MSE News: Asda offers price match refund guarantee



  • sarahg1969
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    I've just had a go, and it could only compare 31 of the 74 items I bought. Which was approx £34 of the £97 I spent. I apparently saved £5.73 by buying these items at Asda instead of Sainsbury's. So nothing back for me.
  • Clowance
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    Apparently morrisons were £2 odd dearer, couldn't compare tesco and sainsburys as hadn't bought "8 comparable products". BUT Fairy Power spray - which I hadn't checked the price of assuming it would be similar everywhere - is £3 at Tesco, £2.50 (on offer) at Sainsburys and £3.60 at Asda. Got well and truly stung for being lazy there, didn't I.
  • NEH
    NEH Forumite Posts: 2,464 Forumite
    Have they stopped doing this now or is it that the site isn't working?

    Been a little while since I've been to Asda so not sure if it's been ditched....:huh:
  • sinw
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    was just postin as it was bein merged - lost me post

    still workin 4 me

    waste time again this week 38 items not 8 for the comparson.....
  • kindofagilr
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    Well I just checked my receipt and I had 32 items, I dont know how many didnt commpare, but Morrisons would have been £1.47 cheaper so I have just got my £1.48 voucher :)

    Suits me as I shop at asda anyway.
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  • sarah1972
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    I logged in on Sunday after waiting 48 hours from my delivery on Friday and its still showing the previous weeks shopping??? I have logged in again today and its still showing the week before lasts shopping and there is no contact button to get hold of them?
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  • NEH
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    Got the site to work today...First time doing this.

    Have to say that in principle it is a good idea but it couldn't compare half of my shopping and I know the last few times I have used Tesco has worked out cheaper taken into account all items...

    £1.17 cheaper than Tesco but as i said I feel it is fundamentally flawed...
  • sinw
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    Price Matched today 65 items Asda cheapest by £3 odd, however loads stuff not comparable. In fact 18 oxo cube Asda £1.32p in Tesco 24 for £1.24p. Makes me wonder if they also shove the no comparable stuff up to make on it like Sainsbury do when price matching with Tesco; in the instance of theirs was cheaper = now priced matched at a profit (watchdog)
  • loadsacash
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    I bought 30 Finish All in one dishwasher tablets in Asda for 7.20.

    Tesco were selling them 28 for 3.50.

    That would not be covered by the guarantee as it is not like for like
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    I really like going into ASDA as I think it's as cheap as you can get for a supermarket. I too typed my receipts and was told it was cheaper than the other three. What I have learned from the breakdown in prices is........ Don't buy anything with the ASDA label. Stick to big brands, that way you don't get N/A against every other item on the price match.

    The thing is, I have written to ASDA yesterday as my local branch had no carrier bags except bags for life. I was saying to the cashier, I don't want these bags for life 'cause they are what women use. I was mortfied at having to use them as my street cred went down the tubes after getting on the bus! (I live in the east end of Glasgow) Hee hee...

    ASDA cashiers...... get over yourselves... Just 'cause a customer wants a "normal" carrier bag, don't be so angry.

    It's as if they are raging that you dare ask for a couple of bags, almost like they are on comission. Also ASDA if you read this........ can you not make bags for life to look like the other carrier bags? ......I am happy to pay for bags, just make them like regular bags! Surely that will save you money with all the dye and for some reason you seem obsessed with printing flowers on them.
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