No Buying Toiletries In September Challenge!

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  • Bronnie wrote: »

    Hopeful that the bar of unlovely soap in the shower that I started at the beginning of the year and use intermittently will, with concerted effort be out of my life by the end of the month. It has become something of a symbolic reminder to me of this challenge, but also a reminder of my roots and the twin facets of my character as it sits alongside my Clarins £43 eye cream. LOL!!!!

    Bronnie, I've just started using a soap that's not very exciting too! It lathers up well but doesn't really have much fragrance. Like you, the only way I can do it is by using it say every 2 or 3 days! I did consider throwing it away but decided that wasn't very MSE and so I am going to persevere in between shower gel days. I've got some Chanel soap that I'd love to be using but will save that until I feel I deserve a treat!
  • I have already planned a treat for September :o! I am going to take advantage of the Sanctuary glitch. I have been adding stuff to the basket on and have worked out that I can buy:

    Kyphi Hand Duo set (hand wash and hand lotion) reduced from £7.99 to £4.99 (I'll use for a Xmas present)
    Muslin cloths reduced from £3.99 to £2.66 (fancy trying these as others have recommended the use of Muslin cloths for face cleansing).

    So I'll be spending a grand total of £7.65 and will get a free 300 ml Sanctuary Mela Body Butter. You need to spend £10 to get the freebie but the original prices of the above items kick in and activate the freebie. I shall be MSE and have the order delivered free to my local store.

    I don't actually need any body butter but have been resisting this one for ages. A list will follow of the bbs and body lotions that I have in my stash.

    I shall also be buying:

    Nice 'n Easy Root Touch Up (on offer in Boots)
    Hand Wash (large Radox refill from Home Bargains for 99p)
    Floss (if run out).

    Can't think of anything else I actually need to buy at the moment.
  • So here is my confession list of BBs and Body Lotions:

    475 ml Elle MacPherson Ultimate Moisture Body Butter
    350 ml DeadSea Source De-Stress Ginger Body Souffle (half left)
    300 ml Nivea Soft Intensive Moisturising Cream for face, body and hands (so will get multi uses, although I'll probably only use on body and hands)
    250 ml Ted Baker Bodywear Rich Body Souffle (two thirds left)
    200 ml Boots Mediterranean Olive Wheatgerm and Honey Body Butter
    200 ml Avon Sugar and Walnut Body Lotion
    150 ml Boots Royal Jelly Body Souffle (one fifth left)
    150 ml Kylie Minogue Sexy Darling Body Lotion (three quarters left)
    75 ml Botanics Quenching Body Lotion
    60 g Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Concentrated Cream
    50 ml Olive All Over Body Cream
    50 ml Boots Extracts Bergamot Body Butter
    50 ml BS Shea Body Butter
    50 ml BS Pink Grapefruit Body Butter (two thirds left)
    50 ml Dove Visible Effects Body Lotion
    50 ml Botanics Bodycare Nourishing Body Butter
    30 ml Boots Royal Jelly with Extracts of Pure Honey Body Lotion
    7 ml Sachet of Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Cream for very dry skin

    Tomorrow morning I shall use up an Avon Odyssey Skin Softener which I must have had for years! I kept overlooking it because it was very rich and so I tended to use it after swimming. It had a pleasant delicate fragrance though. So WIBA? No.

    I've discovered whilst doing this challenge that I prefer body butters and body souffles to body lotions.
  • Hello lovely people! I thought I'd sneak on here and get in my last UU's for August, only to find you all massively on the ball and into September! Needless to say I'm definitely in for September - I still shouldn't need to buy anything at all yet. :D

    Anyway, my last Aug UU -
    Liz Earle C&P - a 50ml free trial pump. WIBA Definitely!!! Have to say I loved this, and it made such a difference to my skin, definite improvement. I'll try to keep using the hot cloth method with my other cleansers to use them up, although if my skin doesn't respond so well to these, I may be forced to buy again in the near future (or try the S&G one which I've been reliably informed is similar and a little cheaper!)

    S&G Flakeaway - WIBA yes. Although not yet - I have another full tub of it in my stash, along with a massive Naked scrub and a few other randoms, as well as a pair of exfoliating gloves so no need to buy for probably a couple of years! I do love this scrub though, definitely scrubby enough to get the job done and leave me feeling lovely and smooth, without leaving my skin feeling a little greasy like some others do with residue.

    I've also had a bit of a clear out of old sponges and brushes etc to get rid of the ones that I really should retire! Luckily I already had new spares in my stash, so no spends on doing that.

    I have a shower gel and a few shampoos/conditioners that are reaching spluttering stage, so hopefully I'll make some good headway into getting through my half used products in September.

    Happy September, everyone! :eek: (Oh dear, does that mean I need to start thinking about Xmas!)

    Debt free as of 2010 :j - now to stay that way!
    No buying toiletries challenge - joined Aug, have been good so far... :A
  • :rotfl: 37 mins into the new month and a whole TWO pages into the diary: this could be a bumper month for UUs! ;)
    Please call me 'Pickle'
    No More Buying Books: ???
    No More Buying DVDs: ???
    NMB Toiletries ??? and I've gone back for my Masters at the University of Use Ups!
    roud to be dealing with her debts 1198~

  • morning ladies,

    I'm back for another month and this time I'm aiming to spend nothing, zilch, nada, not one penny on toiletries of any kind so if I come on here and confess to any purchases please give me a big kick up the behind!!
  • morning all - happy september!!

    I am commited for another month - i really don't need anything, my stash is big enough, I will be strong!

    UU: Bopots no7 extravagent mascara - WIBA? Nope, to be honest i bought it to get the free eye shadow pallete - which I love but the mascara is rubbish, glad to see the back of it to be honest.

    Hopefully I will UU my moisturiser this evening/in the morning.

    Good luck for September everyone!
    New surname New start!
    Total Debt - [STRIKE]£9999.09 [/STRIKE]now 7633.16 23.66% paid off
  • morning all,nothing to report....except am spoiling myself this month with a/ a lux pedicure at a spa hotel when we take DS3 back to uni this weekend and b/ a facial at the local hotel on offer at £20 instead of £35:):):)
  • Afternoon all - I am in again for September - stash slowly reducing - now have 1136 items left to use! So although I do still cave in now and again and add things at least the number is decreasing rather than continually increasing.

    That's how it's working for me too! I'm still buying the odd thing here and there (Makeup mostly) but that's never going to stop entirely because make up's a bit of a hobby for me really. However, my list is reducing. Especially in The Stash which I haven't been replenishing.
    Did I read that the blank Sunday on the QVC listings was going to be a beauty day? Oh dear - will be on the thread for support that day then! I resisted the Decleor and Philosophy TSVs which I would have just done without thinking before joining the thread so that is good but on the downside I did cave in and buy the Elemis TSV - mainly because it had a 30ml size of the pro-collagen oxygenating night cream which is gorgeous. Now I have to use 5 items before I am 'toiletry neutral' in Sept and can then start reducing again. I do have quite a few splutterers so hope to manage this quite easily.

    I like the toiletry neutral idea, I always try and make sure I have more UUs than incoming products. Luckily I'm not finding it as hard as I thought after despatching most of my mini sizes becase it turns out that most of the bigg'uns are old and I've been using them for some time so many of those are ripe for UUs as well. (I've been going round the bathroom shaking bottles and tubes to see which ones I should target next!)

    And Yes, that blank day is a Beauty Day. :eek: :eek: :eek: Well done on resisting the Decleor and the Philosophy TSV. I always feel a bit like I should buy them just because they're bargainous!
    :dance::beer::jHere's to a great September for all of us! :beer: :j :dance:
    Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. Einstein
  • rosemary54 wrote: »
    morning all,nothing to report....except am spoiling myself this month with a/ a lux pedicure at a spa hotel when we take DS3 back to uni this weekend and b/ a facial at the local hotel on offer at £20 instead of £35:):):)

    Sounds absolutely divine Rosemary! :j
    Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted. Einstein
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