MSE News: Asda offers price match refund guarantee



  • EssexGirl
    EssexGirl Forumite Posts: 971
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    I went on the site to try it out, but I found what could be a problem.
    I bought 3 lots of fish from the fish counter, one lot scanned wrongly, but the lady on the till noticed and put the correct price in. On my reciept the prices all match the prices on the products, but when I checked if they could save me any money (which it didn't) one lot of fish came up 9p more expensive on their system. So I paid £1.90 and the online thingy says £1.99. Very odd. I'd have thought it would have gone the other way to prove just how cheap they are :D
  • camaj
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    Sounds like a good idea if you shop in Asda anyway and it's pretty good if you shop in sainsbury's/Tesco and are willing to go to Asda to get the things that are cheaper there or cheaper in the other shops that you don't normally go to. Bet it doesn't include Aldi/lidl though!

    My question is about the 10 claims per month. Is that 10 items or 10 receipts which could be an unlimited number of items?
  • Poppy2009
    Poppy2009 Forumite Posts: 2 Newbie
    Just gave it a try for the first time but unfortunately the site is telling me I shopped online so the comparison isn't available. Funny 'cos I could swear I spent ages in Asda yesterday :(

    Never mind, as some seem to be getting a bit of cash back I'll give it a few more tries.
  • hayleythedaisy
    hayleythedaisy Forumite Posts: 1,692 Forumite
    The comparison carried out by found that yet again ASDA the winner of Britain's Lowest Priced Supermarket Award for 12 years running has given you the lowest price shopping and can save you up to £13.00 a year.
    Thank you for shopping at ASDA and remember that you can always compare prices before or after you shop at
    Tell ASDA about your recent visit to our store. Complete a short online survey about your visit for your chance to win up to £1000.
    See your receipt for more details.
    * Your shopping isn't eligible for comparison with Tesco and Sainsbury's as it doesn't have
    the minimum 8 comparable products

    Cheaper ASDALogoGray.gifTesco N/A*Sainsbury's N/A* Morrisons+25p

    How convienient!!!!!However I was shocked to find the difference in fresh fruit compared with tesco - thinking of getting asda shops more often!!!
    Bump due 22nd September
  • MrCarrot
    MrCarrot Forumite Posts: 252
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    I tried this recently, and out of 51 items purchased at ASDA only 15 could be compared.

    I happen to think ASDA is cheaper anyway, but this system seems a waste of time when so few items can be compared.
  • sinw
    sinw Forumite Posts: 7,771 Forumite
    MrCarrot wrote: »
    I tried this recently, and out of 51 items purchased at ASDA only 15 could be compared.

    I happen to think ASDA is cheaper anyway, but this system seems a waste of time when so few items can be compared.

    Me too masses of items that could not be compared, also the comparison and refund is on total shop items. Some items were cheaper (much in some cases) at other supermarkets. U wud think that they would match single prices not whole shops.

    The women on till did tell me u can carry on putting the data in for 28 days so can get refund in that period....
  • iNath
    iNath Forumite Posts: 382 Forumite
    Bought a few items the other day (only around £14)
    Would have been 52p cheaper at Morrisons so I get a nice 53p voucher! :)
  • sarah1972
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    Just so people know, you have to wait 48hours after your delivery before you can log in and compare prices from a home delivery.
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  • AdamLondon_2
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    Spent £18 and got a voucher for £6.50, cheaper at Tesco, but then I knew that I checked before I went, I find this great, especially for getting promotions since my nearest Tesco always seem to sell out of the things I want, or don't stock an entire range, (i.e. Veetee rice at 50p!)

    Getting 8 different items that could be compared was a mission though, I found myself adding a pack of gum and a Wispa at the checkout just to be on the safe side! As it happens most items were compared, including fresh veggies.

    Anyone know if you buy a single item in Asda that is buy one get one free in another supermarket if you get the item half price? When I got my voucher it seems to suggest they compared the cost of an item on promotion, i.e. if it was 2 for £1.50 they compared the item as 75p, is that right? I did buy something that was buy one get one free, but I knew that and got two...

    I think as others have said, if you make a list before you go stick to it, if you don't, put your impulse buys through seperate (especially if they are on promotion!).
  • sinw
    sinw Forumite Posts: 7,771 Forumite
    72 items and not 8 to compare!
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