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Sky, Virgin & BT TV Haggle down prices and get serious discounts Article Discussion



  • clint69
    I called sky because they have reduced the amount of hd channels I have without telling me. they took 13 away. i called and they said they wrote to me to tell me it was happening. i never recived the letter.

    i explained that i had been paying for soemthing that i didn't get but they just said so what so i cancelled the hd. no offer to reduce , refund etc so i don't believe a word of these posts.

    sky are just money grabbers who won't own up to the service they are supposed to give.
  • hdaniel82
    Yup I just called up and said I was thinking of moving over to Virgin Media and got offered 50% off my TV and phone package for 6 months, or a free Sky HD+ box with 6 months free HD package. We went with the former as the HD pack is a 12 month contract so we'd have to pay for the last 6 months of it. Very happy!
  • ste1985_2
    I have always been one to call sky up and threten to cancel my package, and the MSE email prompted me to do it again. This time i just explained with moving home recently and this current climate, im considering dropping to freeview simply to save £££. The scottish advisor was extreemly helpful and offered to half my package for 6 months. so i'm saving £12 a month for the next 6 months :-) (and i didnt have to enter into a new contract, its just still a rolling contract.)
  • guitarbloke
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    mik1234a wrote: »
    Sky have moved their call center to Asia and will happily keep you on the line for 3 hours, premium rate, before they tell you they have no authority to give you a discount. Eventually they just hang up. Sky tv used to have one of the best service levels going, now it is a complete sham.

    I don't know which number you've been calling, but I was on the phone to them last night and spoke to no less than 3 different depts - all of which were manned by guys and girls with Scottish accents.

    Oh and I was waiting for around 3mins.

    And the number is not premium rate.

    And they offered to call me back as I was calling from my mobile.

    They were very helpful and answered all of my queries. Perhaps you caught them on a particularly busy day? Or maybe you called during a peak time? But to call their service a "complete sham" is possibly going a bit far.
  • mikeh2000
    Just 'cancelled' my account, which is all of 24.50 a month, with a sob story about Christmas etc, and got 50% off for the next 6 months, and advised to ring back in June to see if there are any other offers they can give me!
  • Tarebare
    Tarebare Posts: 11 Forumite
    Thanks MSE! Been meaning to do this for ages but this gave me the nudge!

    Just reduced my bills from £100.80 a month (!) to £56.27 a month for 6 months and we're getting to keep the full Sports pack - just have to get rid of Movies and ESPN, neither of which we watch enough to justify. No threatening, no haggling. In fact, the guy told me to phone back before 18 July when the deals would run out so that they could apply new deals for me.

    Definitely worth a try!
  • Jupiter_Ferris
    I cancel my Sky every year and wait for the 50% off offer for 12 months. It always comes. Normally I'm without Sky for 1-2 months, I'm happy with Freeview for that period. I've done this for the last 3 years.

    When you call to cancel it, they never offer it. "For a year ? That offer is not available Sir". Right. Well I'll wait a month and then it will be.

    Just renewed my Sky again last week, half price again for a year. Was 'cancelled', ie, freeview only, about Dec 11th...so without it for about a month.

    As far as I'm concerned half price is the correct price. Cannot justify £40 a month for multiple repeats of grainy cop dashboard cams and films I saw a year ago anyway.
  • davidt1980
    Absolutely Spot On!! I literally just called Sky and my bill (Sky World inc Sports and Movies) went from £52 to £26 for 6 months quicker than it took to read the newsletter!!
    Absolutely Spot on and I suggest if you havent done it already you do it now!! Why are you still reading....? Go!
    Well Chuffed!
  • orangesmartie
    What are you wanting orangesmartie ? I came straight out and said what I wanted/needed ie HD as cheaply as poss and she came up with the offer, I think anything will come with a 12month tie in sadly !

    Sorry for the delay in responding. The deal I want is the one below. I'll give them a call tonight and chance my arm. They can only say no after all.
    Emmalufc wrote: »
    Just called Sky said I needed to review finances and as I've been with them a long time straight away offered half price for 6 months!

    Does anyone have a working non 0844 number please? The ones I've got don't seem to work anymore.
  • Bechet45
    I called Sky to see what reduction I could get with a threat to cancel. My line was that I was really pee'd off that I'd had to pay £299 for my HD box and now they were giving them away for free and even with M&S vouchers. I really trowelled it on - loyal customer for years, hacked off because it's all about new custom and nothing about retaining old customers, not fair on pensioners - worked my way through a prepared list of reason for disgruntlement.

    Every time he made an offer I refused it, "can't appease me with a few quid, I'm really upset by this", until I felt he could/would go no further.

    Standard offer of 6 months half price, no line rental for a year, half price multi-room for 6 months.

    Just reached the year of the deal so my bills are full price again - ouch - but I found scope to cut a few packages and sign a year's contract for broadband to get another £5 off.

    I can feel my disgruntlement building up again already!
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