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Car insurance - Avoid insuring with RCIB - Right Choice Insurance Brokers

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    The main problem with car insurance is when you come to make a claim, with an underwriter that may not have been heard of, however this demonstrates the importance of actually cutting problems before you buy.

    As far as I am aware, insurance brokers/companies cannot charge more than was originally quoted if it is not ‘reasonable’ for any insurance company, and certainly should not mess customers around.

    How long you’ve had the insurance policy would depend what I say on this one, however if it’s been less than 7 days, the Distance Selling Regs should come into play, whereas if it’s more than this, they should have asked for it sooner, by which you’re in a position whereby you’ll win either time.
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  • Report Right Choice to the below - It is Right Choice who are failing to provide the Services they advertise - It is fraud!
    I thought pressure Sales were illegal imagine the needless stress and anxiety they cause people.
    They Telephone after you make payment for a Service they have no intention of providing in the first place.

    It is needless Harassment. :mad:

    www. finacial-ombudsman.

    Also try - Action Fraud

    If a firm is suspected of breaching FSA rules and regulations, the Consumer Helpline will pass the information to the relevant supervisory area of the FSA.

    You can call the Consumer Helpline Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays) from 8am to 6pm:
    Telephone: 0845 606 1234
    Typetalk: 18001 0845 606 1234
    From overseas: (+44) 20 7066 1000 (main switchboard)

    consumer.queries @
  • Well done.

    This thread was started two years ago.
  • Sgt_Pepper wrote: »
    Well done.

    This thread was started two years ago.

    The thread might be two years old but Right Choice are still Harassing Customers after they have paid for a service they have no intention of providing.

    People need to know these pressure sales tactics are still being used by First Choice.

    The needless and undue anxiety and distress the cause is unacceptable.

    Imagine how it must affect the Elderly or people with illness or anxiety, heart health problems :mad:

    They tried the same pressure sales tactics on me this month - March 2012 - and I have reported them to the FSA and the finacial-ombudsman.

    I request everyone who Right Choice try pressure sales on do the same - report them to the FSA and the finacial-ombudsman.

    Makes me so angry....I could throw the phone down :mad:
  • So here's my story. After finding RCIB to be the cheapest on one of the websites, I went ahead and bought the policy online. Policy was to start in about 6 days. The day after, somebody from RCIB called and simply tried to bully me into paying £120 more for the policy because of "incorrect details" on the form. Now, the thing is I DID input some incorrect info in there, but I knew the difference in price would be minimal (checked after with same website) and definitely not £120! Anyway, when I said NO to the salesman, I was told I must pay RCIB £50 for cancelling the agreement. And the policy haven't even started! I thought that this is simply unfair and decided to reconsider my optipons. I called the FOS for some advice and was told: "comapny with which you enter into agreement have the right to charge a cancellation fee as long as it is in the rules, however they should waive this right if customer wants to cancell before the policy starts ". Also they told me, the best way to go about this problem, is to pay RCIB and then file a complaint with FOS. So I was prepared to loose the £50, after all it was my mistake. However, after mentionning an FOS complaint process to the RCIB salesman during next day's phonecall, he quickly changed the tone of his voice. He then said they are regulated by FOS; and when I still pressed with the complaint threat he said that "as a gesture of good will" they will refund me in full. He then tried to blame the whole thing on a problem with the search engine on comparison website and that sometimes it happens! Cheeky! Anyway, I was refunded within 2 days without any charges, and since found an even cheaper quote. It proves that, what RCIB are doing is not fair and possibly not legal. So if anybody has a problem with RCIB just mention FOS or any other financial authority and it should help.

    P.S. But the real moral of the story is: read car insurance reviews before you buy (I didn't); and try to input real info into the search engine...
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    Right Choice Insurance is a company that engages in ripping innocent customers of their hard-earned money.

    We (my wife and I) experienced the same cunning strategy when purchasing insurance via a comparison website 2years ago. They came up cheapest but I soon got a call from RCIB's sales team stating that I got a wrong online quote and added another £150-200 to the quote , which may increase if I didn't take the quote there and then.
    I unhappily went ahead with their new quote but worse was to come 7months down the line.

    My wife had a flat tyre on a fateful Sunday, she called me at work and I gave her RCIB's number to call.
    She was given the phone number for a recovery company to call, which she did in innocence.
    Few weeks later, a bill comes through the post to pay £200 for the recovery which we felt was ridiculous as we had breakdown cover with RCIB. RCIB vehemently denied giving us that number to call and that they have no record of our telephone conversation with them.

    Unfortunately, the breakdown company had problems with their computers as well on the same day, so couldn't check their records to see if we were on their database of customers but still offered their services anyway.
    We therefore had to cough out the sum, but RCIB wouldn't refund it, despite email/letter sent to them. They remained adamant that we hadn't been given that number for another company by RCIB staff.

    Nine months later and a complaint to the Ombudsman and RCIB are suddenly chasing us to issue a refund which took another 3 weeks to issue a cheque.

  • hiya i know this post was started a couple of years ago now, but i was just wondering if anyone got anywhere with it as i am experiencing the exact same problems with them as you are all describing, so just want some help before they try and cancel my insurance tonight and want another £300 off me which would basically pay my insurance off!
    if anyone has any info please let me know asap as i dont want to give anymore of my money to these b*****ds
    thanks lauren
  • Same as everyone else, went on line to buy car insurance was quoted £600.00 asked to enter bank details, and then told that a rep would phone back, call back said online quote incorrect and it was actually £800.00, and if cancelling there would be a £50.00 cancellation charge.

    I have emailed FSA on [EMAIL="''"]'[email protected]'[/EMAIL] they take 12 days to reply by email so phoned them on 0845 606 1234, they say I have to phone Right Choice on 01708 336528 and say I want to log a "formal Complaint" the company than have to act, but the FSA will only investigate them if they have enough complaints and will not act on just one or two complaints.

    So if anyone else would like to contact them and log a complaint the info is above.

  • QuentinQuentin Forumite
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    If you want to raise a complaint about this you should follow their complaints procedure. This will be set out in their policy docs.

    If you are unhappy with their response you can then escalate it yourself to the FOS (not the fsa)
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