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  • garthdp
    garthdp Posts: 351 Forumite
    I kind of think he nailed it there.Nice one martin
  • Well spoken that man. He is showing to his team who is the boss, that's what a PM should be doing.
  • B.W._Fox
    B.W._Fox Posts: 151 Forumite
    Spot on. :beer:
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  • sidsmum
    sidsmum Posts: 66 Forumite
    I saw Mrs Duffy being hovered over by presenters from Sky News and the BBC just after this happened. During her "chat" with them, her mobile went and the Sky News man, who was wearing a bright blue tie to show the Murdoch allegiance said something abut "Tell them you're on Sky News" or words to that effect.

    Far be it from me to accuse anyone or suggest a conspiracy, but the presenters' reactions and the way they appreard to be trying to be putting words into the lady's mouth did make it just slightly appear that Gordon had been stitched up...... or am I seeing conspiracies where there are none?:rotfl:

    As a former union rep, I used to be horrified by some of the things the rank and file alleged about immigrants- it was the time when refugees from the former Yugoslavia were allegedly being given houses, leather jackets and huge sums of income support. It's nothing new, and I feel it a bit myself. Particularly as you can't tell who they are till they start talking in foreign languages;)
  • robbies_gal
    robbies_gal Posts: 7,895 Forumite
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    sorry i still think hes an idiot she asked a question about immigration he calls her a bigot-maybe he should listen when people are talking to him
    What goes around-comes around
  • amersall
    amersall Posts: 17,004 Forumite
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    i think it was a set up too, the media have a lot to answer for.
  • telsco
    telsco Posts: 116 Forumite
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    She asked him too many flocking questions.
  • daska
    daska Posts: 6,212 Forumite
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    • noun a person who is prejudiced in their views and intolerant of the opinions of others.

    how exactly does 15 seconds of someone asking a question adequately demonstrate bigotry? it was a question! It may be that in a more relaxed environment he would have discovered (as it appears he did when he visited her) that her opinions were not as fixed as he assumed.
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  • While I can understand that Gordon Brown was feeling stressed, this is a man who wants to continue to run the country. Losing his temper over questions from a former labour activist hardly fills the voter with confidence that Brown can keep it together when real pressure, such as a major international crisis, occurs...
  • Optimist
    Optimist Posts: 4,556 Forumite
    First Anniversary
    amersall wrote: »
    i think it was a set up too, the media have a lot to answer for.

    Given that he was wearing a microphone at the request of the labour party I guess it was a inside job !
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