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  • Just got the MSE newsletter. Called Sky up and got an offer of a saving of £28.50 per month for six months (total £117.00!!) No extra tie in so I can leave at the end if I choose.

    Thanks for this great tip!
  • :j Having just read this weeks MSE newsletter I contacted Sky to discuss my monthly bill, after holding a very friendly conversation with the Sky staff member, and explaining that our purse strings are becoming ever tighter due to the increasing of overall living costs, and as a result of this I am now having to reassess the viability of keeping Sky, they immediately agreed to reduce my monthly bill by 50% from £52 per month to £26 per month for 6 months, a saving of £156 thanks to MSE. Yippee !! :j
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    Well done to all those who have managed to get a 50% discount on their sky! Going to try today.... is there a specific number you have been using to call them on or a free phone number?


    Hi , the phone number to contact sky on is 08442 41 42 43.
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    I only went over to HD+ 6mths or so ago from Sky + so couldn't threaten to cancel but thought I'd try to see what they could do. I said we're having financial probs and wanted to see what I could do to bring my price down. We had the Movies and Entertainment packs inc the Disney Cineworld channel paying £50.75 a month. He immediately offered to give a discount on movies bringing it down to £43.30 for 6 mths and I went and reviewed the entertainment channels and ditched 2 bringing the price down to £41.30. I know its not a huge drop a month, £9.45, but thats a saving of £56.40 for the six months and he said to ring again when that times up to see what they could do.
    This site rocks and has saved me loads -
    thanks to all those that post on the forums and have saved me money
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    I just called sky after seeing the MSE email and decided to give it a go.

    I called and explained the bills were high, so could I cancel my hd and movie problem, cancelled. What?? no offer of cheaper bills :(

    5 mins later, I called again and said that actually, i'd like to cancel the lot and just have freeview. Result? 6 months half price bills, keeping my hd and movies :j

    thanks MSE, most chuffed!
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    Ok just phoned virgin and asked them if thier was anything they could do to reduce my monthly bill, as i was thinking of maybe looking for a cheaper provider, after reviewing my acccount they said that they could reduce my monhly bill by £11.00 thats a saving of £132 a year...... Was not expecting that and still get to keep my packages ive already got.....
    Nice One
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    Just called Sky, currently got HD box with HD subscription , 2nd multiroom box, 6 packs and Sky Sports, told them I was getting 2 Freeview+HD boxes. She asked me which one, I told her the one I had quickly looked at on the Comet website whilst I was in the queue , got 1/2 price everything for 6 months.
  • Just rang Sky, 12 months with 25% discount, free Sky-HD box, free installation, half price HD subscription for 6 months :o) I am making her call back later as I need to discuss it with hubby (as if!).
  • Just called Sky said I needed to review finances and as I've been with them a long time straight away offered half price for 6 months!
  • Just seen this feedback thread mentioned on the weekly email.

    Don't have the time to read through all 100+ pages, but thought I'd add in our experience of haggling with Sky recently.

    I phoned them six months ago to say we wanted to swap our Sky Movies for Sky Sports. They offered us 10% discount for six months to have both, which we accepted.

    I phoned again this weekend to cancel the movies, and they just accepted that. When they said "is there anything else we can help you with?" I said "not unless you can extend the discount" and he apologised but said no.

    It wasn't worth fighting over, as we didn't really watch the movies much anymore anyway, but we have the whole TV/phone/ broadband package with them and it would've been nice if they could've done a bit more for us. But I suppose as we're staying with them there isn't really any incentive to discount more.

    Anyway, I can't say I have any issues with their customer service people when I've had to deal with them.
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