No Buying Toiletries In September Challenge!

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    1st of the month, and a few use ups...

    Soap and Glory I Foam. WIBA?? oh yes yes yes !!! Loved this - very creamy and made me feel clean and moisturised well. wont be buying for a while though - have a mountain of soap bars to get through...

    Lush Snow Fairy shower gel - WIBA?? no. partly for the hypocracy thing - but to be honest, its more cos I cant do the bubblegum smelling stuff thing any more!!

    Talc - WIBA?? yes - havent got to yet, as still have half of one that looks like its been around since about 1920...
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    I'm in again this month.

    I didn't contribute last month but did look in from time to time.

    I went on holiday mid August for 2 weeks and took quite a few travel type toiletries hoping to use up some of my stash. Unfortunately staying in a luxury resort with SIL and she had put loads of luxury toiletries in my bathroom and it seemed a shame to waste it so didn't actually use much of my stuff.

    I did use up one of the shampoo/conditioner Pantene Pro V samples from SuperSavvyMe, a couple of travel hair products and a couple of bottles of sun tan lotion and 1 of the Channel freebie mascaras which I threw away as it seemed faulty. I did resist her offer to bring freebies toiletries back with me (I didn't really resist but had no room in my suitcase or hand luggage with the large towel and 2 bathrobes for DD & I she gave me :D)

    So far since I came back on 30th I have bought a Nizoralle shampoo for DS as he has alomost finished his only bottle. I also bought 3 tubes of toothpaste today in Sainsburys. Toothpaste stash is quite low, it was 1/2 price and I had mocs for 2 of the 3 I bought, the other was the new Sensodyne I wanted to try and couldn't resist at 1/2 price.

    Although my stash is reducing it doesn't look much smaller, hopefully will give some to DD when she leaves for University later this month.
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    I forgot to mention that I did PYNM yesterday (I know it was Wednesday but it's the thought that counts!) 3 coats of a very fab scarlet colour. Chosen because it was the emptiest in the stash! I promise to try harder with my nail varnish use ups too :) ).
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  • Ooh, I'm definitely in! I just found this thread last month and I've been trying to use up my toiletries since about Jan this year. So far, I'm down to acceptable levels on the stuff I actually use (shampoos, shower gels, etc) but still have loads of the things that I think I'll use, but never actually do (hand creams, body scrubs, etc). I'll make it my mission in September to actually start on them!

    Good luck, everyone! x
  • A UU this morning: Clairol Nice 'n Easy ColourSeal Gloss Conditioning Treatment for Brunettes WIBA? Yes, I love this. It comes with Clairol hair dyes and that's the make I buy most often.
  • morning all - some great UUs for the start of the month!

    Another for me

    UU: Ren shea body butter - WIBA? yes and no, loved the smell and the product but it is way too expensive for what it is, would happily nick from the hotel again (where this one came from) or get as a gift ) have 4 more that came from a gift set almost a year ago!!!

    Must confess bought toothpaste yesterday, still have 2 in teh stash but the isoactive one I love was 3 for 2 in boots and I had £1 off vouchers and they let me use 3 and I then got the £5 boots voucher and got my face wipes that I di actually need - so don't feel too bad really.!
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  • Hi I'd like to join but The inventory will take time I don't have with a full-time job and a little boy to look after/house to run! My toiletries are numerous but they are all sorted so easy for me to use up before buying any more (So why I never have I don't know!!). So can I join without an inventory please???

    Good luck all!
    I have never done an inventory,don't even know how to!!!!

    off to Malvern this weekend so planning to pack lots of goody bag items to use:)

    DS3 heard from consultant last night ,seems he has a very rare tumour only recently discovered!!!!trust him to be different!They are going to do another MRI and he may need more surgery:(but at least they are keeping an eye on him and they think(!)that it is low grade but can't swear that it is benign!!!!
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    oh rosemary thinking of you all fingers crossed its benign like they think! :grouphug: that is a very dodgy hug but i hope its the thought that counts
    one UU this morning for moi, a rimmel loose powder eyeshadow WIBA NO I bought this when they first came out and as you pull the spatula out of the tub, half of the eyeshadow falls out on to whatever surface is beneath it, so poorly designed! plus i had a gold shimmery colour and it didn't even show up on the skin!!!! i still think i maintain the view that surprisingly the best eyeshadows come out of those cheap gift set ones that i used to get every christmas with about 20 shades in :rotfl: ...i am int he process of using one of these compacts - my mission is to use every shade at least once. I didn't think i could get away with some of them but some are shockingly wearable once on!
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    Wow attempted my inventory last night before I met my sisters - it's a big old job. Should manage to get it finished tonight. My boyfriend thinks I've lost it once and for all!
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  • Another dodgy hug :grouphug: sending you positive vibes for DS3.
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