What's the worst thing you've ever wasted money on?



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    2) GPS receiver off ebay for £40 which kept us occupied over the school hols geocaching , we are getting exercise, spending time together as a family & discovering beautiful areas of local countryside for free. Highly recommend this to anyone.

    I love Geocaching! :T As you said above it's great to get out with the kids and discover beautiful new places right on your doorstep! I don't go as much these days now that my wife's pregnant again but will definitely take it up again once the new baby's here!
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  • Mine's TV and oter eletronics. I used to work in a call centre not earning muhc, but still found it sensible to go buy an xbox and 32" TV on credit at Curry's, obviously I then eneded up transferring this credit over to a credit card, which then became part of a consolidation loan while I bought more junk I didn't need.

    Best example was my house got robbed, I wasn't insured, and they stole my xbox, TV and bike, and a load of games, I immideatly went out and bought a new TV, xbox and games all on credit card... I didn't need them!!! But I was stupid.

    I now don't have an xbox, and my TV hardly ever get's used. But I still have massive debts from those sort of stupid things.

    Other big thing is spending my annual bonus at work on a holiday to Japan two years ago, when if I'd put it against my debts I would have saved thousands in interest!

    oh, last one, I had a good part tiem job while in sixth form, earning me seventy quid a week, I spend all my money on rubbish instead of saving it for university which would have stopped me needing student loans.
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  • I've wasted so much money over the years but the worst thing was buying expensive plants for the garden and thinking my dog would ignore them, he didn't. I now and will until he departs this earth only have grass with holes in.
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  • Oh where to start!! 4 cars on finance, countless remortgages, huge credit card debts, holidays, electrical goods, new clothes (shoes, perfume, expensive make-up, sunbeds), expensive nights out, endless redecorating and buying new curtains and bedding etc.....the penny finally dropped with me last year after spending £1200 on new sofas that I had not even been to the showroom to see (they look nice but are like sitting on a park bench!) and then £300 on a gym membership that I used about 10 times.......after this I decided enough is enough and things had to change. I now live quite frugally and don't often go out or buy new clothes, I go on holiday with my parents (!!!) when they rent a villa so I only have to pay for the flight, I have adopted the actually thinking before purchasing policy, stopped thinking of credit cards as 'free money' and generally stopped being a f***wit with every bit of cash I have ever had. For the first few months I was genuinely scratching my head in bewilderment as to why I couldn't afford to do anything then it dawned on me that the only reason in the past I could do those things was because of remortgages, credit cards etc etc etc. I have learned the hard way!!! I now just have my mortgage and a 5k credit card debt which is on 0% interest but I have to seriously avoid going shopping or I will buy rubbish I do not need, I rarely go shopping these days only when it is essential. It is frightening thinking of the cash I have wasted (more items keep coming into my head as I type!!) but it's all in the past and it is comforting to know I am not the only clown who has done this *shudder*......some of these posts have really made me chuckle and cheered me up, thank-you fellow clowns LOL.
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    omg, where to start...so many.

    Firstly, 'lending' my mother money and having to get a loan to do so when I got the full sob story she couldn't pay the mortgage...and never seeing a f**king penny from her. So that was 7k debt right there I'm paying off. Bitter, me?? :mad:

    Also, managing to pay off a credit card, then someone writing off my car (my poor Ka) and it only being worth £750. I decided to buy another car (dear god why?!) for £3500 and put it on the credit card _pale_ so I ran up more debt. Stupid stupid.

    And thinking that people would only be my friend if I paid for drinks/meals/cinema when we went out...then realising that real friends like you for you and not how much you buy them :o Lost a few friends admitting I was in debt and couldn't afford things, but the ones who stayed mean the most.

    And lastly, frittering away money on 'bargain' clothes that either don't fit, last two washes and fall apart, or I wear it then realise I hate it/makes me look fat/ whatever and losing the reciept so I can't take it back.
    carpe diem :cool:

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  • A motorbike on finance when I was 19..... I can't ride!
    It sat on my parents drive for a year and then I sold it on ebay for £900. It was worth it just to see the back of the thing!
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