May 2010 Grocery Challenge

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  • skillyskilly Forumite
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    morning all,small spend yesterday £27.00 :-)
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    Not managed to get on since joined challenge last week. had couple spends at tesco, FFoods and B&M. Always get bread and milk at Farmfoods now £1 for 2 kingsmill loaves, Get really mad with DH when he buys it anywhere else!! Going to have day of baking and cooking for freezer over weekend. OH works away during the week and works out cheaper if can send him away with 4 HM meals for his freezer otherwise he justs buys overpriced rubbish. Hope everyone having good day.

    £87.31 spent/£300 challenge
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    Afternoon, popped in to catch up on thread and try and update signature, I have been having alot of problems signing in and altering signature....
    Have spent just over £60 over the last few days on a couple of shops at Mr T and a AF shop which has been delivered today.

    or anyone thats interested cravendale milk is on offer at Mr T 2x2litre for £2.50

    Signature is now around the £668.29 so far for 2010 Annual challenge.
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    Another $20.23 gone,went to Mr M's just for milk :o .
    £150/ £159.16
  • WelshWooferWelshWoofer Forumite
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    Had to pop to Mr S for a prescription last night and must have timed it right for whoopsies - got...
    • 2x packs of sausages (Butchers Choice?) for 50p each (£1.99 each normally)
    • pack of healthy beef meatballs for £1.25 (usually about £3 I think)
    • pack a 2 posh burgers for £1 (usually about £2.70 ish)
    So for about £3.25 I've managed to get pretty much all of teh meat for next week (to go with a few bits and pieces in the freezer):j:j
    I hardly ever get bargains so am chuffed to bits!

    We're away this weekend so will do the hopefully small "big" shop on Monday.;)
  • WelshWooferWelshWoofer Forumite
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    Sorry - me again!
    Just thinking about next week's meal plan and will be passing an ALDI on Monday (don't do this very often).
    Does anyone know what the Super Six are this coming week?

    Thanks !
  • Hi everyone,

    phew, caught up with all posts, now!

    Will update signature in a minute, have been in a couple of shops with my sister (always spend money when i go to see her!), but only bought some much needed fruit and some kale, most of which i got reduced, including some British strawberries supposed to be £3.99 reduced to £1.25:j, so a nice treat. Have also had to get dog food, and went Mr T today for something for my sister and picked up some lovely British asparagus, and spinach, some celery-which is on offer at the moment at 35p instead of 87p, some of those new breakfast biscuits that are half price at moment, and the local paper. I am liking that more British produce is coming into season, Jersey Royals and asparagus and strawberries, yummy yummy.

    Tommorow should be a nsd as dd is going to a birthday party, and dh taking her as its his friends daughters birthday, and i am going to sort the house out while i have chance and have a good clean around.

    Have a good weekend all:)
  • SpiggleSpiggle Forumite
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    Hi all,

    Everyone seems to be doing really well, good luck with the rest of the month.:A

    I finally got to MrT today (so had another NSD yesterday) and just picked up what we needed immediately - milk, cheese, butter, yoghurts, etc and some whoopsied f&v - and spent £40.26 (sig is updated). We'll be off to the butcher and greengrocer tomorrow probably. Though OH is just about to serve me a delicious smelling cottage pie so that may keep us going until Monday but we'll see.

    My gorgeous elder GD is staying tonight and so she'll be making a lovely lemon drizzle cake with her Grancha tomorrow (using the very cheap whoopsied lemons from MT). Can't wait, yum yum!

    I may also do a malt loaf but that depends on how much I've recovered from the just two hours of sleep last night! I'm a bit of an election junkie and so had to stay up for the results. I'm yawning just typing about it. :o

    Right off for my lovely supper. See you all tomorrow.

    Take care,
    Mortgage Free October 2013 :T
  • BlimusOreillyBlimusOreilly Forumite
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    Popped out this eve to Mr M's for some bread and milk but ended up buying several whoopsies, including lots of emmental cheese for 15p each piece. :j Total spent £9.41. Will go and update sig now.
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    Hi Mrs M could you please put my year to date total as £1063. This is little over budget but we have loads in from a couple of approved foods orders.
    I have enough couscous to have for lunch every work day for the next 2 months.

    The veg seeds have sprouted nicely so those will be getting planted out soon, then I will tweak the organic veg box so that we receive only that which we aren't growing, but still saves me going to the shops for fresh stuff.

    I have a few plated dinners in the freezer which are for dh to take to work, so those will be used up over the next couple of weeks as he prefers boxes of salad etc in warmer weather.
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