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Batch cooking ideas please

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I am due to go back to work full time in September and am not looking forward to it at all.

I am looking for recipes that I can batchcook and freeze to make my life simpler.

I have a 5 month old and a 2 year old I would prefer to spend my time with after work so any ideas are much appreciated.

Along with adult meals am making stuff for the baby too.

Think I have a big task ahead of me but it will be worth it if I can spend more time whith the kids when I get home.

Thanks in advance:T

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  • I read a book which included the subject of batch freezing it suggested
    1) Cooking a whole batch of minced beef with onions for use with sheppards pie, spag bog chilli con carni. (we buy minced beef from the local butcher in 10 Lbs for about £14.00 and bag of onions from the market for a fiver)

    2)Stewing steak and onions for curries and stews etc again stewing beef from the butcher about the same price as the mince.

    3)Making two or three cakes in the same oven

    Also when cooking a meal make twice the amount and freeze the rest

    hope this helps
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    Here's a few main courses, all will freeze well and all using mince:
    Homemade burgers
    Chilli con carne
    Bolognese sauce

    A couple more for the heck of it:
    Chicken in a creamy mushroom sauce
    Chicken schnitzels

    Side dishes:
    Home made chips part cooked
    Mashed potato with cheese

    Baked goods:
    Pancakes (remember to put greaseproof paper between)

    Something I always do when I do the batch cooking is when we eat one of those meals it tends to be accompanied by fresh pasta (only a four minute cook) and fresh steamed veggies (cut up veggies quick, pop into microwavable bowl with 3 tbsp water, cover, on high for 5 mins). Speedy meals ;)
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    When we batch Bake/cook, we buy two or three chickens to roast, then section them up and bag them, we make litres of a tomato sauce (fried onions, tinned tomatoes, tomato puree some sugar, passata if you have it.) litres of curry base (takes hours to cook down so really handy to have as a meal starter.) Chicken stock (from the roasted bones & bits) All are divided into our family sized portions, bagged, frozen in boxes which are later removed leaving handy rectangular shaped frozen meal starters.
    We use these as bases for many meals to come, rather than cook complete meals to freeze. It really takes the sting out of having to cook from scratch after a hard day's work, and we found we didn't always want to have a fully prepped meal from the freezer.
    Rectangular sponge cakes, plain & chocolate are reasonabley versatile pudding bases too.
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    Soup soup soup ...
    The easiest one being:
    Lightly fry some onions (don't stint, the more the better), add some chopped carrots for colour, and then chuck in some chopped potatoes OR some lentils. Add loads of seasoning (I prefer just salt and LOADS of pepper) and simmer for ages. Then whizz if you prefer smooth. No stock, ultra-healthy, cheap as chips and freezes really well.

    Also, lasagne/bolognese/chilli/mince freezes well, and various stews/curries/goulash etc etc. Limitless!
  • We are trying to cut down on the amount we spend on shopping, it's usually between £20-£25 a week for 2 of us which I know is reasonably good already.

    I was wondering what other meals I can batch cook to last us a few days?

    I can only seem to make spaghetti bolognaise, stews and soups last
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    I always cook two shepherds pies at a time and freeze one (bulk it out with lots of veg too).

    I do the same with lasage. Cooked a s/pie last night for tea and put a lasagne in the oven at the same time to freeze. Used the same meat sauce.

    When we eat the lasagne there's always enough left to reheat for the following night for tea.
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    Chili Con Carne is a good one too...we make a vat of that and freeze it in batches and keep some for lunches/dinners.
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    These might help:-

    Batch cooking ideas please

    Batch cooking tips

    Once a month cooking

    Once a month cooking (freezer cooking)

    And you'll also find help in the Cooking section of the MEGA Index sticky at the top of the forum listing.

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  • Thank you all, that has helped me loads
  • tr3mortr3mor Forumite
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    Chilis, currys, anything really. If Mr T's can sell frozen meal X then you can make yourself X and freeze it! ;)

    If you're ambitious you can plate up whole roast dinners and freeze them, best to let them defrost slowly before microwaving them though!
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