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Christmas breakfast-Ideas please

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  • ReverbeReverbe Forumite
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    I used to like M & S Rodney Raindeer croissants shaped like a reindeers smiling face with a cherry nose but they don't do them anymore :(
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  • We also have Xmas dinner on Xmas Eve, in the evening, which works much better for us. It means that I can have be cooking on Xmas Eve rather than Xmas Day, and everyone's ready for a big meal in the evening rather than mid-afternoon (because that's when they're used to getting their main meal). Also the kids will *eat*, because they aren't full of chocolate etc, and we're not having to ration them in case they spoil their dinner. And they're willing to sit at the table and chat and enjoy a relaxed meal, rather than being desperate to get back to their pressies! And then we have lots of leftovers (planned) on Xmas Day, so there's almost no work for the adults and we can spend the day relaxing and playing with the pressies too, instead of dashing back and forth to the kitchen :-)

    We also used to have our dinner on Christmas Eve when the children were young. So much more relaxed to spend time with them on Christmas Day and it has now become a family tradition. Gets the festivities off to a good start!
  • freebiequenniefreebiequennie Forumite
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    we always have those part baked rolls cooked in oven with some organic smoked streaky bacon and a fried organic egg with some ketchup for xmas brekkie.
  • CaterinaCaterina Forumite
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    Nitha wrote: »
    We have pancakes with nutella, smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with Bucks Fizz. DS will have a bottle of milk and pancakes with some jam on (or porridge if he doesn't like them - it's his first xmas)

    OMIGOD Nitha can I come over and have breakfast with you at Christmas? Pancakes with Nutella - total decadence! Now I have got to go to approved foods and order one of their giant Nutella jars, or six even! ;)
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  • ravylesleyravylesley Forumite
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    I've never heard of the pork pie tradition but I dont see why not and I also dont see why the kids cant have choccy for brekkie.But in our house its usually an orgy of toasted items currant t-cakes,crumpets and pancakes.I usually let the kids graze while they are opening their prezzies.I like the idea of bacon sarnies though simple but tasty

  • That sounds yummy, i think we may have this with a large cup of coffee.
    Do you have a recipe for the stollen or is it on here already - many thanks.

    i use delia's recipe from her christmas is also on her website.there are so many different recipes for stollen but this is the one i like the best.
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  • When we were younger santa would leave our stockings in our room before he went to bed.....I mean went back to the north pole ;) So we could open these as soon as we woke up (3am) we would get chocolate and sweets as well as fruit in them that we could eat if we wanted, but when we were smaller my brother and I used to save our stuff to 'show' them what santa had brought!! Bless! We weren't aloud to wake mum and dad up until 7am. Though obviously when we were really small it was us waking them every 10 mins saying is it 7 o clock yet! he he! My youngest brother was strange though as he never woke up early and even when I was 18 and he was 10 I was so excited I would have to wake him up! :)

    Then we would go down with dad and he would make a cup of tea and we would eat some quick breakfast like toast or cereal while my mum got the living room ready, put the xmas tree lights on and got the bin bags ready etc! Mum would have laid out all our pressies from them on a chair for each of us so we would have a pile of booty to sort through, then we would take it in turns to open presents from under the tree and we'd have to tell mum who it was from! :)
    We would be able to eat as much chocolate as we liked all day though we usually were glad of our lovely savoury dinner by the time it arrived!!!

    I think it's whatever works for your family really. We used to love the anticipation of waiting for mum to call us in and I wouldn't say it was cruel (as one poster suggested!) Surely if thats your belief you might as well give them their presents as you buy them and not make them wait until christmas day at all! Though saying that we did have friends who were only allowed to open 1 present an hour to the point that sometimes they would have presents left unopened on christmas day as they hadn't had 'time' to open them, and they only got things they needed like school books, stationary and clothes. :(
  • pipkin71pipkin71 Forumite
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    This year, I will be cooking bacon and sausage the night before, so just need to warm it up on the morning, then will be serving it in large yorkshire puddings with tomatoes or baked beans.

    We will be prezzie opening before breakfast :j

    Pipkin xxxx
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  • LolaLemonLolaLemon Forumite
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    ive always just had cereal, probably around half an hour to an hour after waking, and since having son, its beent the same.
    I'm a little unsure of what we will be doing this year, as i bought in some plain au chocolates (sp) and the like (was a lidl today <3 that shop!)
    My 3 year old practically lives on porridge, so have a feeling it might end up porridge.

    After all the presants are open, mum made bacon rolls and these would last us until dinner at 3

    I will be doing a stocking for in the room (well kind of... fish tank with some fish) and i will put some fruit and water in to tide us over while opening 1 or 2 presents in the room before we go down stairs.. I would love to have a dining room so we could miss out the living room and have food and apresent or 2 before the madness begins... but im sure we will be opening presants as we eat, just like i did when growing up....
    after mass we will go to my parents house and get some bacon rolls ;) (i dont buy bacon for some unknown reason) and open more presents that Father Christmas has left over their, some family will drop in until 3 when dinner starts......

    I love boxing day, its christmas day without all the stress. you get to pig out and eat the left overs & chocolates, play new toys, instead of waiting half the day for it to get out the box (:mad: whats with those stupid tires with black plastic holey sticks and selotape or even worse screws!!!!) and to find some batteries, watch some old repeats or new dvds.cant beat it.
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  • When I was at home xmas day brekkie was always bacon butties, closely followed by posh biscuits and lots of cups of tea! Last year had a go at making english muffins for the first time and we had those toasted with bacon and scrambled eggs. Mum decided that would be our new tradition as they are so nice. I made a batch yesterday and have frozen them. I'll be delivering some to Mum before the big day for them to have and OH and I will have ours at home before going to his parents for lunch. WIll be bacon and mushrooms with them this year as OH doesn't eat eggs.
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