destroyed. very alarming the amount of peop[le it bit.

    when i was about 4 we were at my aunts once evening when her golden labrador launched itself over the coffee table and bit me just above my eye. i had not provoked it or teased it. the dog was put down.

    i dont remember being bitten but remember having stitches at st georges hospital.

    to this day i hate animals going near my face including cain. i have a very small scar on my eyebrow, i was lucky.

    rhodesian ridgebacks are iffy sods too.

    about 6 years ago when we lived in a flatshare the landlords sister asked him to look after her RR. he was a lovely animal who chose me as his companion, very naughty but very lovely with it.

    however he started getting too big for his boots and would attack a flatmates boyfriend whenever he came round. this progressed to snapping at my mum as she tried to leave one day (my mum doesnt like dogs apart from cain coz she's so used to him) and then he started getting narky at visitors. he eventually had to leave after he started giving 'looks' to a 4 year old boy who was visiting. we couldnt trust him and no one had the right amount of time to spend with him. everyone assumed that because he liked me and slept in our room that i should walk him. i couldnt because of my hands getting worse and him being too strong for me to control.

    he now lives on a farm somewhere in manchester.
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    Although I personally don't like Rotties, all the ones I have met have been the soppiest dogs imaginable. I think one of the worst dogs for biting is the Jack Russell. The 4 people I know who have been bitten by dogs have all been bitten by a Jack Russell (separate ones not the same one).

    I have a large black hairy dog who looks a bit like a bear. He has a lovely temperament especially with children but I would never leave a child alone with him. I have lost count of how many children have run up to him and flung their arms round his neck - often from behind so he does not see them coming. Although I trust as much as it is possible to trust a dog this annoys me so much. Say he snapped at a child because he was hot (and with his coat he gets really hot) or he wasn't feeling too good? Not only would I feel awful I can imagine the abuse I would probably get from the parents. Of course on the other hand you get the parents who cross the road whilst telling their child/children that the big dog might bite them!!! I bet they don't say that when they see a small dog?
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