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DLA fraud check

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    Pwales wrote: »
    i think the person/s who make these complaints should be made to give there contact details to dwp, so if the report of fraud ends up to be false then they can claim all costs back to the complainant..
    if they are not willing to give there details to dwp then the complaint should just be ijnored as vindictive
    How do you know they havent willingly left their name and address?

    None of us know the OP.....we only have one side of a story.

    On the one hand we say "Benefit cheats should be flushed out and made to pay every penny back"....and then there are the others who say "These people should keep their noses out of things they know nothing about".

    How do we know who, if anyone, reported the OP? It might have been a close family member who DOES know the ins and outs for all we know.

    At the end of the day, there has arisen a need to investigate....and they do NOT issue a full investigation based on one persons say so.

    They may have received a 'tip-off' regarding the claim and they may have followed that up by a viewing, whereby the claimant is watched. honest, be factual and keep your cool. If everything is as it should be, then you wont have anything to worry about.
  • DX2 wrote: »
    When you know the truth come back and ask the same question.

    I agree with DX2 on this one. I know more than many that DWP make mistakes but do you honestly think that the government would actually be that stupid to use Doctors that have been struck off ? They would lay themselves open to huge court cases! Some of the ATOS medics are semi-retired who mainly work part time,possibily to aid there pension .
    ATOS do often leave a lot to be desired not just to claimants but also to DWP staff obviously I can only speak for myself with regard to ATOS issues. Funny ATOS declared that I was too ill to work and the correct path was for me to stop working on a full pension which DWP agreed with as they were unable to place me in a new role as I either worked with customers dealing with claims especially claims that were complex or/and unhappy customers & training new staff.
    So I agreed to follow the instructions of ATOS (also pain management clinic,consultant,GP & DWP management)then HR got involved to do the maths .... As I was only 42 yrs old& with civil service compensation scheme(which DM decides from 0%-100%)it would have been a few bob.HR decided I should go to see a private DR some 80 odd miles away.The minute I arrived I knew it was going to be a less than great meeting.He was more interested that he had a streaming cold & hacking cough !!(I thought thanks as got ill).He hadn't read my notes at all didn't know what was wrong with me or my job role which I felt was kinda relevant. Anyway surprise he sent a report completely the opposite of other gov doctor!:o In the end I didn't get a enhanced pension which I didn't fight for as I never wanted to fleece the DWP & I actually felt sorry for my managers as they were so upset but powerless I did get 100% comp which went on a powerchair & hoist etc for car.
    So you see there is confusion both ways with ATOS I got I.B & DLA without an issue as that would have been interesting :rotfl::rotfl:K
  • OK.....

    Using my Care component I purchsed an MP3 player and a Column Bubble Lamp as these are care items.

    Did you know I couldn't get these on prescription from the Doctor but was advised by them to get these.

    I now await with interest people's comments and speculations regarding this.

    Understand million% I had to buy one many years ago for my child
    I was lucky as a family member worked within the care field so I was able to get a large tubed lamp at cost price but even so still cost a fair bit. That was also bought on reccomendation by OT. It was money well spent used lots and lasted years K :)
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