No Buying Toiletries In September Challenge!

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    I'm in for September. Definitley not buying anymore till I've used up everything. Don't think I have the time to do a inventory but hoping one day in september I can get everything together like a previous poster said I have piles of stuff everywhere around the house and garage and will count it all.

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    I'm in again. stash is going down although slowly.
  • Alton_TowersAlton_Towers Forumite
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    Does going on the grabbit board and seeing the Boots Umberto Gianni serums at £9.99 each but are on 3 for a tenner and ordering 3 of them for christmas pressies - Does that count?!?! Its a bargain to, just to justify my case! LOL
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    I'm still in! I may need to get another conditioner but will try to hold off until October for this. I really hope to finally finish the baby oil off this month too but don't find it at all pleasant :( at least then I can move on to some more lotions from the stash then. I still have 4 bottles of shampoo in stock and tonnes of perfume. The rose one that I got from MiL for my birthday is going to be used as a drawer spray as I'm not keen on the smell.
    Welcome newbies :D
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    i should of joined this post aggggges ago! ive been selling all my cosmetics/toiletries for a few months now on ebay and ive made 500ish :) i had to be brutal, i tend to stick to the same shampoo and alternate conditioners so my massive pile of shampoos that just collected dust have vanished! i have to buy a few things here and there, toothpaste and my regular shampoo but they are cheaper than what i would normally pay :) so now ive just some odd items to use up! i used to work for boots as a cosmetic consultant so you can imagine the amount of make up i had-my lip associated cosmetics box was bursting and it was the size of a bedside draw! that was just lips! dont get me started on the bronzer box...! so make space and keep the dosh coming!
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    noynoynoynoy Forumite
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    hello again ..joining up again..i just wrote my list out and im shocked to say i must have about £350 worth of cosmetics etc..not a massive amount but still more than i need! so here goes..i did this last week so theres a few i used up too

    avon shimmer rose body lotion 2 (now 1) x 400ml (one used ! )
    dove summer glow fake tan 2 x 250ml (one 2/3 empty)
    avon backhead toner 125ml 1/2 used
    blackhead cleanser 125ml 1/4 used
    [STRIKE]gucci rush body lotion 1/4 left[/STRIKE]
    [STRIKE]avon anew eyelift cream 3/4 used [/STRIKE]
    avon strawberry face mask 75ml 2/3 used
    body shop wild cherry body butter 3/4 done
    body shop coconut body butter new
    [STRIKE]loreal replenish moisterizer [/STRIKE]

    alberto balsm hairspray full can
    [STRIKE]avon advance tecniques hair serum 1 x30ml [/STRIKE]
    avon naturals kiwi and orange 2in1 1/4 used
    [STRIKE]boots intensive coconut conditioner mask 3/4 done[/STRIKE]
    [STRIKE]body shop honey conditioner 3/4 done[/STRIKE]
    avon lotus shield hair serum new
    wella high hair sleeker 1/4 left
    avon lotus shield shampoo 250ml new 1/3 used
    avon lotus shield condtioner 250ml new

    make up
    avon anew lip plumper lipstick 1/4 used
    [STRIKE]no 7 4 in 1 face wipes [/STRIKE]
    wilkinson roll on 1/4 left
    mitchum roll on new
    no17 star dust powder 1/2 left
    body shop pot of bronze pearls 1/2 left
    dr feel good benefit 1/2 used
    benefit lip and cheek
    no7 eyeshadow trio 2/3 used
    no7 concealer 1/4 used
    no17 silver eye pencil 1/4 used
    no17 gold eye pencil 1/4 used
    naturals collection white eyeliner pencil 1/4 used
    avon black kahol eyeliner 1/4 used
    avon glimersticks eyeliner brown 1/4 used
    no17 eyeshadow trio new
    no7 green eyeshadow 1/2 used
    bodyshop eyebrow ligtner 1/4 used
    benefit lemonade 1/2 used
    avon foundation 1/4 used
    bodyshop minerals loose powder 3/4 used
    avon pressed powder compact 1/4 used
    [STRIKE]miss sporty mascara 2/3 used[/STRIKE]
    [STRIKE]avon luminator concealer 1/4 left [/STRIKE]
    lipstick..unknown 1/4 used
    duo ended eyepowder unknown new 1/3 used

    [STRIKE]body shop love 1/4 left [/STRIKE]
    gucci rush 2 1/4 left
    coco chanel eau de perfume 1/4 left
    6 bottles of essential oils various NOW 2

    [STRIKE] gucci rush showergel 1/4 left[/STRIKE]
    [STRIKE]wild cherry body shop showergel 1/4 left[/STRIKE]

    nail polishes various

    20 of eek NOW 19
    [STRIKE]one bottle of nail polish remover 1/4 left[/STRIKE]
    one new bottle nail polish remover in to replace

    so heres the plan..use up what i have then replace with stuff from £1 i was suprised when i went in there the other day and found collection2000 and rimmel stuff so i got a foundation facepowder and mascara because i wasnt sure when i whould be going back again. I did need a new mascara as mine had gone clumpy. use up my essential oils in place of perfumes . these last forever and i found by using a small spray bottle and adding 6 drops i got a misting body spray and a room spray, ive also added some drops to my bath everynight too.

    so use ups this week are
    miss sporty waterproof mascara ..wuia...yes because it was waterproof and didnt clogg my eyelashes togther and cost about £2

    bodyshop honey conditioner..wnua..too dear and didnt really make my hair any softer than a conditioner costing £1 lol

    one bottle of essential oil sandlewood

    gucci rush bodylotion..wiua ...only if it was a freebie with the perfume like last time and fil can buy it as a chrissie pressie

    and making good headway on my stash of nail polishes ive had it on 3 times this week

    also i managed to score a whole free tube of avon anew luminosty (£15) and a avon lotus hair mask (about £5 ) because they slipped up with my order..yay:j might sell or keep as a treat for me
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  • InaPickle wrote: »
    Oh pretty please...that's one toiletry SOA I would LOVE to see! (In the nicest way possible. ;))

    Best of luck! :T
    Yes - it does run to quite a large spreadsheet! :o:o:o. Couldn't even contemplate listing it all on the thread - the website would probably crash. However, I am optimistic that I will crack this with everyone's help then once it is a more manageable size I can list it in chunks.
    And Yes, that blank day is a Beauty Day. :eek: :eek: :eek: Well done on resisting the Decleor and the Philosophy TSV. I always feel a bit like I should buy them just because they're bargainous!
    I know I shouldn't ask, but any whispers who the TSV is from??...... I know, 100 lines for me. I must not buy, I must not buy......
  • Hi I'd like to join but The inventory will take time I don't have with a full-time job and a little boy to look after/house to run! My toiletries are numerous but they are all sorted so easy for me to use up before buying any more (So why I never have I don't know!!). So can I join without an inventory please???

    Good luck all!
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    eleanor73eleanor73 Forumite
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    Please can I join? I have been addicted to toiletries for 14 years now since my very first Saturday job - guess where?-Boots! I am at work at the moment but I am thoroughly excited about going home and doing an inventory:o. I am much better than I used to be - used to have a Clinique and Clarins fetish - now I am far more poundland and posh presents asked for at xmas/Bdays.

    This month I should only need to buy cotton cleansing pads (I will use my Liz Earle muslin cloth - not with Liz earle:(unfortunately to keep these down to a minimum) and maybe some conditioner (although have promised myself I will only buy conditioner when I actually am down to my last dollop!!)

    Will be back with list. Thanks so much for this thread!!:T
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