What's the worst thing you've ever wasted money on?



  • jinkssick
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    Bought a 32gb mp3, ugly and clunky that cost £300 around 6 years back. Broke within 5 months after dropping it, end up being held together with elastic band, tr ied to open and made the situation worse. It was basically unusable.

    Ended up selling it on Ebay for £90.
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  • Consumerist
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    Once upon a time, I joined a pyramid scheme.

    Fingers burned. Learned my lesson.
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  • catnatlady
    Years ago, my ex husband and I bought a brand new car. He tried it out beforehand, but I didn't. The following day, I tried to drive it, but my feet didn't reach the pedals!! I'm only 5feet tall. We had to sell it the next day, losing £1000s in the process!:(
  • gizzie121
    I once bought a painting in a gallery for £800...I wish I had that money today. It now hangs in my spare room as every time I look at it I feel stupid for getting carried away like that! :o

    What a fabulous reminder though!
  • JuicyLou
  • hairspraydiva
    Cushions and throws! I have a cupboard full of them lol! The best thing I spent my money on is GHD hair straighteners had them years and use them all the time :)
  • phillipsdj
    I once bought a jumper for a little over £100 to spite my now wife. She told me I would never wear it - surprise, surprise I eBayed it a while ago completely unworn!:eek:
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  • Broken_hearted
    Spent £45 on a painting and £150 on a globe bar (long gone).
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  • aliasojo
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    Several thousand pounds on beanie babies.

    I'm with you on this, only in my case it was a particular range of small ornaments. I can't even begin to add up what I spent collecting these, I think it would send me over the edge.

    I spent stupid money on rare versions and every time a new variation or new colourway of the same model was brought out, I'd have to buy that too. I even bought 3 floor to ceiling bookcases with glass doors to display them.

    My only small saving grace was that one particular model was so rare it was changing hands for 10 times the original cost at one point, so I managed to track down 3 of them @ £50 each and ebayed them for much much more.

    The maker stopped making the range a few years ago but have restarted this year. OH told me I'd be as well buying the new model out as I had every other one ever made but I haven't and I don't intend to. Not going there again. :o
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  • Lucy-Lu_3
    I spent £6,500 on law school fees knowing that I didn't want to be a solicitor. I only went because my friends from university were going and thought it was "cool" to tell people I was going to be a lawyer! I absolutely hated it, knew after a couple of weeks I was never going to be a good solicitor and didn't finish the course. What an absolute waste of money - my husband has never let me forget it!
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