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Sky, Virgin & BT TV Haggle down prices and get serious discounts Article Discussion



  • Lianimal_2
    :(I have just called to discuss the possibility of cancelling with Sky. I was told I am no longer in contract so it would be ok to cancel. The guy I spoke to did not even question why I wanted to cancel never mind offer any sort of reduction. It was the retention department I spoke to not the normal customer services line.
  • bezfaery
    After receiving the Money Tips email today I decided to see if I could get any kind of discount.

    We currently have the full package at £52/month and have been considering whether to reduce it. Unfortunately it is "absolutely essential" that we keep Sky Sports for the Super League season (husbands words not mine)

    So any way I rang with the intention of discussing my package *ahem* and most likely to remove Movies. The lady I spoke to who was lovely explained that I am already getting discounted movies and would only save £7 per month. I was shocked and asked what I was paying £45 for then and what else could I remove to reduce this.

    She then just came out and offered 20% off the whole package inc movies for 6 months because I have been a Sky customer for so long. So thats a reduction of £10.40 a month and I get to keep Movies.

    I got the feeling that if I had have pushed it and said I wanted to reduce it more then she may have offered even more of a discount but tbh I couldn't be bothered and am happy with 20%.

    As a side note the phone cut off just as I was agreeing to the discount. Unsure if she heard me I rang back using exactly the same options as the first time and ended up with a bloke who was not nice at all. Told him what happened and he point blank refused to do any discount despite his colleague having just offered it and acted as if I was making it all up to pull a fast one. He even said that no one had the right to offer me such a deal. I naturally demanded to speak to his manager.

    He disappeared to get his superviser but then came back 2 mins later to say that the system has just updated to say that she has in fact applied the 20% discount to my account. He claimed that she works in another department, which seems strange as I rang exactly the same options on both occasions was not transferred at any point.

    It just goes to show that it really does depend who you get when you ring. Sky should really get some sort of consistent system set up.

    But all that aside I am very pleased with myself right now

  • memobli
    memobli Posts: 3 Newbie
    edited 26 January 2011 at 12:46PM
    djburr wrote: »
    Hi , the phone number to contact sky on is 08442 41 42 43.

    The number for the disconnection department is 08442 414 141

    Just phoned cancelattions department (am out of contract) and said i was looking to save money or go to freeview, they offered to keep my multi room, cancel HD and remove three packs bringing my cost down to £29.50 from £47.60. No offer of free months or anything like that.... will try a different route
  • mtek6814
    we bought a 3d tv in november and thought we would get the sky 3d channel as we have the movies and hd pack costing £52 a month but when i phoned sky they told me i had to have the sky world pack which is £62 a month to get the 3d channel so asked if there was any other way and was told no even though no one watches sport in my house
    so i told them i was cancelling my sky got cut off on the 23rd of december hasnt been too bad without it
    than last week i got a letter from sky offering me half price for a year so i now have the full package for half thge price
    so it is worth cancelling as they will start to make you offers once you are gone
  • Vickzta
    I had no luck with Sky the simply said that they cannot offer a better deal.
    I ment to do this months ago as a few of my friends have done it but it was only today that i remembered when i saw the email from this website.

    I think Sky have clocked on
  • memobli
    after phoning second time to customer services, was told by a nice lady that as the account is in my wifes name she needs to confirm the possible changes to the account... wil do thaty on friday when we both home... funny how cancelations department were happy to speak to me
  • ukwendy
    ukwendy Posts: 19 Forumite
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    I just got the newsletter and having read the Sky article decided to ring them and see what would happen........and I just got 50% off my Sky package for 6 months and was told to ring back after 5 months as they would probably be able to do something else for me then. Thanks! Great advice!:j
  • magickid
    magickid Posts: 90 Forumite
    Our Sky+ box broke about 5 months ago and I called Sky to see what to do about getting a new one.

    They wanted to charge £109 for a new box and £99 for an installation.

    I just said, no thanks, I'll cancel Sky then and go over to Virgin thank you very much.

    Got put through to the retention department and they offered me a box for £55 and £60 installation. I said no again, please cancel my subscription.

    They then offered me a box for £15 and no installation charge. I gladly accepted.

    Only problem is we have the Sky HD+ box now, but not the HD subcription and no HDTV so we can't watch Sky Anytime as everything is in HD. But that's not a major problem.

    I have called to cancel movies in the past (about 2 years ago) and they just said OK, thanks!

    I read on a forum (most likely this one) that the retention departments have a certain number of offers they are allowed to issue a day/shift and so I think it can be down to luck more than the goodwill of the assistant you are dealing with.
  • delllisa
    delllisa Posts: 10 Forumite
    Currently with Sky, have 2 x HD boxes and 1 x sky plus, all channels including sports and movies, full broadband and line rental etc.

    Paying £106 per month, they've agreed to half the tv package which was £52 per month, so £26 per month for 6 months with no additional tie in.

    Also, my one box is out of warranty and faulty (hd) they have agreed to replace with an engineer visit free of charge.:beer:
  • mferozc
    little haggling required, all i was asking for was when my contract expired, and what i got was 50% off!
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