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April 2010 Grocery Challenge

edited 28 March 2010 at 3:29PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • dreamingofmoneydreamingofmoney Forumite
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    Good evening all
    Well had a very good MSE day today when i did my weekly trip to Mr A, got 3 packs of 4 chicken breasts for 1.48 each and 2 Shoulder of lambs, one for £2.92 and one for £3.21, ab fab, split the chicken into 6 bags of 2 breasts and froze it. I love a good whoopsie, and lathough i have spent more than my percent of the month thats gone, that should turn around by the end of the week as i won't need to go shopping til at least sunday. So plenty more NSD's for me this week, am really hopefull of acheiving 15 NSD's this month

    Also am feeling so much brighter about the challenge this month, think my brain seems more in gear. So for anyone who is struggling, please keep posting and these wonderful people will pull you through like they did for me (with much thanks)
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  • Good Evening all.

    Spiggle - thanks for advice. I've decided not to include wine in my grocery budget - don't think I'd have a cat's chance of hitting target if i did. LOL. I spend about £25-£30 a mth on cat pouches/iams hairball (also hate the choking!) and cat litter. Tried supermarket own pouches once and they looked at me in disgust! Any suggestions on cheap cat litter would be welcome though......

    Anyway spent another £23 today but got loads of reduced stuff from c-op - enough for at least 7 meals and loads of fruit for me to take into work (I'm on a diet - again :() Spent £9 got £25 worth of food - so not bad!

    Then spent £14 in T - but included lot's of staples - milk/juice/bread more reduced fruit/catfood/jaffa cakes(for OH) and some cleaning stuff and lots of diet coke!!

    Other than some milk/bread later in the week I really don't need to buy anything else. Just need to keep away from temptation.

    Good luck everyone.
  • First grocery shop of April today & am dead chuffed with myself, spent £15.17, & only bought exactly what i needed, no rubbish at all!!!

    Reckon this is absolutely everything i will need for this week, so my challenge is no more groceries until next weekend.
    Fingers crossed!!
    February NSD challenge 5/15
  • Evening all,

    have been MIA for a couple of days, nothing to report but have kept up with posts.

    I went to Mr M for potatoes today, they do big washed sacks of 10kg 'seconds', i just love Mr M's definition of 'seconds' it makes me laugh! There is nothing wrong with the potatoes and they are priced at just £2.49 for the 10kg and washed too, so cant be bad. The amount of perfectly good fruit and veg they class as 'seconds' i have had from there very cheaply is quite extraordinary!

    As in true GC style, couldnt help picking some other bits up,including decaf teabags for dd-i worry she doesnt have enough fluid as she isnt keen on water or squash, will have her night time milk but not much else ive tried all sorts but she loves tea and this seemed like a solution, got her some fruit teas as well which she isnt too sure about yet by her little face! Also picked up some reduced fishcakes for 29p instead of one pound odd, they have gone in the freezer, and some reduced scones and malt loaf for my dad. Total spend £ 7.00 exactly.

    Night all x
  • guccigooguccigoo Forumite
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    nsd for me today as my cousin cooked us a lovely roast chicken dinner with choc gateau for pudding:D will be spendong tomorrow though as i need bread and cappucino's.
    I will lose 2 stone by this summer!!!!!!
  • **sde****sde** Forumite
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    hi every one,
    spent another £29 on essentials.
    not doing so badly but i have got lots in the cupboards and freezer 4 this month so next month will b harder i should think.
    spent a bit 2 much out last night :beer:but im def not adding that in or ill starve! :rotfl:
    oops, ive spent to much!
  • **sde****sde** Forumite
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    oh and meant 2 say well done every1! :j
    oops, ive spent to much!
  • MorganarlaMorganarla Forumite
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    mrsmclaren wrote: »
    Hi all :)

    Would love to join in this challenge, can I be put down for £60 just for April please? First month in new house, so trying to use up stockpile to save pennies. That'll be for me, DH when he comes over (currently separated :( ), all toiletries and cleaning stuff, one ancient cat and one little puppy!

    Actually, you know what, that was totally unrealistic! Spent £77 earlier on a big shop, but that will def last until the end of April... Just so I don't spend any more than this, can I be £80 instead please?! :o
  • Spent £12.30 today on not a lot, missed the fruit market on saturday so ended up in Mr S today. On low GI diet so really should be able to be within budget this month.
    Make £2 a day challenge - doing well so far.
  • sistercassistercas Forumite
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    had 4 NSD in a row :T although will need some fresh stuff tomorrow
    got enough main meal stuff though
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