Great 'disguised Own Brand' Hunt.

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    Please explain both these comments. The "oh yeah" comment sounds as though you don't believe the posting about Wilkinson Sword. Why not please? It sounds absolutely plausible even though it would be helpful to know where their other steel is made, if not in Sweden.

    And, who is Graham Cooke in this context, please? I'm afraid the comment is lost on me.


    I'm not sure how you've taken this so wrong
    the 'oh yeah' comment was because the poster had just made his 1st post which al had answered, al then posted again to say 'oh yeah and welcome to the site'
    the other comment was to ask if the poster knew someone that al did too
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  • garyclay wrote:
    I recently had a repair man to my AEG dishwasher. "I've got the same model at home" he told me "But mine's Zannussi"

    After a little confussion on my part he explained that there are very few individual manufacturers left. The badge is just a front. My AEG is exactly the same as his Zanussi but the external fascia is altered so that they look different so the consumer doesn't realise.

    After a little research I found the following on the web

    "Many appliances are no longer made by the companies shown on the logo. Successful brand name companies go bust or are taken over by bigger companies but they usually keep the "old" name for various tactical marketing reasons. In a way, it shouldn't matter who makes which brand, but a couple of concerns should be considered.

    Firstly, if a customer is very unhappy with a product, or the service provided by a manufacturer, they are likely to avoid purchasing from that company again. They may well end up purchasing virtually the exact same machine with a different logo complete with the same company service engineers as well as the same company ethos.

    Secondly, there are sometimes differences between brands made by the same company - even when the machines are virtually the same. An example of this is with Creda and Hotpoint, both of which are now made by the same company. Hotpoint machines have a free five year parts guarantee but Creda machines don't. There is little difference between the two makes inside, but they are priced differently too. A similar thing occurs with Hoover and Candy who are both owned by Candy. Hoover have a free 5-year parts guarantee, but Candy's don't.

    Eventually, all washing machines are likely to be made by just a handful of companies and in fact we aren't that far off from this scenario already. Note that some brands retain all their original differences but are just owned by a rival company and some are virtually the same machine inside with different logos and trimmings. Here is a sample of some of the household names who are owned or made by the same company.

    Electrolux: own well over 50 brand names (though not all of them washing machines) Among the more well known ones are AEG, Tricity Bendix, Zanussi.

    GDA: manufacture Hotpoint, Creda, Cannon and GE, English Electric,

    Candy: own Hoover, Zerowatt and Kelvinator among others.

    Merloni: own Ariston, Indesit, New World, Philco, and have just bought a large interest in GDA (who make Hotpoint and Creda)."

    So next time I'll be going for the cheap option!!!

    If anybody out there is an appliance repair man, or married to one, do you know which models are the same under the different badges?

    Hope you find this useful.

    Neff still make their own as far as i am aware
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  • i can defo confirm that sony produce aiwa goods but i can't say how i know on here. when it comes to mini disc players and most hand held audio, buy the aiwa, the sound quality is better, believe me!

    also i'm not certain but i think i remember dixons groups matsui stuff is just thomson in disguise....
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    mjobson wrote:
    Does that mean they are of a higher quality because of this?
    no it just means they are not as well done as the others,i also had two aunties working for them
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    About 14 years ago I worked briefly for a company called Beon, the company had several production lines making Televisions for numerous companies. The week that I worked there the company was fufilling orders for Beko, Goldstar (LG), Bush & Alba, and one person with a list would walk around all day sticking badges on the required amount of televisions for each company. All the Televisions were identical in every way with the exception of the badges on the front.

    Now I know a lot has changed since then but you can be pretty damn sure if you see two models of electrical goods that are identical but with diferent branding on them then they are the same, so if it is something your anticipating buying then the obvious answer is opt for the cheaper of the two as they are the same anyway.
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  • Hi found a great one! The big photopaper companies like Epson and HP don't make their own paper. A company called makes it for some of the big companies. Found this out from a mate who works for the parent company AND they sell direct to the public at a hell of a lot cheaper!

    Fill your boots! :rolleyes:
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    Thanks! Will have a nosey at the website!
  • Thankyou sooo much for that find - I'm a semi-pro photographer who is just going digital and the printing costs were a worry - that site is a massive bonus. I don't suppose anyone knows if there's a similar company that does archival quality inks as well?

    PS my first post, but I've been lurking for a long time :)
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    Regarding white goods, goto a spare part website, or ebay.. look up a common part for the item you want, washing machine brushes/motors, tumble drier elements, pcb for most machines, often a part will cover 8-10 manufacturers and 100's of machines, therefore they will be much the same.

    Food wise, read the ingredients, i would suggest that m&s stuff is primarily theirs as little of it has additives in and never found this with other supermarkets.
  • Just an amusing story to prove the point so to speak - my husband used to work on Rolls Royce aircraft engines and the ball bearings used on some of the components are exactly the same as the ones used on domestic washing machines but for the aircraft they paid around £300 and you can buy them for the washing machine for probably £30 at the most! Therefore, if you need a bearing for your aircraft engine - buy a washing machine one!!!
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