No Buying Toiletries In September Challenge!

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    ok any tips?
    currently my ideas are too..use up the last scrap of lotions anf facecreams from tubes by cutting the top off or adding a drop of water to them and shaking.the bottle, i use this method for shampoo and conditioners to, powder eyeshadows if you wet the tip of the applicator and use the eyeshadow it makes a great coordinating eyeliner, foundation too dark? water it down with some cream and you have a nice wash off fake tan lotion..and lastly i have some glitter powder in silver that im too old for really so im going to add this in small parts to a bottle of body lotion to make it into shimmer body lotion..and bath oil ,
    also ive aplyied for loads of free samples
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  • Could I join again please. I have a £5 off Boots token to use up and want to get some wipes, but will try not to buy anything else.
  • I know I shouldn't ask, but any whispers who the TSV is from??...... I know, 100 lines for me. I must not buy, I must not buy......

    The TSV is SBC. :doh::wall::( So I'm safe. :D

    The other brands featured on the day will be L'Occitane, Decleor, Gatineau OPI and Bobbi Brown. (Only the last one poses any danger for me. :D:eek:)
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  • Well, I am back in - since starting turning up here I seem to be using less and less up (not that I smell or anything - just off for shower in fact). Maybe its just I realise how long those bottles really can last after all. Finally managed to find the clearance shelf in small Boots :dance:, but all I've got so far is a Gillette deodrant for hubby for 99p! If I could find it in the big store I could be dangerous :rotfl:

    Its my bday this month so I am sure the stash will be growing again, but at least I will not have paid for any of it LOL.
    Still trying to reduce the toiletries mountain, now a hill........ :j
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    August No Toiletries Challenge
    This is all a bit disasterous and embarassing really:o I honestly am trying not to buy things and apart from reduced/clearance items I'm not buying anything....but if I'm still buying this much who knows what I might have been spending previously.

    28 items out
    • Clinique Take the day off make up remover 50ml
    • Body Shop rainforest moisture shampoo sample
    • Body shop rainforest moisture conditioner sample
    • Toxic Twins foot detox patches (x3)
    • Yes to carrots body butter sachets (x2)
    • Time delay cleanser 150ml tube
    • Revlon toner 50ml
    • Pack of Bodyform ST’S
    • Sephora eye make-up remover 50ml
    • Contact lens solution 240ml
    • Lee Stafford heat protector 50ml
    • Clinique quickliner for lips (honeystick)
    • Kiehls cucumber toner 5ml
    • No7 Protect and perfect serum 5ml
    • Aldi day cream 50ml
    • Vichy Lipidiose body lotion 7ml sachet
    • Laverana body lotion 5ml sample sachet
    • Aftershave samples x6 (passed on to a male friend)
    • Clarins water comfort one step cleanser10ml
    • Pack of BLAX hair elastics
    But 62 items in:eek:

    All the free stuff in the above post counts for a lot of this but I still managed to spend €95.61. Most of this was spent on clearance perfume sets. (I counted each item in the set)
    • YSL Parisienne gift set at Boots €26.99 RRP €68
    • Kylie Showtime perfume set at Boots €6.99 RRP €31
    • A bottle of Chanel No5 in the Cancer charity shop €25 (charity shopping is clearly not saving me money)
    • Stella McCartney perfume set at Boots €14.99 RRP €56 (paid with points)
    Then there were loads of almost free clearance items from Ruby + Millie paid for using the Boots £5 vouchers, clearance items from FCUK and Ted Baker....(Grabbit board), a Clinique 3 step trial pack, Aldi moisturiser (I went there to save money on groceries).....and a few other random things.

    This really is ridicuolus but i does explain why I've been afraid to do an item count before.

    If this was Bargain Alerts I'd probably win a prize for getting so much stuff for just over the price of 1 bottle of perfume but I have both debt and clutter so this isn't good. I just hope that I won't be tempted to buy much at full price closer to Christmas.

    Aim for September: Loads of items out, very few in.
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    I've been very good. Haven't bought anything at all this month :A

    I forsee some new shampoo purchases in my future though. The head and shoulders I bought just isn't for me, nor is the linco beer stuff. I can wash my hair one minute and it looks crap the next :( My mascara is also on it's last legs (maybelline, green tube), I really like it, but will try to use up my benefit stuff first. Benefit bag gal is my absolute favourite but it's a nuisance for migrating! :(

    Other than that, I do not neeeeed anything.

    Bronnie wrote: »
    Hopeful that the bar of unlovely soap in the shower that I started at the beginning of the year and use intermittently will, with concerted effort be out of my life by the end of the month. It has become something of a symbolic reminder to me of this challenge, but also a reminder of my roots and the twin facets of my character as it sits alongside my Clarins £43 eye cream. LOL!!!!
    Oh my god, I so know what you mean :rotfl:
  • Welcome to all newbies :hello:. Looking forward to seeing some of your lists if you are able to share them with us at some point. Don't worry if you can't list everything in one go, I certainly haven't. My approach has been to do my list in chunks here and there when I've been in the mood. I think so far I've only listed shampoos, conditioners and body lotions. I'm going to do some more listing this month (I think we all find the process of listing therapeutic!). When I started this challenge my stuff was in drawers, wardrobes, under the bed, in different rooms and it therefore felt a bit overwhelming to round everything up and do a list. As your stash starts to reduce it makes it less difficult. One of the things I have gradually done is round up items by type eg shower gels and put them in their own drawer or toiletry bag. This then makes it simpler to see more clearly just what you've got and where your problem areas are.
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    Woo Hoo - my Avon conditioner has reached spluttering stage - my next hairwash should see that off! I have a feeling that the one I will go on to next is a part used too - I'm sure I had a John Frieda one on the go when Mum asked me to trial the Avon one for her!
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  • rosemary54 wrote: »
    morning all,nothing to report....except am spoiling myself this month with a/ a lux pedicure at a spa hotel when we take DS3 back to uni this weekend and b/ a facial at the local hotel on offer at £20 instead of £35:):):)

    Sounds fantastic, enjoy your pampering.

    I shall also be visiting a spa on Sunday for the day and am so looking forward to it (I do this once a year with a small group of friends). I have booked a deluxe pedicure. I had this last time and you come away with the Jessica nail polish that you choose for your treatment :o, so another nail polish will be added to my stash. I will ensure I choose a shade that I don't already have though!
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    Mags - question for you - on the occasions you bought the "bargain" bits in Boots, did you actually NEED to go in there in the first place, or did you just go in to browse, and get sucked in? If the latter, then you need to add to your aim for September "Stay out of Boots!"
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