What's the worst thing you've ever wasted money on?



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    I had a lightbulb moment the first time I read the saying "you can go broke buying bargains"... that was me all over!

    So true - I came out of uni with £3k debt and honestly it had all gone on charity shop and ebay 'bargains' :o

    Although I'm not in debt anymore, the thing that makes me kick myself is this: remember a couple of years ago the tips email mentioned a free month's trial of Amazon Prime? Well of course I trialled it, and forgot to cancel it, and £50 was consequently taken from my account. Annoying enough, but then roll around that time this year and I'd forgotten to cancel it AGAIN, so was another £50 down :mad: And it's not as though they don't do free delivery now either. And it's not as though I even use it much. In fact, I'm off to look into cancelling it right now so the same doesn't happen again next year!
    2. My other rule is I have to wear a new item within 7 days of buying it, otherwise, it goes back to the shop. No exceptions.

    I love this, I'm going to employ this from now on!
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  • ~moneysavingnovice~
    I'd say alcohol. If I could add up what I've spent since I was 16 in the pub/off-licence/supermarket, I think I would be truly appalled.

    Even now I tend to pop to the shop for a £5 bottle of wine 3-4 times a week :o From September I am changing my ways!!!
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    I may have purchased a dog for £450 with one testicle...

    That wasn't the plan! :embarasse

    Oh.. also a 3 seater,2 seater sofa and footstool for £2500! It also came with a single seater and I couldn't fit it in to my living room so I sold it for £50. Oh well... that is paid off at least!
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    downcdebt wrote: »
    1. Lent my ex bf £500 - never saw a penny of it (and just to rub salt in the wound, when we broke up he turned round and told me that not only did he not owe me any money, but I actually owed HIM ££ - grrrrrrrrrrrr....pile of !"£%)

    2. About 8-9 years ago I bought a computer from Currys and paid it off monthly. This was wayyyyy before I had a LBM and the interest rate was awful, and what with paying the minimum back for many many months/years, I worked out that I must have forked out about 3x the cost of the computer (I could have paid it off in a couple of months, but all my money seemed to go on erm.... socialising)

    3. A house abroad. It was due to be finished and rented out about, oh, let me see, 3 years ago now. Builders in dispute means that it is in no state to even visit let alone stay in. It has also depreciated so much it is worth about 1/3 of what I bought it for. I am still paying the loan off now. (Planned to get a mortgage, but they stopped giving them for that country when I went to get one.... hence a bank loan was needed). THE worst financial decision I have ever made.

    4. Oh hang on, thought of another awful decision...Lost - or should I say had £5,000 stolen - long story. I was taken for a mug (along with a few other people). No way of getting it back. If I ever come face to face with the person who stole it.... well, lets just say, it wouldn't be pretty.

    Snap, except we were ripped off to the tune of £40,000 by a guy in turkey. Best bit, we then forked out another £6000 to take the b@!!*** to court in Turkey, we won but the Turkish banks took our house and sold it to pay debts he had accrued on our house!!!

    To round the story off, he's living and working illegally in the UK, has done for a few years now and no-one will listen or do anything about it, contacted to MP, Border Agency (JOKE) and emailed No 10 with our story...great eh.

    Inside I'm happy.:o
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    Mine is the £5000+ of bank charges we have paid over the last 6 years, because of how totally useless we were with money. Looking back we had way more disposable income then than we have now, but I can remember taking cash out of the bank knowing full well the bank would bounce the direct debits, just so we had the cash in our pockets for socialising etc.

    I am very proud that so far this year we have only paid £24 in bank charges :)
    Trying to jump back onto the moneysaving wagon .... :cool:
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    Several thousand pounds on beanie babies. :o I was a teenager with a part time job and no bills, but it never crossed my mind to save my money. I really got a buzz from collecting them - even queuing up outside certain shops to get rare ones, on occasion. Now they are all in my mums loft, and while I wouldn't sell them, I'd be lucky to get hundreds for them, never mind thousands if I did want to.

    I did collect a few other things to a much more minor degree, but luckily these days I control my urges to buy things that you can collect!

    Also these days I'm very frugal, I went from being a shopaholic to being thrifty!
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  • wayne99
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    mc-donnalds food lol... its the devil :P
    :j:beer: :beer::j
  • bromleymum
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    We moved house about nine years ago and decided to sort out the junk & clutter when we got into the new house. We got the decluttering bug and went totally bananas and filled a skip (£90 hire!!!) with perfectly good furniture, CDs, DVDs (some never watched), pots, pans, lamps, chairs, cushions ... well just everything that wasn't being used at that point.

    We woke up the next morning and found a nearly empty skip!!!! Someone had obviously spotted the potential and cleared us out. At least someone made a few pennies.

    Then I felt a right wally when the skip lorry turned up to take a half empty skip as we really has nothing left to throw in it to 'pad it out'. What a waste of money.

    This was, in my defence, before ebay had really got going. Actually, what I really feel guilty about is not giving it to the charity shops, especially the furniture, so all unused furniture now gets offered around the family first, then off to the charity collectors.

    A more recent regret is twice this month, I've been caught by traffic wardens, both within 5 minutes of the parking zone times ending, because I haven't looked at my watch. That's a horrific £110!!!!

    And, while I'm on a rant about the tickets, one was collecting fish & chips and one was outside my own house. Up until a few months ago traffic wardens would NEVER give you a ticket if you popped your head out of the fish & chip shop and said you were waiting for your order. What is going on!! I'm sure they have been told to toughen up.
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    My biggest spends and regrets were buying computers and laptops

    Spent £1800!!! - thats after student discount! on a Macbook pro when i was at Uni - Havent used it in months now, and I look at what ill get for it compared to what I spent i keep saying ill keep it... but i suppose anything i get is more than I have just looking at it

    Im just glad i didnt go into debt for it, I stayed at home during Uni, and was working so used what was left after Uni loans and savings!

    Also another computer £800, which was my sisters boyfriends old one... I was buying his for £800 and selling mine for £600 which was a bit older and slower.... never ended up selling my old one, still here boxed up in my room haha and not worth selling really now!
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  • bud1950
    hi, bought my partner a treadmill for his birthday. it was put in the spare room. he used it for 1 week, then packed his bags and went home. i waisted £300, but it was money well spent :j just waiting to get rid of the mill....
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