MSE News: Asda offers price match refund guarantee



  • muffin_man
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    Entered receipt details this morning...comparison details matched exactly to the split list I printed from mysupermarket and took with me to do shopping. It even included an item that I had a voucher for that was 9p cheaper at a free item plus the 9p difference back :)

    Voucher for £19.32 ready to go!

    The great thing about that shop was that I didn't impulse buy ANYTHING when instore, because I thought that if it was more expensive at Tesco I would lose out on some of the value on my voucher. Saved me the cost and the calories of a bag of haribo and a mini toblerone.
  • muffin_man
    muffin_man Forumite Posts: 242
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    judithr wrote: »
    I've shopped on line for the first time this week at I have used the price guarantee website they guide you to, to check competitors prices as instructed and they have no record of my order!?! When I called Asda the only explanation they could give was that they didn't know of any problems and if I REALLY wanted the receipt checking I could send it into them at my expense!!! No impressed.

    When was your shopping actually delivered, as opposed to when you ordered it? I imagine you would need to wait until 9am the morning after DELIVERY to do the comparison.
  • hayley11
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    Just been to Asda so checked my receipt, for a £25 shop:

    Tescos - 10 items compared - 34p cheaper at Asda (but if it'd shopped at Tesco I would have got 50 points = £2 in deals)
    Sainsburys - 11 items compared - £1.53 cheaper at Asda
    Morrisons - 15 items compared - 80p cheaper at Asda

    So I will continue to do my main shop at Tesco. :)
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  • barrymoney
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    seems a bit of a gimmick, I'm not going to go through all that. also its an admission that you might be able to get your shopping cheaper elsewhere :whistle:
    [ Edit: I quite like asda overall].
  • grudz
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    i think my understanding of this is accurate if not, then oh well it sounded good in my head

    before you go shopping
    go on and make a pre-shop shopping list.
    put all the comparable cheaper-than-asda products in one list and all other items on separate list.
    go to asda and use a basket & a trolley.
    put all the cheaper-than-asda items in the basket and everything else in the trolley,
    when you get to the checkout simply pay for the basket separately from the trolley so you get 2 receipts.
    use the basket receipt on the asdaprice website

    also stick to the list so you don't get caught out with impulse buys
  • Storck
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    How do they work out what items to compare? Is it if it is on offer at another store they do not compare them?
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  • geordie_joe
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    Storck wrote: »
    How do they work out what items to compare? Is it if it is on offer at another store they do not compare them?

    I think it's if it is more than 2p cheaper at another store they don't compare it.
  • tbw
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    Seems to me this is all a lot of faffing about for very little gain! If the stuff is cheaper at Tesco then I'll buy it there annyway and gettthe points. The only real winners on this will be the customers who only have an Asda that they can easily shop at and that they always use - they will gain if the comparison shows a cheaper deal at the other supermarkets.

    Asda used to have a great scheme whhere they would Ad Match ie if you went in with an advert (from the newspapers or the flyers that get sent out) from another supermarket for something that was on a cheap promotion, Asda would match the price. Pity they haven't still got that - it would save me trekking over to Morrisons for their 50p orange juice! That scheme was much more valuable to customers. (used to upset the Asda checkout staff though!)
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  • custardy
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    It's also a bit rich that they compare the whole trolley- or basket-load rather than individual items. You might save on the odd item, but that means other items can be more expensive cancelling out many savings.
    Just means members of sites like this one will get together to produce a list of items that make it worthwhile going to Asda to take advantage of this.

    but surely you would rather your whole shop is cheaper than one item?
    otherwise its better shopping at the competitor?
  • anamenottaken
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    So, if Asda are found to have charged more than, for example, Sainsbury's you get a voucher for the difference (which you wouldn't have spent in Sainsbury's) plus 1p. Then you have to go back to Asda (the shop demonstrated to be more expensive) and shop there again in order to get the value of the voucher. Don't think I'm tempted.

    Seems OK if you would normally shop in Asda but not if you can happily go to Sainsbury's (or Tescos) and pick up loyalty points as well.
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