What's the worst thing you've ever wasted money on?



  • immoral_angeluk
    A £695 Raymond Weil watch with mother of pearl, diamonds, you name it. Thankfully it was on 0% finance but still... It as gorgeous but I think I wore it twice as I was too scared to wear it outside! I ended up selling it for £300 on ebay to pay off the finance. Gutted as I loved it but it was a stupid purchase.

    Oh and my marriage licence!! My ex was horrendous with money and HAD to have the latest gadget, xbox game, and once spent over £1000 on a stupid surround sound hifi system he 'needed'. Was no wonder we were in so much debt at the time.

    Thankfully now he's not my problem :D
    Total 'Failed Business' Debt £29,043
    Que sera, sera. <3
  • Dealingwithdebts
    Mine would be beauty stuff!

    We had no money, were struggling to pay the rent and buy food but each month I still spent approx £700 on hair extensions, £80 on hair being dyed, £50 on eyelash extensions, £40 on sunbed, £60 on manicure/pedicure and god knows how much on make-up and other beauty products.

    At the time I thought it was ok because I worked in a club and 'all the other girls did it'! It didn't click for me that all the money I was earning was going towards making myself look good to go to work!! Now I'm back at the club and every penny is going towards debt, I even feel annoyed when I have to buy shampoo or deodrant cos I want to put it all towards the debts haha!!
    Lightbulb moment - 1 August 2010
    Debts: Argos - [STRIKE]£600 [/STRIKE][STRIKE]£400 [/STRIKE][STRIKE]£325[/STRIKE] £0, Homebase - [STRIKE]£600[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£400[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£325[/STRIKE] £0, HSBC Credit Card - [STRIKE]£500[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£400[/STRIKE] £0, Next - [STRIKE]£50[/STRIKE] £0, Capital One A - [STRIKE]£1000[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£300[/STRIKE] £0, Capital One B - [STRIKE]£100[/STRIKE] £0, Vanquis - [STRIKE]£550[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£100[/STRIKE] £0, NW Credit Card - [STRIKE]£3800[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£3300[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]£970[/STRIKE] £0, Funding Corporation - [STRIKE]£445[/STRIKE] £0
  • alixandrea
    1/. My student loan. I only stayed in it and completed it to spite my grandparents. They'd set up a trust fund for all us grandchildren to go through Uni, but apparently my course (HND in Popular Music) wasn't a 'proper' uni course, so they refused to give me a penny. My cousin went to uni to study a computer science degree, which they paid for, but which he dropped out of. So I decided to stick my HND to the end, despite it being a really rubbish course that none of the tutors could be bothered to actually teach us... I'm still paying off my student loan for the course and hate that money going out of my pay packet every month. If I'd studied something more 'sensible', I wouldn't have that debt. It's not even like I work in the music industry and most of the really useful stuff I learned through being in bands...

    2/. My ex-marital home. My soon to be ex husband and I bought a narrowboat, which we lived on for 3 1/2 years. It was hard work but fantastic. However, I put around £9k into it while living there but left it to my ex when we split up, in the understanding that I wouldn't expect any of that money back as long as he took sole responsibility for the loan that was outstanding on the boat.

    Two years to the day after I left him, the boat sank due to his complete lack of care and maintenance of it (seriously, what sort of idiot never empties the bilge???). He stopped paying off the joint loan on it, I'm receiving threatening letters from the bank and now I'm having to set up a Debt Management Plan to pay off the rest of the debt. I put £9k into the boat while I was living there, am now expected to find another £15k to pay off the rest of it and don't have an asset to sell to pay it off because my moron of an ex husband sank it...

    Needless to say I've claimed back the PPI, which should reduce the debt by around £7k, and am taking the ex to court to try and get my money back from him. But my credit rating has been trashed by his shenanigans and I've no home of my own to show for all that money I've had to spend. Now I'm back in rental hell, throwing money down the drain every month and living in shared accommodation because I can't afford to live in my own place...


  • immoral_angeluk
    alixandrea wrote: »


    Soooo with you on that one!
    Total 'Failed Business' Debt £29,043
    Que sera, sera. <3
  • Losinmoney
    £300 wasted on physiotherapy which I could have claimed back in full on my health insurance! I didn't remember I had it and missed the claim deadline. What a wally!
  • mwa
    mwa Posts: 364 Forumite
    I wasted close to 2k on Venture portraits of us with our beautiful 8 month old DD to keep us with the Joneses, all my friends had them and at the time I really felt the need to keep up for some reason. We now have a 10 month old DS and DD is nearly 4 and those pictures make me feel sick every time I look at them!!
  • Silvafox
    Silvafox Posts: 321 Forumite
    KrazyKel wrote: »
    My biggest spends and regrets were buying computers and laptops

    Spent £1800!!! - thats after student discount! on a Macbook pro when i was at Uni - Havent used it in months now, and I look at what ill get for it compared to what I spent i keep saying ill keep it... but i suppose anything i get is more than I have just looking at it

    Im just glad i didnt go into debt for it, I stayed at home during Uni, and was working so used what was left after Uni loans and savings!

    Also another computer £800, which was my sisters boyfriends old one... I was buying his for £800 and selling mine for £600 which was a bit older and slower.... never ended up selling my old one, still here boxed up in my room haha and not worth selling really now!

    MacBook Pros really hold their value so would be well worth selling it if you don't need it anymore.
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  • diable
    diable Posts: 5,258 Forumite
    Alcohol, Cigarettes and Loose Women

    but I had a lot of fun ;o))))))
  • thanmuwa
    3yearstogo wrote: »
    I may have purchased a dog for £450 with one testicle...
    How much is your other testicle worth? :rotfl:
  • raphanius
    raphanius Posts: 1,338 Forumite
    Photogenic First Anniversary Combo Breaker
    When i was 18 my bf at the time persuaded me to buy a £400 motorbike so we could go on rides and he could teach me to ride. we split up after six months and i still cant ride a motorbike. i scrapped the bike for £20 a year later cos i was sick of seeing it. :o

    26 years of smoking - i quit 3 years ago :D

    partworks - they cost a fortune and end up on ebay for pence

    mobile phone contracts - cost a fortune just to have the latest phone which will be outdated in a year. i stick with payg now

    diet books - such as atkins, again they have no resale value whatsoever.
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