No Buying Toiletries In September Challenge!

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    Well, last day of the month and I just have IN's to report! Sorry girlies!

    Was round at Mum's today and while I was there a parcel arrived, which turned out to be her "prize" for a promotion she took part in as an Avon rep....lots of lovely goodies, some of which she said she would not use, so offered them to me! Therefore I have to report as arriving to add to the stash:
    Full sized Avon Reversalist cream
    Full sized Avon Reversalist Illuminating eye cream
    Full sized Avon Super Extend mascara

    She then went on to hand me a bag with some bits she'd not got on with....

    2 x No 7 Uplifting day cream GWP size
    1 x Olay Total Effects serum (approx half used)

    and finally, one more thing she'd found from her Avon stash...

    Rich Moisture lip balm

    I will probably put aside my Clinique Dramatically different moisturiser at the moment in favour of using up at least one of the No.7 GWP creams first. The Avon cream & eye cream will go in the cupboard to use next time I need either, the lip balm and mascara will go in the drawer to take their turn on being used - if I leave both of those unopened I figure I don't need to worry too much about lifespans etc.
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    NEW October Thread now prepped and ready, but let's see if we can stay on this one until tomorrow! :D
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  • debidoodle wrote: »
    No use ups at the moment, have posted some good magazine freebies for anyone interested.

    Instyle magazine has a free L'Occitane hand cream in 3 different fragrances worth £7.00

    Marie Claire has a free Ciate nail varnish in red or burgundy worth £9.00.

    Oooooh, I shall definitely buy Instyle then (that's at least one naughty spend I'll have in October, although I'll think of it as more of a bargain). I bought the magazine the last time that they had this item free and I loved the hand cream.

    Funnily enough, I noticed the nail varnish freebie today and was tempted but then resisted when I thought about how many nail varnishes I have, including one or two that are of a similar shade to the ones on offer!
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    Mortgage-free Glee!
    Forgot to say earlier, Trudij, well done on finishing your IVA. That must be a relief :D
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    oh gosh Kaz - thankyou !! It is to be honest, even though I now need to pay my mother back for my car that she had to loan me the money for when mine died - It really feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders now, and mine was a really good one - the company were great (for me!) and it all went really quickly !!!!
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    roshydoshy wrote: »
    i have finished 2 boxes of cotton buds WIBA ohh yes i am so lost when I don't have any to hand!

    One new in i'm afraid...a bronzing gel to test for a trial company - on the plus side its a favourite of mine - a full sized BS one :D but still, no money spent on it!x
    Ooh, which company trials for BS? I'm a member of a couple, but have never had anything BS from them!
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    IlonaRN wrote: »
    Ooh, which company trials for BS? I'm a member of a couple, but have never had anything BS from them!
    'twas clixresearch ;) i've also had neil's yard remedies, 0rif1ame (wouldn't let me put it!) and No7 stuff from them in the past, and other ones I couldn't guess!
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    morning ladys my last post on that was 20 items out last month..very pleased with that thanks ladys x..i think im going to join in the £1 for every use up..£20 at the end of the month means i could have a lovely manicure
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    Items used up/out: 12
    • MAC Studio tech foundation compact shade NW20
    • Kiehls Abyssine cream 7ml sample pot
    • Lush gorgeous moisturiser 10g sample tin
    • Lancome primordial moisturiser 15 ml pot
    • Body Shop Nutrigenics serum sample pot
    • Yes to carrots moisturizing day cream 3ml sample sachet
    • Yes to carrots deliciously rich body butter 3ml sample sachet
    • Dove nectarine + white ginger shower gel 55ml
    • L’oreal elvive full restore shampoo 10ml
    • Carefree cotton extract panty liners (x2 packs)
    • 1 Pack of pocket tissues
    Would buy all again except for the yes to carrots moisturiser and the L'oreal shampoo.

    Items in: 19 (but 11 were free) Still higher than items out but at least it's way lower than last months total. Maybe I should cheat a bit and only use samples instead of large bottles-then I'd have higher numbers for items used :undecided

    Amount spent: €83.78 (not as bad as it looks)

    €31 was on a reduced Armani gift set that’s for a Christmas present so strictly speaking that shouldn’t count.

    €24.49 was on items purchased for mystery shopping jobs (Orifluido oil for hair and Body Shop cucumber toner)
    That leaves only €28.29 to account for:)

    I bought essential contact lenses and hairdye.

    There was only 1 item from Boots clearance this month, a sanctuary scrub in a large glass pot costing €3.36, see I am improving :p

    I got 4 Ruby+Mille eye make up brushes for free using the Boots No7 Vouchers.

    7 of the items in were free samples: Body Shop Nutriganics serum 2 x Marc Jacobs Lola perfume samples and 4 CK aftershave samples which I'll add to Christmas presents later.
    Total debt 11/1/2011 €5350.65
    Total debt 12/12/12 €3222.31
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    Blimey! Is September over already?! :eek::D

    Here's my summary:

    I bought Perfect 10 Hair dye and Nice and Easy Touch up hair dye.

    I acquired this little lot through swaps at our now regular Girlie Swap Fest Evening:

    Mally Eyelift eyeshadow kit
    Bobbi Brown long wear eyeshadow Galaxy
    Benefit Lipstick mini Swell
    Estee Lauder GWP lipstick Pink Parfait
    Estee Lauder GWP lipstick Crystal Pink
    Estee Lauder GWP lipstick PinkBerry
    Avoplex Nail Oil
    Jemma Kidd eyeliner pencil

    I swapped away:

    Sue Devitt Eye intensifier Chiang Mai
    Makebelieve Tinted moisturiser
    Duwop Shadowlift Heat
    Sue Devitt Eye glides Bambari
    Sue Devitt Eye glides Kouri
    Sue Devitt Sierra Leone
    Sue Devitt Lonely Splendor
    Smashbox ASAP
    Smashbox Pronto
    Laura Geller Bewitching Bronze Eye Rimz
    Laura Geller Firewater Eye Rimz

    And I used up:

    UU Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush Cherub I used most of this up and then it dried out so I chucked it. WIBA? I’m not sure if I’d buy this again. I liked it, and I am always happy to try something new, but the colour is not my favourite, and it’s hard to get to try out DS’s other colours.

    UU Everyday Minerals concealer sample WIBA? I would. I seem to be able to use quite a range of colours from Everyday Minerals and sometimes this is the only thing that works layered over a cream product or alone.

    UU YBF Neutralizing Crème WIBA? I would if I can find it! I use this yellow cream concealer on the high colour on my cheeks. It’s part of my daily routine.

    UU Clinique Cream Shaper Chocolate Lustre
    I’m jumping the gun slightly on this one but it’s now so short that I won’t be able to sharpen it again so a few uses and I’ll have to chuck it out. WIBA? I would. It’s my favourite. I already have a couple of others on the go so I won’t have to buy another yet a while.

    UU OPI Princesses Rule Mini WIBA? I think I can live without. I only get between 6 and 8 manicures out of these mini bottles.

    UU Jemma Kidd Pro Bio Complex Veil WIBA? I’m torn. The colour doesn’t seem as if it should work on me but because it’s so sheer and blendable it does. It looks lovely on too. However the kicker is that it has shimmers in it and because of this I can’t buy it again.

    UU Hairfix Heat Therapy conditioning treatment WIBA? I will if I can I think these have been discontinued. (I’ve still got some in The Stash though.)

    UU Ren Detox Mask 1 x 5ml WIBA? Certainly will! This is one of two of my regular go to mask to stop my skin from getting all lumpy bumpy!

    UU Ren Glycolactic Mask 1 x 5ml WIBA? Certainly will! This is one of two of my regular go to mask to stop my skin from getting all lumpy bumpy!

    UU Amazing Cosmetics Concealer WIBA? Yes. Sometimes you need a full coverage concealer and this is my favourite.

    UU Bare Escentuals Mineral Veil WIBA? Inevitably I will at some point, but I’d quite like to try something new first. It is fab for a first coat of mineral make up under any brand of foundation.

    UU Elemis Lime and Ginger Hand & Body Wash 300ml WIBA? No. Honestly super expensive hand wash does nothing for me!

    UU Louise Galvin Mask 100ml WIBA? Maybe. I like it and I like the ingredients list. It’s pricey though!

    UU Nice & Easy touch up WIBA? Yes I use about half a pack every three weeks or so tidying up my roots.

    UU Perfect 10 WIBA? I’m very impressed with this hair colour even though I looked like ablueberry while it was developing which was V scary!

    UU Gatineau eye compresses WIBA? I expect so at some point. These are a quick fix and it’s nice to have them around for when I think I need the extra help.

    UU Dermalogica Sheer Tint Redness Relief spf 15 40ml WIBA?
    I will but I’m going to try and do without for the time being and see how I get on. I have other redness reducing products and the sunscreen isn’t so important at this time of year.

    So that's 9 In's, (only paid for 2 of them) and 28 outs. Not bad for me! :eek::D:p:o
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