May 2010 Grocery Challenge

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    Hi Wildchild, I set my monthly budget at £100 cos there is only the 2 of us and it is purely food. I know from reading other posts that some people include toiletries etc too but I just include food. I wanted to reign in how much we spent as we wasted such a lot, not good.

    It also helps as we have an allotment so the freezer is always full now with our lovely veg we have grown :D

    looie x
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    £27.00 spent in Asda....! Will update the sig. Shouldn't need anything for the next week now
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  • Spent £8.50 today at the market on fruit & veg plus 4 packets of cobs then £9.28 at Farm Foods on milk, tomato soups, eggs, toilet rolls, cakes, orange juice & hot chocolate and then another £32 at Sainsburys. Signature updated. Tomorrow shd be a NSD as I am at work and don't need a dinner for Sunday as we are out for the day at Uttoxeter race course. Oh did have a baguette today at work which I haven't included but that was a one off that I won't be in a rush to repeat because it was so tasteless.
    I am 62% of the way through my budget & only a third of the way through my month! Oh dear, that doesn't look good. Definitely need a few more NSDays to balance the figures a bit more.
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    hi...i know u cant eat them so not technically grocery but asda are selling packets of sponge scourers for 13p for a big pack...i use them a lot cleaning up...also just been an asda ad on tv and they said rump steak is £6 perkg
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    Evening everyone - popped into Neto for the offers today and spent £3.10.

    3 muller corners for 49p, 2 butters for £1 and the non essential cookies and brownies were 1.60 :( shouldnt have bought them.

    Still the others were good prices!
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    I've done my first Asda shop of the month. Only £25 spent, out of the £35 allowed. I tried hard not to buy rubbish that we didn't need, but doubt I'll be able to keep it that low every week. I shouldn't need anything other than my normal milk top up on Monday which will be another £3. DS only drinks milk or water, so although I always say I could do with a cow of my own because of the amount of milk we use, I guess I'm lucky. He never wants fizzy drinks etc when we go out, and is quite happy with a bottle of water from home.

    p.s. It was exactly £25.00. I find it spooky when there's no odd pennies involved, :rotfl:
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    Very small spend yesterday £3.56 on essential bots for an old chap that lives close to me & has just come out of hospital, managed to refrain from buying anything for me though, & even ignored the whoopsies!! :T
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    hi...just put banana bread in the oven....2nd one from a load of black bananas i got for 30p...smells really nice

    got a chicken for tea either roast or spackcocked i think..have to decide fwhat to do with the leftovers...either a pie or sarnies i think

    might go out for lunch tomorrow which will be nice but not very gc...not sure where yet

    have a nice weekend
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    Menu change tonight - I had leftover rice from dinner last night (DH wanted pork rather than lamb chops, so we had a sweet'n'sour), so I 'll make nasi goreng for DD and I tonight. DH is away overnight - and I have to give him the order for farmer's market tomorrow (it's near his mum's, and we won't be down again for another month).

    But we are out tomorrow for a Communion, and on Sunday for a birthday lunch. So we won't need much except proper breakfasts (well, DD will eat her usual weekend rubbish, and I will have crusty bread tomorrow; and I have to feed my parents as well on Sunday so that will mean proper food).

    I am planning on doing my "weekly" shop when I go to get the paper and bread tomorrow morning - just need bread, milk, cooked meat which I'll get in the local store (small supermarket), and fruit and veg (will go to the local F&V shop for good value). So will be able to have an extra hour to spend on housecleaning instead!!
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    Hello :)

    Good to see everyone is doing well... I have spent £42.79 so far out of my £200 budget, but freezer and fridge full of food so hopefully will just have to get fruit and milk for the next few days :D

    ETA: NSD today!! Yippee!
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