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September 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • majjakmajjak Forumite
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    Moniker wrote: »
    Evening all!

    Majjak thanks for tip on the yorkies. Do you add the water in addition to the milk or to replace some of it?


    I usually do 1/2 milk and 1/2 water moniker. I've never measured my ingredients in yorkshire (grandma taught me how) so I'm afraid I can't be very precise with ml :o.

    You'll know if you've put too much water in it because you won't be able to get it out of the oven :eek: :rotfl: it'll be a monster (yes, I'm speaking from experience :p).
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  • Just popping in to update my spends for the weekend.

    Came to just under £30 which is a little more than I expected but only bought what we needed. Should be able to have a few NSDs this week, but may go to Mr S to stock up on the half price toothpaste etc
    Merry Christmas
  • JevversJevvers Forumite
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    nat21luv wrote: »
    lucky for me, my poor cat (dave) has come to realise that if he doesnt eat the wilko's/tescos own brand then kitty kitty wont get anything! he sits hiding under the dishwasher door, waiting for me to leave the kitchen before he jumps IN the dishwasher to lick the plates! yuk! naughty dave! he goes through 3 pouches and a 1/4 box of biscuits a day, he's constantly crying for food so glad its only the cheap stuff. i gave him the remainder of my chicken last night and he obviously loved it as he thought a suitable 'present' to bring me after a few hours hunting, was a HUGE black spider and drop it on my foot! no din dins for dave tonight :D

    Heh, this made me chuckle :D.

    No grocery spends today. We did have lunch out at a festival on in a local park but it was only about a tenner for the four of us, about half of what we get through in Starbucks on a weekend.

    I did buy some potted herbs at the festival as they were ones you don't often see for sale: hyssop, marjoram and French sorrel. Already used some of the marjoram in cooking this eve :)

    I have also been sticking to the menu planning and tonight we had roast chicken with loads of herbs in (Jamie Oliver) and now the carcass is in the slow cooker with loads more veg and herbs to make stock for soup later in the week and the rest of the meat is in the fridge. Both of us are trrrying nnnnot to ppppick at it. So hard!
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  • jc2703jc2703 Forumite
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    Hippeechiq wrote: »

    By the way - does anyone knoweally if £idl sell a decent strength/flavour/quality coffee? (not Gold Blend) OH & I like Kenco Rich Roast and it would be r helpful if I could find something equally as nice, but cheaper. I realise some of you may think Kenco Coffee is a luxury, but I refuse to compromise on the flavour/quality of my Coffee. However, I'm not too proud to pay less for it :D

    I have tried coffee from lidls and it was nicknamed 'columbian shame' :rotfl: Coffee is the one thing I cannot compromise on - I think its because I drink it black. Kenco is often on offer in Mr A's and don;t forget they do the refil pouches that are cheaper than a jar. Maybe the answer is to buy it when it's on offer rather than try and replace it although I can drink Asdas own gold roast one.
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  • ChocClareChocClare Forumite
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    Just popped on to update my signature etc.

    Today has got away from me a bit. We went to the Dorset Steam Fair yesterday and walked what seemed like several hundred miles so I got home absolutely shattered - and then realised I had to order the groceries. I want to keep stocking up on some things while ignoring others: told DH I'd defrost one of the freezers in the garage this weekend but then found I had so much food in it I didn't have anywhere to put it. So I took out fillet steak, chicken tenders, mince and stir-fry beef and that is the week kind of sorted. I was going to do a beef stroganoff tonight before I realised that DS wasn't going to be home for supper and it therefore seemed a bit pointless cooking enough meat for three when there were only two meat-eaters in the house. I therefore changed to do a veggie risotto BUT instead of making it with chicken stock (I know, I know), I used the Marigold veggie stock AND I FOLLOWED THEIR INSTRUCTIONS but it was so salty none of us could eat it :eek: so most of it went in the bin. What a waste and spoiling one of my fave meals. Next time I use it I'll use about a quarter of what they suggest and add salt if it's too bland - yuck, I can still taste it now...

    In other news, we got three new hens this morning, and I spent ages clearing out the whole chickeny area, then went off to the Pageant of Villages exhibition at our village church - cycled and got rained on, but managed to pick masses of blackberries and not a few apples on the way. By the time I got back, had lunch, put the shopping away, tidied up the garden, I had completely lost track of time until my daughter said, aren't we going to church today? to which the answer was clearly "no", as by that time we had five minutes to travel five miles to church (*clearly not :A*:()

    Anyway, enough wittering - I seem to have spent a HUGE amount of money considering I didn't have any meat to buy this week, but I am stocking up on such things as washing powder, to get ahead for the winter. Or something.
  • Is it too late to join in this months Grocery Challenge?

    I am in dire straits now having been off work sick for four months and also living alone I don't have anyone to fall back on. I do have reserve funds for such situations but I do not know how long it will take to get fit and return so want to be very sensible.

    I spent roughly £100 last month, which is disgusting for one woman and one cat. I have inventoried by cupboards and freezer today and am actually quite well off for essentials (and a few extras).

    Can you put me down for £80 spend please?
    More than I want to spend but its best not to aim too low first off.
    So far I have spent £24.78..

    Here's hoping the savers bus has room for one more
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    dropsconedropscone Forumite
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    ChocClare wrote: »
    I used the Marigold veggie stock AND I FOLLOWED THEIR INSTRUCTIONS but it was so salty none of us could eat it :eek: so most of it went in the bin..

    did you follow their instructions for a risotto or for the total amount of liquid you were using? I've caught myself before doing it for the total amount of liquid, because it reduces down so much, it's bound to concentrate the salt too much.

    Sorry you had a ruined meal :(

    I'm quite pleased that all my days in September have been no spend apart from Friday. (But it is partly because I'm overspent on a separate challenge with a friend which was meant to be £100 between 10 August and 9th September, which I managed to overshoot by £30 so far :()
  • ChocClareChocClare Forumite
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    dropscone wrote: »
    did you follow their instructions for a risotto or for the total amount of liquid you were using? I've caught myself before doing it for the total amount of liquid, because it reduces down so much, it's bound to concentrate the salt too much.
    Yes, I think you're right, it was because I cooked the broccoli in the stock and I started off with a litre of liquid, rather than just sprinkle a teaspoonful over the risotto as I might normally do. This is what happens when you're shattered (and haven't been to Mass ;) - only joking, before I get shot down in flames!!).
  • purplevamppurplevamp Forumite
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    [STRIKE]Evening[/STRIKE] Morning everyone :D

    Just updating with various shopping trips this month.

    2 main shops and 2 small shops has come in at £115.49 already :eek: and I need to buy bread in A!di tomorrow as it's only 30p a loaf. I'm hoping that will be it for about a week when hopefully we'll be back on track and spending around £60.
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  • nat21luvnat21luv Forumite
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    get me....a weekly shop for 2 fatties, 2 smaller fatties, baby fatty and a fat cat came in at nearly 39 pounds including delivery! woo! thats because im going to make my own bread (:eek:) pasta sauces (:eek:) carrot cake (:eek:) houmous (:eek:) and other things im sure will be a disaster! im not buying toiletries until ive used what ive got and that total includes baby milk, wipes, nappies and toilet roll. if anyones interested i got a voucher emailed to me from te$co for 5pounds off when you buy any fresh fruit or veg...GRVRTX. i suppose you could buy just an apple and still get the fiver off, theres no small print!

    extra money=:beer: :rotfl:
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